Colds, stress and CF

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaz73, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. shaz73

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    Hi there,

    Just wondered if anyone else has had problems with getting lots of colds this winter season (I'm in the UK and we have very cold, snowy conditions at moment)? In the last month and a half I have had 3 colds, the last of which I have had for 16 days now and counting. Are those with CF more likely to suffer from more colds? It is highly frustrating as I am looking for part time work and worry about being well enough to hold done job. Need to work as both me and husband have no jobs at moment. I know I need to eat well and get plenty of rest and little stress, but that is difficult in our present economic situation. Also, my mum has bipolar and is currently being held in mental hospital and not improving AT ALL. ...And then I wonder why I keep getting ill, eh?!

  2. Jayna

    Jayna New Member

    Most cold viruses come in via your hands to your eyes, nose or lips, not from people sneezing on you directly. When out in public, I try not to touch doorknobs or pay phones or other places other people touch a lot, and give my hands a good rub with hand sanitizing gel (look for as low-scent as possible) every half hour or whenever I feel 'icky' about something I just touched.

    Plus being REALLY nice to yourself as soon as you get home, so your body can use every possible ounce of energy and nutrients to hunt and kill the cold germs before they get a foothold.
  3. shaz73

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    for the responses & advice. Jaminhealth - yeah stress has been through the roof but trying to take things more easy now. Well, I am TRYING to! Just agreed to take break from voluntary work I was doing as kept having to phone in sick.

    Have to do some housework though as my mother in law coming round and neither me nor my husband have been well enough to do much for ages.... If she wasnt coming I would have done it over course of a few days but thats not an option. She doesnt know about my CF but dont believe she would understand if I did tell her.

  4. paulac7

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    is the time-proven method as the best way to cut down on winter colds---make sure to lather good, and they say to rub hands together while you sing "Happy Birthday" under your breath--that is long enough to kill most of the germs.

    That, and use paper towels to shut off the water and open the door in a public restroom--doesn't make much sense to wash hands and then touch the crusty faucet knobs and door handle!!

    Just my .02--with that and a buck, you can buy a large coffee at the gas station.

    As for housework--if you want to come see me--come anytime, but if you want to see my house--give me a 3 week notice--not that it's that cruddy, but with three large dogs projectile shedding, and my Siamese "helping' me by knocking things here and there--well, you get the idea...

    Paula >^.^<
  5. autumn_rain

    autumn_rain New Member

    Who would want to live here??!! with all the winter bugs that go around!!

    Just thought id let u know that i take lactoferrin. i work on the front line in the nhs where everything hits me and everyone in my personal life has also had the worse cold ever this season!! I have so far (touch anything wooden around me) kept it all away!! I can only put this down to taking a high dose of lactoferrin everyday.

    Dont get me wrong, its no miricle cure, i still feel exhausted and achey as normal, but no cold for me so far YAY!! hope u get some immune system strength! i wish i could have a new digestive system at the mo!

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