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    We live in an age when disease causing pathogens are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotic therapy. Many of these diseases are becoming serious killers, such as MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Stapylococcus Aureus, VRE or Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus, and Mycobacterium or Tuberculosis. Resistance is the ability of a microorganism to withstand the effects of antibiotics. This resistance comes about in nature via the process of natural selection but it can also occur when "evolutionary" stress is applied to a given microorganism population as with the overuse or misuse of antibiotic therapy.

    The result is an increase in the number of organisms becoming resistant, some of them to more than one antibiotic. These are the so called "Superbugs." Additionally, the stronger and more powerful antibiotics used to kill these "superbugs" can have unwanted side effects in the human population. In some cases those side effects can be as harmful as the disease being treated. There is a solution to the problem that is all but ignored by modern medicine, especially in the United States. This solution is beginning to gain world wide popularity, however, especially in the holistic health and alternative medicine communities and in countries with less beaurocracy to stop the advance of natural, non drug related therapies. That solution is the use of Colloidal Silver Solution, a true natural antibiotic.

    Colloidal Silver Solution is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver, colliodal meaning particles which remain in suspension without forming a dissolved or ionic solution. Colloidal silver is a known powerful antimicrobial agent. Concentrations of 5 parts per million have been found to kill numerous infectious bacteria. It's mechanism of action seems to be via the oligodynamic effect by inhibiting the expression of enzymes and other proteins essential to ATP or Adenosine-5' -triphosphate production. It is toxic to a number of resistant organisms such as MRSA and Tuberculosis, and has in some recent studies, even been shown to have effect against viruses such as Influenza A, the virus that causes Bird Flu in humans.

    In the United States, companies which manufacture or sell Colloidal Silver Solution are prohibited by the FDA from claiming any therapeutic value of the product. It cannot be labeled as a natural antibiotic, though that is in truth what it is. The agency does allow it to be labeled and sold as a food supplement as long as no medicinal claims are made. Ongoing scientific studies are being done by many independent laboratories to validate the efficacy of this potential antimicrobial wonder and Colloidal Silver has been tested against a number of resistant and non resistant pathogens with good results. It has been approved by the EPA for use as a disinfectant in hospitals and medical clinics in the US. Silver is also used in the treatment of burns and bed sores.

    Internationally however, the story is much different. Many nations have recognized and are making use of this powerful agent, this natural antibiotic, to treat any number of disease causing pathogens. Colloidal Silver solution is being used with much success in African hospitals to treat malaria, cholera, AIDS, flu, hepatitis, respiratory infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, sinus infections, food poisoning, vaginitis, staph and strep infections, thrush, burns, wounds and skin infections. This author has used it effectively, against sinus infections, peridontal infections, tooth infections, cuts and wounds.,-The-Natural-Antibiotic-and-Antimicrobial-Wonder&id=1483860
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    My Dr. from Uchee Pines Health Institute gave me some ASAP ointment with SilverSol Technology to treat a minor burn I had, and the next day, the burn was gone. Since then, I've used it for everything from rashes to bug bites to sores on my skin - pimples, outbreaks, etc..., and it is very, very healing. Most times it clears it up in a day or two, or makes it feel much better.

    When my daughter got 2nd degree burns from falling in a fire pit, the hospital drs gave me Silvadene cream (sp?) to put on it, and, coupled with prayer, it healed right up, with no scar left.

    I'll have to look into colloidal silver again. Thanks for your post! Debbie

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