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  1. sunslickie

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    hi all i no its is cold wheater but i cant get heat into me does that go with fibro no matter how high i have the heating up i am still cold and my toes are blue i have been like this a good while is anybody else like this love to hear from yous love from ireland
  2. motherjo

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    YES YES I stay cold I am wrapped up now with alittle room heater in front of me now. When I go place I have to care throw to cover my legs, it seems to be my hands and my knees on down. It was nice to hear some one else has it to and I am no crazy. Hope some one has a answer.Love you all
  3. Fibromiester

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    Hey, Sunslickie, Yes I'm cold! I have to wear 2 tops and an over-shirt, my hands & feet are always cold. I hate winter! and the winters are not bad here!(So.Carolina, USA). Maybe it is our thyroid -have you had your blood levels checked?
  4. TKE

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    a Thyroid problem. Have your T4 & T3 levels checked.

  5. ssMarilyn

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    Last I heard they barred him and threw his theory out the window?? Or was that another Dr. Wilson?

    Marilyn :)
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  6. sunslickie

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    hi all thanks for peplying i got onto dr wilsons site it was very helpful i will go to my doc and get tested for thyroid idont no wheater he has already done it or not as i did get a lot of blood tests done when he diagonesed me with fibro once again thanks this is really a great message board ilove it sunslickie tc
  7. kgg

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    I moved from Maine to Arizona last fall, because I couldn't do another winter. Its a beautiful state but the winters are to intense.

    BTW, had my thyroid checked and everything was within normal limits. Everything is always within normal limits. Drive me nuts!
  8. Jolie

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    Dear Marilyn,

    Dr. Wilson had a law suit but it never went to court. Because of that many doctors are afraid of using his treament.

    However, he is alive and well, and is teaching hundreds of doctors how to treat for Wilson's Thyroid syndrome.

    I personally have benefited tremendously from it, having suffered from cold for over 20 years.

    My doctor was afraid to try it, but after he read the Doctor's Manual which I brought in, he called me back and said "This makes alot of sense...we learned about RT3 in med school, but we didn't learn (ie. it wsn't known then) that RT3 actually interferes with T3 metabolism on the cellular level, which has been proven in at least one study in Japan.

    I think it's very unfortunate that mainstream medicine has given Dr. Wilson such a bad time. He is very sincere in his wish to help people, and by now thousands of people have been treated successfully by his protocol, and there have been no untoward effects.

    Like any medicine, it can have side effects, and if a person were just on the verge of having a heart attack, there is a risk that it could set it off, just as running would, since it can put a strain on the cardiovascular system. But since doctors are careful to consider that aspect, there hasn't been any unfortunate repercussions from the treament.



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    this has been going on for several months now and I'm sooo tired of it... if I'm warm , its a hot flash and its brief... I'm taking a look at that site... thanks!