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    Hello people,
    It's been a long time since I have posted here. Believe me, I've been through so much that I would need a whole day to get you updated. Med's and I are still enemies, my allergies are getting worse.....

    To make a long story short, I'm going in for a Colon Cleansing today or Colonic Irrigation is what they call it.

    I have been on an up and down road with constipation/diarrea, but more constipation, nausea, bloating, rumbling, you name it, I've felt it. I thought it was time to try something different. I'm actually looking forward to this procedure.

    The cost is $75.00 a sesion and I will update you and let you know if it was worth the expense.

    Keep you fingers crossed and I'll write back soon.
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    I am with you on this one. I have friends who are doing this ALL the time. Every week sometimes daily. As well as eating nothing but dandelions and beets mostly. They pass gas and have the runs and look pale yet are very thin. YET they are constantly on cell phones which I think are pretty iffy.

    I do think that from time to time we need to balance our flora with probiotics esp. after illness etc.

    My take is that we were created to cleanse our colons all the time. If we eat as healthily as we are able to, our bodies will balance themselves. We may overtax our bodies by not eating right, but we can correct this. We can also overtax our bodies by overdoing too many vitamins etc as well-hands up those who get bright yellow pee from vitamin pills????

    At $75 a time I should make a joke about paying through the....but I won't. I hope it makes you feel good, but for me, even having to have that for surgeries is draining.
    (excuse the pun(LOL)

    Let us know how it helps.

    Love and best wishes AC
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    I haven't had it done yet, but I can't wait in all honesty. I know that there may be some risks and all, but when you've reached your limit on laxatives, eating well, fruits, veggies, lots of water, eliminating breads, flour, etc, and still have the feeling of being bloating, full, sour, gassy, burning when passing, etc., it's time to try something new.

    My daughter recommended it to me and it was just in the nick of time. I hate the moodiness and the straining on my lower bottom, if you know what I mean. The worse is having to feel nauseated all the time!

    So even though it might be quite embarrassing, I'm desperate and willing to go through with least this one time to get me started on the right path.

    Lot's of love for all!
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    Hi Cookie,

    I'm one of those that swear by colon cleansing! I resisted doing it for a long time, but one of my practitioner's really encouraged me to try it. I felt immediately better. At first I did 3 in row about a week apart and now I have one monthly. Look at the whites of your eyes afterwards. Mine were visibly whiter after the first time.

    I also do a coffee enema daily. I do use probiotics and electrolytes to maintain good intestinal flora. I can feel a noticeable difference in energy levels post cleaning.

    Good luck to you!
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    Have you ever had your gallbladder checked? There is an interesting article called "Is faulty digestion at the root of most every disease." I think if you just google the article name you will be able to find it.

    There might be something in the article that you can relate to. Good luck.

    AS far as the colonics go, someone close to me did that and now she has to take daily magnesium shots since she can't absorb nutrients right. It is taking a long time to get the intestinal flora right again. I hope if you do the colonics that you do better. E.
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    Hi, y'all. I just ordered a bowel cleansing package. It's with a company which has been in business for 8 years and concentrates ONLY on bowel cleansing. The program takes one month (or two) to complete. It involves a fiber mix which you take twice a day, a non-caffeinated tea that you drink each night, and pills you take each day to rid your body of parasites and other gross stuff that lies in the crevices of your colon. The fiber mix is touted to be better than anything on the market, the tea helps you sleep at night and gives you the urge in the morning to "go" (but never involves running to the toilet, and never diahrea), and the pills are made from ALL NATURAL products, as are the other components of the program. The program costs $75 and takes one month to complete. I also ordered probotics to take for that month for $20.00. The testimonials are voluminous AND extremely positive. They talk about not only having bowel movements 2 to 3 times a day (instead of 2x a week for me) but they also boast about how their stomachs are flatter, how their bloating is gone, how much more energy they feel, how better their skin looks, etc. There are also pictures of the "stuff" that leaves their body; it's gross. But I believe it will work for me and it only makes sense that this type of "cleansing" should take more than one day. This program takes 30 days to cleanse what has been building up in your system for decades.

    I will receive my order on Wednesday and I am SO looking forward to trying it. I'll report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how things went. (There is also a 30-day money back guarantee with this program). To your health, beaniej
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    How does the coffee enema work for you? What does it do?
    Do you just use regular coffee like you make in a coffee pot?

    Hope you don't mind these qustions. I never new anyone to do this, except a friend that had lung cancer (and he didn't smoke, and was a vegetarian)....this was a part of his method of treating his cancer, which actually worked, and it went into remission. It has a name but I can't think of it right now. There is, in fact, a book about it.

    Anyway, I wondered in what way the coffee enema would be different from a regular water enema.

    THanks, and hope you didn't mind me asking.

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    i have been called cookie was a joke because an ex- bf made a comment on me eating cookies and gaining weight and my friend laid into him and said if she wants to eat a dozen cookies she can eat it...and she is not fat...

    he was/is an acoholic and somtimes i wondered if he was aneroxic..

    so i came in the bar later on andthe word got out what he said to me...and this man named, dudles, said hey cookie monster, said it again... then it took off from there...

    plus i bake these cookies called monster cookies...

    sorry i don't have any advice on the colon cleansing cause i never have done it..

    good luck

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    I have done this and I have only good things to say about it! It actually improves the tone of your bowels and peristalsis so this will not worsen any condition you have, if done by a trained professional I believe this will only make you better.
    Be sure to take a good dose of probiotics while you are doing this and continue when you are finished.
    I will recommend this to anyone.
    Let us know how it went, I can not wait to hear!



    Whew! It's done and over with.

    Well let me share my experience with you all. I was not at all nervous once I got to the center. The gal that performed the procedure was so good at putting me at ease.

    I think the hardest part was the insertion of the tube cuz I do have a hemmorroid due to the constipation and pushing that I have been having lately. Other than that, once it was inserted it was okay.

    Next, she started to fill me with water and as nature would have it, I felt the need to release within seconds. Yes, it is a bit uncomfortable when it is filling, I'm not going to sugar coat it, but soon after the first fill, it was a blessing and I started to feel relief. Therefore, fill after fill and release after release, I really felt like a new person and the procedure got easier and easier.

    This morning I can tell that my lower abdomen has shrunk in size, I'm not gassy anymore and to be honest with you, I look forward to my next session.

    She did recommend that I take probiotics and any sort of digestive enzymems to help in the process. She also provided me with Aloa Vera capsules, (free of charge), and instructed me to take 2 capsules before going to bed to keep me regular.

    FYI, I was reading and gathering information on Fibromyalgia and Colonics prior to my visit, and I came upon a website that recommended Emu Oil for pain. They happened to have this oil at this medical center and I explained to her that I had just read that this was good for pain. The nurse gave me a couple of bottles to take home with me, free of charge. I tried this oil on my neck and shoulder area while in the car on my way home and it DOES WORK! It may not last for a long time, BUT IT DOES WORK TO RELIEVE PAIN temporarily.

    Anyhoot, I would recommend this procedure to those that are interested and suffering like I was. The only thing that I could say is that the discomfort you will feel, is like having a pre-menstrual cramp. Now I know that we have felt worse things than that.

    Also I learned that the best way to sit while on the potty, is to have a footstool under your feet. Appartently, our ancestors used to "squat" when they had to release and that is a natural position for the body. Therefore, using a footstool, would provide our bodies with the natural curvatures needed for an effective release. I was informed that I should never have to force the release out. With this position, it should easily make it's way out. Sorry ladies for the grafic details...just sharing some information with you.

    Well, if you have any questions, please let me know,
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    Hi all,


    No problem with the questions. I know it's kind of weird. My huband makes great fun at my coffee ritual. However when I'm feeling a bit off he immediately suggests I make up some coffee. Sometimes I brew it in a coffee maker very strong or I boil a quart of water and 8 TBSP and boil for 5 min. I use Folgers caffeinated and make it with drinking water.

    Interesting about your friend healing from cancer. After the last 3 years I'm a big proponent of detoxing and cleansing. I really feel as I would have ended up with breast or colon cancer had I gone on the way I was going.

    The coffee stimulates a release of bile from the gall bladder (which is where the liver is dumping the gook it has filtered from the blood). It also contstricts the blood vessels running from the intestine to the liver pushing it through the liver and then the gook goes to the gall bladder and then into the intestines and hopefully out of our systems. This enema is done as a retention enema. I fill and then hold it laying on my right side for 10-15 minutes and then repeat. One can physically feel the bile release. The important thing is to fill enough to stimulate the gall bladder, but you want the coffee to stay in the lower colon. I lay on my side with my upper body propped up. That way the coffee doesn't enter the circulating bloodstream. A couple of times I've gotten the caffein jitters by not paying attention. Dr. Sherry Rogers claims that the phytonutrients in the coffee help the liver produce glutathione which is an important part of our detox ability.

    At Dr. Mercola's website there is more info on coffee enemas with detailed instructions. My coffee is super strong. Anyone starting out would probably be better off with a weaker coffee.

    cookie monster -
    Hope you continue to get great results from colon cleansing!

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    Thanks so much for the information on the coffee enema. I really appreciate all the detail you gave me, and the good instructions. The Cancer cure is called "Gerson," if you want to read about that process. I understand it is very difficult, and involves more than the coffee enemas, but I remembered those specifically. YOu can check the book out from the public library. As I said, it did cure my friend who had lung cancer. This was many years ago, and it shrank to the size of a pea and is there there, but still very small and never seems to grow.

    I had a bad cramping reaction (such terrible pain) to a mere glycerin enema last night, that I may hold off on the coffee for a while, until I know more about what causes the pain in my belly. I had to call the doctor and get instructions, and he told me to do more enemas with just plain water, and then not to do an enema with anything that was a stimulate, which maybe coffee would be. I am copying this in you don't mind, so I can use it when I am ready.

    I had a hernia surgery which went awry, so this pain may have to do with that.

    YOu were just wonderful to give all the ways this works and what is does, and those really good instructions for using it!! I do appreciate it very much. I'll try to let you know when I get ready to do it.

    THanks again,
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    I thank you for this info and I am saving it for future ref.
  15. bunnyfluff

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    thanks for bumping the info for anyone wanting the instructions. Not scary, folks.
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    I ain't thrilled at the thought of such a procedure, but like you my allergies to meds are getting so bad I can hardly take anything.So let us know.Maybe all of us are just full of ------!!!LOL

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