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    Just wondering about everybody's experience's with colon cleansing and best products to bring out all the nasty stuff!! Thanks!!

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    Although I have never pursued this avenue myself. I do personally know of someone who did and has experienced a 95% improvement in her CFS symptoms. She is now working full time as a social worker.

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    I just had a colonoscopy done and I had to prep with FLEET Phosphosoda 1.5 oz bottle. mix the whole bottle with an 8 oz glass of a chilled beverage of choice. It comes in unflavored or lemon-lime. This stuff works GREAT and is an over the counter and is cheap. Drink plenty of fluids thoughr while cleansing your colon. You can repeat the process 12 hours later for a thorough cleanse. Remember drink Lots of Fluids like Gatorade, powerade, water, juices.
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    Do not eat any solid foods after 8 am the morning of the cleaning. Only eat a liquid diet, jello, juice, ensure, water, popcicles. Your first cleanse should be around 6pm on this day- no solid foods till tomorrow after 8 am. and the second, then next morning around 6 am.
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