Colon Cleansers?

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    I feel that this is something that I greatly need. How does one go about finding the best one & one without unpleasent side effects? Would love to get some recommendations!

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    I take a product Called,"Colon Cleanse" at Health Food stores...a spoonful with water or juice at bed time- it includes soluble fiber from Psyllium Husks. Another good one is ABC aerobic bulk cleanse. It has added herbs to it. Both are tolerated well, like -not giving you the runs from it! etc. But if you are looking for an enema type thing, I'd go easy on that...Our tissue in there is tender; and if God wanted us to do enema's, He wouln't have said: Eat the fruit from every tree in the Garden!!(it's a one way street!)

    Fibromiester :)
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    Thanks for the reply. No, I wasn't talking about any enema type...but I'd prefer something in pill form, rather than liquid. There are so many out there, that it's hard to decide which one might be best. I was hoping that I might hear from someone who had used the one sold at the store here, & how it worked. I may just have to be a guinea pig!

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    Maybe I phrased it wrong. I have trouble with chronic constipation & don't want to rely on laxatives, so what do I take or do to get things moving regularly?

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    I just had a colonoscopy. I was becoming more and more constipated despite drinking at least 2 liters of water each day (in addition to other fluids) and taking stool softeners. At times though, It would be explosive with lots of abdominal pain. I don't want to be addicted to laxatives either. He said I was very sensitive to the air he put into my bowel during the procedure (thank God for conscious sedation), and I have IBS. The doctor strongly recommended Metamucil. It contains psyllium, which is what he felt worked best. I'll take his word for it, because he said he tried many products himself, so he would know what to tell his patients. You could consider him weird or dedicated to his patients. Anyway, I started Metamucil, and thankfully they now have it in capsule form. I'm not one for gagging down the drink. However, no matter what product you try, you need to drink plenty of fluids/water, try to eat fresh fruits/veggies, and if possible get some walking in. I do have a recipe for something called Power Pudding and one for a fruit soup which may help if you're interested. I'll see what metamucil does for me, but he said I should see a colo-rectal specialist, as I may have a neurological problem. I have urinary retention due to my injuries, so this is like a stool retention. Not fun. I believe in keeping the bowel moving and cleansed, because if I'm really constipated, my fibro is worse. Not everyone may have that problem though. I worked as a nurse for many years, and each person is an individual when it come to managing bowels.
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    Thanks for sharing your story with me. I think part of my problem is caused by my thyroid condition, but I have always been sluggish. I drink two quarts of bottled water a day. I drink a fiber drink in the AM, but none of it does any good. I used to take a product called AM-PM by Nature's Secret, that worked well, but don't know if it's available anymore. I'm just trying to find something to take that is not harmful or addictive like regular laxatives.

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    I take MS Contin and know what you mean. My doctor suggested Senakote, which is senna, a natural ingredient. You can also get it with a stool softener. It works.