Colon cleanse products - ? info on a gentle and easy to use

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hopeless3, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. hopeless3

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    I'm not new to this board just haven't been on it for a while. My FMS, CFS, IBS, constant headaches and numerous other problems have gotten the best of me the past year or so. I also had 2 doc's dump (terminate) me in the past 2 years with no prior notice or explaination. Don't patients have any rights anymore? Apparently in WI they don't.
    Back to orig ? (Sorry, I get side tracked easily). I have read all I could find on this board about colon cleansing and I think it is worth a try for me. At this point I will try anything. What is the most gentle and easy to use product. I'm not good at staying on a strict routine because of my increased brain fog, fatigue etc. That's why I need something very easy gentle and not a life changing ordeal.

    I love this board, it has so much info and so helpful. Thanks to all that share their experiences and thoughts.

    LOL to all

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  2. LittleBluestem

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    I LIKE prunes and prune juice! Try stuffing the prunes with cream cheese. Yum!

    When we got 'real' (unseparated) milk from my grandfather, my mother would cook prunes and serve them in a small amount of heavy cream. That is truly one of the most delectible dishes known to man.
  3. renae1979

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    The colon cleanse product that I have used and would recommend is from the ProHealth store here on the website. It is called Ultimate Cleanse. You take the fiber and herb pills in the AM & PM and it really helps to cleanse the system. I remained on the lower end of dosage and it worked well. Here is the product info from the site:

    With all of the pollution in our environment today, we need an effective detoxifier for our bodies. Pro Health's Morning/Evening Ultimate Cleanse contains over 50 essential herbs and fibers, as well as enzymes, FOS, and acidophilus to help promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Our 100% natural Ultimate Cleanse is a simple, two-step program designed to naturally cleanse your body and to help promote internal detoxification. Cleansing your system is an easy way to ensure good health, increased energy, and a strengthened defense system.
  4. bpmwriter

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    i highly recommend enzymatic therapy's "whole body cleanse." it's a two week supply of herbal laxatives, fiber and liver support herbals. the laxatives loosen you up, the fiber binds it all up and pushes it out and the liver support ...well, we could all use that. it's a very gentle product, no dietary changes needed, i use it twice a year and it runs about $30 where i shop though you may be able to get it cheaper online. it's totally a 'colon cleansing for beginners' type product.

  5. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I used Colonix and it is a kit with all you need to do your cleanse. It worked well for me. You can order it on line. Just type in "Colonix " and it will come up.

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