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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by joanng, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I'm freezing in my's 55 in my living room. It's a very old house and drafty. It's much warmer upstairs. question: i have 2 dogs. they seem fine, sound asleep on the couch, not shivering or anything but I'm wondering should I bring them upstairs tonight? The heat is coming up and it gets 'ok' in here but I'm still worried about them. One is a mutt (lab/shepard/husky mix) the other a lab. any suggestions? I'm thinking their coats keep them warm (actually I'm laying next to the lab and she is actually 'hot' and is keeping me warm!). I just don't want them getting sick. thanks!
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    If you are concerned about you furkids with being cold, just feel the inside of their ears, if its cold, they are cold. If not, they are fine. They will also shiver/tremble if they are cold.

    I have three dogs, all stay indoors at nightime, or if the weather is bad, all day as well.

    Two are small, and all three are short haired.

    My large dog, American Bulldog sleeps with me, and sometimes she does get cold, she will crawl under the covers with me, all 110lbs of her!

    I keep the house about 59 degrees winter and summer,but sometimes it will get a little colder in here when the weather changes.

    I am sure your pups are fine, but just give the ears a check to be sure.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    You could also cover them with a small blanket. Just leave the end of their nose sticking out.

    My schnauzer loves to be covered at night. You can just see the end of his nose sticking out from under his "blankie". I can actually see him "relax" after I put his blankie on. He doesn't stay in a tight ball after the blankie is on him, he kinda' spreads out then. He sleeps under the blankie the entire night. Since he isn't real big, I actually use a cheap baby receiving blanket.
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    thanks for the tips. I tried covering them but they would lay there for awhile and then move so I guess they weren't too cold. we ran out of oil today and it was really cold downstairs. I'm home with the flu so I brought them upstairs with me (my husband doesn't 'allow' them upstairs, next time I'm going to make him sleep downstairs with them and see how long he lasts)! Today I treated them to my bed and now I'm glad I did because their ears were cold this morning when I went down to get some tea. Even my daughter mentioned it....we snuggled all afternoon. Now the heats coming up and they're fine.