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    I wondering what would give immediate result my bottom lip is one big line of cold sores I even got a huge fat lip looks like I have been beat up. I put an ice packs on my lip but ten minutes later it starts swelling again. not to mention the pain. I am prone to cold sores all my life but usually its a small part of my bottom lip not the whole bottom lip
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    Saw something on this recently. They said if you have them that badly, you need prescription from your doctor to heal them quickly, esp. since they look so bad too. This is for the outside of your lips.
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    Try taking either Turmeric, the herb, not the spice, or the amino acid Lysine. Both are known to suppress herpes viruses. Both available at health for stores for about $10. I take one, three times a day when I get a coldsore.

    Foods that are high in (the amino acid) Arginine, can cause a breakout. Nuts, chocolate, and seeds are very high in Arginine. I can even get a breakout from using Hazelnut body lotion/cream. You can see a more detailed list here:
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    hello, and sorry to hear about your annoying and painful troubles with HHV1(cold sores). I get them ,too. the other HHV2 virus causes genital herpes... I am thankful that isn't among my viral load. it would be even worse , I think. Don't get Valtrex for coldsores; that's the HHV2 med.

    these Herpes virus problems are bad enough to rate going after with a pharmaceutical prescription, in my opinion. the lesions they produce are raw and painful, and relatively long-lasting if untreated.
    the medication for HHV1 is Acyclovir 200 mg (1 capsule 5xday until gone ) it's like taking an anti-biotic course for several days Note* i did not say take antibiotics for this. you have to see a doctor and go through the prescription process. don't worry: the results are well worth the time and money.

    my own problem seems to have subsided since i started treating it with Acyclovir. the outbreaks are less frequent, probably bc the actual viral load is reduced... it's almost like the virus retreats down the ganglia to hide out because they were run out of town by the good guys! Here's the key: at the first sign of the outbreak(the spot on the lip is tender & you Know what's coming next), start your medicine then, immediately. The earlier you get going on treating it, the smaller the lesion & the faster it will heal.

    sometimes, the open sore will be totally prevented... the tender area will just slowly subside and go away.

    Doesn't this sound better than what you are having now? go for the script. you'll be glad you did.

    I'd consider this as step one in a treatment program. Others on the board will have a more organic approach , which is fine ; but I want to get the virus into retreat first; not just treat a volcanic eruption after-the-fact.

    hope you'll feel better soon.
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    My cousin who also has cfs, and hgh titers to a lot of viruses, gets them.
    she knows when shes gonna get a bad flare, when they start poppin out.just about a week ago, she was feeling really awful & had a huge cold sore, she called the dr we see for cfs, and she put her on something called amantadine (i think) doc told her it was an antiviral, she took it for 5 days, and after the first day or so, the cold sore was just about dried up & gone, she said she also felt better.

    Just something to look into
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    I don't have insurance till next month when my medicare kicks in so I will look into the prescription and I will also try the other methods mentioned here I am a fan of both types of approace. As long as they work is all I am concerned with thanks for the help.
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    I think the lysine and grapeseed extract are both very good suggestions.

    One more thing - I think your outbreak indicates your immune system is under stress or weakened. I started making my own kefir 2 to 3 months ago (cannot remember exactly when). I make it using powdered goat's milk I get from Vitacost, and got kefir grains and instructions from - I drink about a cup a day.

    Anyways, I've noticed recently that I am getting sick less and get over being sick quicker. Before I was getting sick at the drop of a hat, and getting sick with each crash and taking forever to get over it. I think the kefir is really giving my immune system a boost. I've read several places that something like 60% or 70% of the immune system is in the gut. So you might look into this. Before making the kefir, I did eat yogurt 3 times a week or so, but I think this stuff is much better. And it's cheaper than buying kefir in the store plus I don't add sugar etc.

    Good luck -

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    Lysin 500 mg. Also helps my canker sores.