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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elbryan, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Elbryan

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    I live in Ohio where it gets pretty cold in the winter months. At exactly the time our weather plumeted so did my body. I started hurting more, felt weaker,got a little clumsier. Has anyone in a cold climate like the one I'm is had this happen to them? Would like to know if this is normal. Thanks for the advice ahead of time.
  2. Vicque

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    Dear Elbryan...My husband is from Indiana. Although we now live in TN. I lived in Indiana for 6 months after my fibro was diagnosed. It was pure hell. The cold does have a serious affect on the fibro. The only thing I can tell you will sound stupid, but if you can get a whirlpool massager for your bathtub and take whirlpool's as often as you can. The muscles as you well know tighten up more in cold weather. While I was there I thought I was dying. Just walk when you can to keep the blood flowing, and dress warm. Stretching a couple times a day helps. If you have someone to help you, it's all the better. Massage helps. Get a hot water bottle, their cheap, or several of them and just apply to places that really hurt. Best wishes too, and keep looking forward to summer!
  3. Elbryan

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    Thanks for the info.
  4. Derek-A

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    Yes, I know about cold bringning on clumsiness too. It's a most unpleasant experience that makes me mad at myself which I need to be careful to avoid, because once that adrenaline gets going, an attack is imminent. Then I try to get warm, overheat and feel like I'm dying.. So I talk this over with my wife and end up laughing at myself - which is a good remedy!

  5. nogilroy

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    i live in ontario canada i also hurt more in the winter but i start to hurt more 3 days before the weather changes whitch i find weired also get headachs at the same time and about been clumsy i thought it was just me been me
  6. pam_d

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    I think this happens to a lot of us! Maybe I'm an amphibian, but in the winter & cold weather, I'm freezing. Even at home w/ adequate heat on, I'm cold & definitely my pain level is up. In the hot, humid summer where I live, I instantly start running a fever if outside for any extended period, my extremities start feeling hot & swollen, my face turns beat red. I don't seem to fare well in any kind of extremes, and I've heard others here say the same. Too bad we can't all live in a climate with little variation & no real extremes----wouldn't be as interesting, but our bodies might do better.

    Feel better,
  7. northwoodssue

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    I think the humidity has ALOT to do with our pain. I moved to the warmer weather in Tennessee, from Minnesota, and expected to be feeling much better. WRONG! The humid days were awful, just as the cold was in Mn. I've since moved back to Minnesota and feel bad again, but am worse when the thermometer is about 32 degrees allowing the air to become more humid (due to the snow on the ground, thawing, etc).
    So, I feel the humidity is a major factor in our pain, plus the cold.
    Do others feel this too? let me know!
  8. klutzo

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    I am from Wisconsin, so I know what real cold is like. I now live in Central Florida, where it will be 38 degrees here tonight, and I hurt every bit as badly as if it were zero degrees. After living here for awhile, I got used to being warm, and now even a little bit of cold affects me. I have become a wimp! The cold goes deep into my bones like knives and I lay in bed shaking with all my muscles contracted, with chills and goosebumps, unable to sleep, even with 2 heavy covers and socks on.
    (Before someone asks me, yes, my complete thyroid panel is right down the middle of normal. )
    I think the reason cold intolerance is so common in FMS is because we have 3-10 times more of the neurotransmitter called substance P in our blood than normals. It is responsible for sending pain messages, but it is also responsible for sending cold messages as well. I can no longer tolerate temps below 70 inside or 55 outside without reacting abnormally.
    In empathy,
  9. Shirl

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    I live in Louisiana, the humidity and dampness get to me.

    But I truly like the winter here (even with the dampness) more than these miserable hot summers and the awful humidity!

    I keep the house year round about 69-70, no higher than 70 or I freak out!

    I truly don't think it matters so much with the weather. We are hurting when the Fibro hits no matter where we are!

    Shalom, Shirl
  10. Pat UK

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    and the winter months are hell for me I cannot keep myself warm no matter what. All I want to do is go to bed.I am longing for the summer.
  11. ssMarilyn

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    all sound like you also have a low thyroid problem. People with underactive or "undertreated" thyroids are very intolerant to excessive cold and heat. I had a horrible time with both until my endoc increased my thyroid med dosage. Now I'm fine with the cold, but won't know about the heat until next summer. Anyone with underactive thyroid has a faulty thermostat in their body, thus they overheat in the summer and their bodies don't cool down normally. I went to the county fair last August, and knew we should have waited until after supper to go, so that it was cooler. We went about 3:30pm and it was VERY hot out. Within an hour I felt so horrible I told hubby I had to get home. When I got home I took my temp and it was 102. My face was flushed, yet I didn't sweat a drop. I learned a lesson on that one and that is to be very careful in the heat if you have a thyroid problem! I normally avoid hot weather like the plague, but plead temporary insanity that day!

    Marilyn :)
  12. LisaMay

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    This is my 1st cold season with FM. I was warned that it would be awful and they were right! I live in Georgia now, but I used to live up North. I can't imagine still being there - I would have to move. I didn't really pay much mind to the weather until now. When I get a chill, it goes deep into my bones. I feel like an icicle that would shatter into millions of pieces. It takes forever for me to get warm. I have learned to dress in layers which helps some. I drink more herbal tea too. In the mornings I feel like a piece of cardboard.

    I hope the warmer temps come along soon! What is normal really? Lisa
  13. TaniaF

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    I live in South Florida and when the temperature plumets to 50 degrees I'm shivering. It's cold today and my aches are bad. So, I guess you can't say, let's all move to Florida. We hurt here too! Klutzo said it all above me.