College Offers Work-At-Your-Own-Pace Degrees

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    DePaul Chronic Illness Initiative Offers “Paced” Degree Opportunities

    Chicago-based DePaul University offers students with chronic illnesses a near-unique opportunity to earn college credits and degrees remotely and at their own pace.

    The program, described at, is part of DePaul’s nontraditional “School for New Learning.”

    The program, open to students worldwide, offers individuals dealing with physical difficulties the flexibility of:

    1. Faculty, advisors, and career counselors familiar with the challenges they face.

    2. No limit on time required to complete degrees, and no minimum course load per quarter.

    3. Ability to try any mix of on-campus or remote participation.

    4. “Online courses are archived, so students, with an instructor’s agreement, can continue coursework beyond the end of a quarter.”

    5. Privacy regarding to their illness vis-à-vis all but their advisor.

    6. An experienced-student advice and support “buddy” system.

    7. Some access to scholarship opportunities.

    For information on the program and associated costs contact Lynn Royster, PhD, director of DePaul’s Chronic Illness Initiative, at, or 312/362-5079


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    i just do not think it would for me...out of state resident and all..

  3. Marta608

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    Thanks for posting it!

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    Just wanted to add my 2 cents here as I worked for DePaul for 5 years and almost completed my masters while I worked there.

    SNL is a wonderful program and is really suited for anyone. It allows you to use real life experience towards credit hours. The courses are unique and interesting and offer flexibility and creativity.

    DePaul is a private university so in state v out of state doesn't matter as much as with state schools because it is expesnsive either way. There are a lot of scholarships and financial assitance - and there a lot untouched money out there because the qualifications for a lot of the scholarships are so narrow that few people fit the mold.

    I obviously am a big fan, but the thing that really sticks out in my mind isn't so much about the degree but learning through class no matter what class it is keeps our minds agile and keeps us 'younger' so to speak. With the added advantage of the flexibilty for remote/on campus and no time limit makes it ideal for a lot of us.

    Check it out - it is the largest Catholic university in the US now. But as a Jew DePaul is an amazing place for any religion, race, or other minorities (disabled). And no I don't get a kick back but I do love learning and DePaul.

  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    That's the college taht I'm doing my distance training holistic nutrition course through. 5 yrs and counting for a 2 yr diploma. They've been wonderful w/ me. I've gabbed w/ the owner for an hour at a time, on her 1-800 # tab, hah.

    CSNN has 9 locations across Canada, w/ head office in Toronto, and a small satellite school in Ottawa, and offers a number of correspondence courses, and of course in class, the diploma or certificate is the same, same courseload. These guys have a solid rep too, they are the largest holistic college in Cda, and I imagine will continue to expand. It was started by a an MD and his nurse wife, the daughter, now grown, is a sports nutritionist now.

    They run the gammit from nutrition, herbalogy, fertility, and now offer a diploma geriatric since we have a shortage of qualified elder care. Most of the diploma courses have mini length certificate courses too. They have a website and I'm pretty sure they are international at least to the states.


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