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  1. singingirl

    singingirl New Member

    Has anyone here tried a colon cleanse, and did it help.

    I was reading on another website and they swore (not that I fully believe it) that they had fibro and cfs, and when they did the colon and parasite cleanse, they were healed.
  2. Susan07

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    I had this done once 20 years ago. It didn't make me feel better but it did ease my mind that I didn't have gross things in my intestines.

    There are natural ways and things to take to do the same thing. When I had a colonoscopy believe me I was cleaned out!

    Take care hopefully others will comment,

    As to that persons claim, maybe it did do something for them if that's where there problems stemmed from.
  3. singingirl

    singingirl New Member

    I don't see how cleansing your colon could take all this pain and tiredness away. My husband does want me to try it because of my ibs though. I will let anybody interested know if it makes me feel better even for a day lol
  4. fairydust39

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    Yes I have done a cleanse !

    I had UC for 30 yrs. and when I did the colon cleanse,between that and God,I no longer have UC. I had UC so bad that I almost bleed to death several times. Nothing helped.

    During the cleanse I passed a lot of yucky stuff and it was just like someone threw a light switch. I was better instantly.

    I haven't taken any drugs for UC since. I was on Azulfadine,prednisone,asacol, and much much more.

    I am sooo glad that I did the cleanse! I am 67 now and still have Fibro but I'm 100% better than I was 35 yrs. ago.I was young when I 1st developed UC and was in hospital many many time. I was thinking of having my colon removed,to stop all the pain and agony.

    I'm glad that I didn't have it removed.
    PS type in "Death begins in the Colon" and read about the cleanse. Also the product that I use for the cleanse was
    "Colonix",I got it on line.

    Hugs Shirley
  5. Slayadragon

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    I'm in the middle of doing a mild one now (since I am in week 4 of taking an antiviral and don't want to do anything stressful).

    I've ordered some of the product Colonix, which includes a psyllium/herb bulk product, anti-parasite capsules, and tea that includes senna and other herbs.

    I have been taking that every 2-4 days, whenever it "feels right." The other days, I have been taking some Metamucil capsules along with a small amount of senna (plus some parasite medicine).

    I have been constipated since I was about nine years old. At some points this was not "acute" constipation, but even when it wasn't, I always sort of felt like there was something left. I never understood that.

    Recently I was talking to my doctor about what I could do with regard to yeast herxing, and he suggested a colonic (colon hydrotherapy) to wash out the dead stuff. I had one done and it worked like a charm, although it did make me quite weak. (This was before I started the AV,)

    The colonic specialist said that she thought (after pressing on my stomach) that my intestines were very clogged and that I would benefit from a colon cleanse.

    Thus far, I'm enthusiastic about it. I've been having at least 1-2 good bowel movements per day, which is extremely unusual for me but important for general health, I think. i also no longer having that feeling of there being something left.

    I haven't had anything dramatic happen like the pictures on those sites, but I have had some darker material.

    At one point early on, I had what I felt was a toxic reaction to something that had been buried inside. It lasted for about two days. This was before I started the antiviral, and is why I'm trying to be gentle now.

    In general, I think this will be a good thing for me. (I plan to continue for several months.) I don't know if it would be right for someone who didn't have this particular longstanding problem, though.