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    Hi- Has anyone ever tried Colonic Irrigation for their CFS/FM? I'm just starting. Had my first one. The lady doing my Colonic Irrigations (she's been performing them for 30 years) says all health starts in the colon. Clean that up, and your body can heal itself.

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    Hi- Has anyone ever tried Colonic Irrigation for their CFS/FM? I'm just starting. Had my first one. The lady doing my Colonic Irrigations (she's been performing them for 30 years) says all health starts in the colon. Clean that up, and your body can heal itself.

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    Hello Paul,

    I have used this method...some years back. In theory, it sounds correct. I am no expert. In spite of my colon thearpy, I am autoimmune compromised. I am just one, however. I hope that you benefit from your treatments...keep us informed.

    Take care,
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    I studied Naturopathic Medicine for 2 yrs. with emphasis on Nutritional Medicine.
    You probably aren't going to like what I have to say. There are some alternative practices that are totally bogus and are giving alternative medicine a very bad name, so much so that most conventional doctors reject the whole of alternative medicine. It makes me very angry, since legitimate alternative medicine has much to offer.
    Colonics are one of those bogus treatments. Some of the advertising will tell you that you have 5-10 lbs. of old impacted, fecal material in your colon. They show pictures of black, rubbery looking stuff. If that were even remotely true, you'd be dead, period. Thanks to Endoscopy, doctors can easily see inside the colon and they know how untrue all this is.
    Also, you don't repair a system that is designed to work from the top down, by shoving things up the wrong way. The only result, if you do it often enough, can be addiction, to the point where you can no longer have bowel movements unles you get colonics regularly. Yes, it's very important to keep your colon working properly. But, your colon is not supposed to be the immaculate is your body's sewer system, after all!
    Proper consumption of raw fruits and veggies, and a fiber supplement if you suffer from constipation should be all that's needed. If you already have yeast overgrowth due to improper eating, or are having trouble digesting food due to Irritable Bowel, then the addition of a good Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes to your daily regime is a good idea. Occassional juice fasting can give your digestive system a rest,without compromising the way the colon is supposed to work, unless you are diabetic; then fasting is not a good idea.
    In this, as in so many other things, there just isn't an easy fix. I think a lot of these people who give colonics truly believe what they are telling you, and that is a sad comment on the lousy science education that most Americans have.
    IMO, save your money.
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    I have been reading a lot about this (being much less educated than others here about "natural" treatments) and had already figured this is not something I wanted to try. I agree, probiotic treatment is the way to go. I've read about people so dependent on colonic treatments they can no longer have normal bowel movements without them, and I can't imagine wanting to live that way myself. Thanks for the information, well said...

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    My sister's sister-in-law who has suffered with CFS since the early 80's swears that colonic irrigation is what has helped her the most. Although she is still not "well", she is much better than she was. Maybe the colonics was not the reason for her improvement but I decided to try it anyways.

    After the first treatment I walked out of the centre thinking I had been cured. (I had been ill less than a year at that point). My feeling of well-being lasted one day. I kept going back every week for a year and never felt any better.

    A year or two later I tried another colonic therapist who insisted I come three times a week. I felt SO SICK that I gave it up very quickly.

    I don't recommend it although the person I spoke of in the first paragraph would disagree strongly with me. In other words, maybe it does work for some, but it didn't for me.
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    what a job for 30 years! Whats the difference from that and a home enema? I knew someone who ruined her system by too many enemas. It got so bad she could not eliminate unless she used one. I think if you need to get rid of stuff you would do better with foods that do the trick. I finally got a little better control over my inability to pass the guck by eliminating grain and dairy and when I added magnesium in moderate amounts that really made things better. Please be careful.
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    Medical Journalist Report
    Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals
    by Morton Walker, DPM
    ©Copyright 2000 by Dr. Morton Walker
    From the signal stage of history surrounding ancient Egypt, practices of colon hydrotherapy in their most basic form – enemas or clysters – have provided people with internal cleansings adjunctive to their personal external hygiene. The Ebers Papyrus, from the 14th century B.C. prescribes internal cleansing for no less than twenty stomach and intestinal complaints.1
    But in the modern era it fell to J. H. Kellogg, MD, of Battle Creek, Michigan, famous for his invention of corn flakes and various techniques of good hygiene, to popularize colon hydrotherapy. This happened from Dr. Kellogg’s publication of his article in the Journal of the American Medical Association praising the procedure’s efficacy for saving a dysfunctional large bowel.2
    That descriptive article was the impetus for advancement of a highly beneficial therapeutic method which has since flourished and found medical recognition among enlightened health professionals in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Enthusiastic expressions of approval for colon hydrotherapy are undeniable medical endorsements for this significant complementary treatment which removes metabolic waste from the large bowel without applying toxic agents of any kind.
    Board Certified Gastrointestinal Surgeon Dr. Leonard Smith Endorses Colon Hydrotherapy
    Thirty years ago, Leonard Smith, M.D., of Gainsville, Florida graduated from medical school and eventually became board certified in general surgery by the American College of Surgery. For more than 25 years Dr. Smith has practiced as a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery. He has dealt with all types of colon difficulties, including operations for colon cancer, colon diverticulitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, and numbers of other internal organ problems.
    “I am very well acquainted with the colon’s functions, and my true belief is that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing medium for preparing the patient for colonoscopy. It’s a much better way of getting the human colon ready for an operation than having a patient swallow a gallon of that presurgery solution known as ‘Colon-Go-Lytely.’ Instead, colon hydrotherapy allows the patient to avoid this solution’s noxious side effects of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and other troubles,” Dr. Smith says.
    “Moreover, seriously ill patients tend to be chronically constipated which results in generalized toxemia. It turns out that colon hydrotherapy is the gentlest and most effective treatment for a constipation problem. My recommendation for cancer patients is that they should undergo frequent colon hydrotherapy procedures to make sure the colon’s toxic burden is being kept at a minimum while their bodies are trying to heal,” affirms Dr. Smith. “While not a substitute for eating a high fiber diet, those cancer patients who take colon hydrotherapy often experience the elimination of their aches and pains, improvement of appetite, and they tolerate a tough healing process better.
    “I also believe that normally healthy people will find it valuable to take colon hydrotherapy every couple of months in order to experience how well one feels when the colon is truly empty. It’s a fact that most people fail to fully evacuate the colon, something they don’t realize. People undergoing colon hydrotherapy on a prevention basis, are quite surprised at how much waste is removed by the procedure,” Dr. Smith says.
    “Without reservation, my wish is to see it become an established procedure for many kinds of gastrointestinal problems. If medical centers, hospitals, and clinics installed colon hydrotherapy departments, they would find such departments just as efficacious for patients as their present treatment areas which are devoted to physiotherapy,” states Leonard Smith, MD “Such is my belief, and I do endorse this therapeutic program.”

    Colon Hydrotherapy Corrects Constipation
    “One of my more significant cases was Tommy, an eight-year-old boy with the most awful constipation anyone could imagine,” says former general surgeon and emergency medicine specialist Paul Flashner, MD, of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Observing their superior results for his patients, Dr. Flashner has recently adapted his treatment techniques almost completely to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). He has most definitely incorporated colon hydrotherapy as a regular CAM technique.
    “Tommy’s constipation was really bad. He never had a bowel movement for a week at a time. Recognizing the dangers of physiological toxicity, his parents took their son for consultation with numerous gastroenterologists. The child had been subjected to colonoscopy a dozen times, but nothing could be found as the source of his blockage. Laxatives hardly helped at all. There was no diagnosis except that he suffered severely from constipation,” confirms Dr. Flashner. “Then the parents found their way to me so that the boy might undergo examination and treatment one more time.
    “I improved the child’s diet and removed all junk foods. Then I instigated an exercise program, had him drink lots of water, balanced his colonic flora, and added fiber food supplements. But most vital for Tommy’s welfare is that he took colon hydrotherapy under my prescription. The beneficial effect was dramatic, for within six months he was experiencing a natural and normal bowel movement every day. No laxatives were involved in his progress,” states Dr. Flashner. “Now the child does not need to consult me anymore; he still continues his colon hydrotherapy. He did this once a month for six months, and currently he undergoes the cleansing just four times a year. It’s now two years and Tommy remains in excellent physical condition.
    “Colon hydrotherapy is the perfect specific procedure to eliminate constipation and restore normal bowel function. My approach to medical practice is to balance the GI tract using stool testing. I find various pathologies relating to bacteria, yeast, parasites, and other organisms of this nature. A lot of disease comes from imbalances in the colon, as manifested by inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune diseases, allergies, multiple sclerosis, and certainly constipation. Such imbalances can be corrected by means of colon hydrotherapy, herbal supplements, and diet,” says Dr. Paul Flashner. “There is no question about the huge difference a health professional can bring to the patient by utilizing colon hydrotherapy plus other complementary and alternative methods of healing.”
    Giving Colon Hydrotherapy is Standard Procedure for Sharda Sharma, MD
    Located in Millburn, New Jersey as a primary care physician for nearly 26 years, Sharda Sharma, M.D., dispenses medical care of a multi-disciplinary nature to her patients. Dr. Sharma employs colon hydrotherapy, chelation therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki manipulative therapy, and much more. She treats the body as a whole (holistically).
    “I have trained and certified colon hydrotherapists working as part of my staff. Under my supervision for the past year-and-a-half they have been treating constipation, abdominal cramps, allergies, and a variety of other conditions, including ten patients with hepatitis C. These hepatitis patients respond to colon hydrotherapy and do well,” assures Dr. Sharma. “For instance, Felicia, a 42 year-old high school teacher, had suffered with constipation – no bowel movements for six days at a stretch. She was bloated, fatigued, lethargic, headachy, and crampy. My treatment choice for her was enzyme supplements and colon hydrotherapy twice weekly for thirteen weeks. These treatments solved the constipation problem for Felicia.
    “Colon hydrotherapy is excellent as a treatment for the yeast syndrome. A very anxious 50 year-old female, Sara Audrey, consulted me because she was running to the toilet every two hours with either diarrhea or attempting to find relief from constipation. It turns out that she had irritable bowel syndrome complicated by candidiasis. During the administration of colon hydrotherapy, I observed that she was loaded with Candida albicans. I recognized the white yeast organisms floating through the transparent tube of the colon flushing device,” says Dr. Sharma. “But the patient is now in fine shape – much relieved. She has good bowel movements twice daily with no gas. This is typical of almost all patients undergoing colon hydrotherapy.”
    Dr. Michael Gerber Uses Colon Hydrotherapy Routinely
    “I’ve had a colon hydrotherapy device in my office for 25 years,” states Michael Gerber, MD, of Reno, Nevada. “My present staff person who dispenses colon hydrotherapy under my jurisdiction uses it for all types of patient difficulties. The basic concepts of the science has not changed much in the last 25 years; however, the colon hydrotherapy equipment has improved immensely. How the equipment works so effectively is nothing short of astounding. Registered with the FDA, current colon hydrotherapy equipment is safe. It contains temperature-controlled water mixing and back flow prevention valves, plus pressure and temperature sensors, and built-in chemical sanitizing units. Water purification units frequently are installed as well. Disposable single-use rectal tubes, and/or speculae are employed routinely for sterility.
    “Undergoing a session of colon hydrotherapy allows comfort and cleansing with no toxicity. Techniques utilized allow a small amount of water to flow into the colon gently stimulating the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release softened waste,” Dr. Gerber advises. “The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste may be repeated again and again. The removal of such waste encourages better colon function and elimination.
    “The benefits of colon hydrotherapy extend all the way from psychiatric improvement to constipation elimination,” Dr. Michael Gerber affirms.

    Conditions Responding to Colon Hydrotherapy Cited by Rheumatologist Arthur E. Brawer, MD
    “Colon hydrotherapy eliminates from the bowel the accumulated waste material which may get absorbed. If this absorption takes place, it overwhelms the other purification organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. The toxin deposition which becomes lodged throughout the body’s tissues and cells becomes capable of triggering a variety of illnesses,” says rheumatologist Dr. Arthur E. Brawer. “There’s lots of them.” Some disease indications for colon hydrotherapy are:
    Allergies Arthritis Asthma
    Acne Attention Deficit Disorder
    Memory Lapses Hypertension Body Odor
    Brittle Hair Brittle Nails Chronic Fatigue
    Cold Hands & Feet Colitis Spastic Colon
    Constipation Fibromyalgia Headaches
    Irritable Bowel Mouth Sores Multiple Sclerosis
    Nausea Peripheral Neuropathies Peptic Ulcer
    Pot Belly Poor Posture Seizures
    Muscle Pain Joint Aches Chest Pain
    Skin Rashes Toxic Environmental Exposure
    Pigmentation Toxic Occupational Exposure
    “Silicone breast implant exposure which results in disease symptoms responds very well to colon hydrotherapy. I am in the center of this silicone breast implant controversy by having consulted with over 500 women from around the world for the toxic exposure caused by such implantation. I’ve given testimony as an expert witness before the United States Congress on this issue along with advising the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, and consultants to the President, the Vice-president, the Director of Women’s Health at the White House, and the United Nations. I use colon hydrotherapy for the treatment of such silicone toxicity, since it does work to chelate silicone out of the body,” states Dr. Brawer. “Let me explain.
    “>From day one of implantation, silicone micromolecules disperse throughout the body because the pore size (the porosity) of the envelope or shell enclosing the implant is larger than most of the silicone molecules contained inside. Thus, the disease symptoms derived from silicone toxicity is not dependent on envelope rupture. Symptoms begin immediately! In other words, the molecules of silicone travel through the membrane osmotically and become microdispersed throughout the body by means of the lymphatic system,” explains Dr. Brawer.
    “Now realize that the connective tissue or collagen in each person’s body requires silicone as an essential component in order to provide the body with proper architectual structure such as for tendons, ligaments, nerve sheaths, and everything else. Silicone makes up the glue which holds the skin together, gives substance to the organs, act as regulators, signal transmitters, and so forth. It functions as an integral part of metabolism and physiology. Thus, all tissues are dependent on silicone as an essential ingredient,” Dr. Brawer says. “But given in excess as a leaking silicone breast implant, there is only one place the excess may be dumped or stored by the body – into its connective tissue. When that happens a whole litany of complaints occur: joint pains, dry eyes, fatigue, memory lapses, skin rashes and pigmentations, chest pain, muscle aches, drug intolerance, odor and smell sensitivity to hair sprays, room fresheners, deodorants, and more (see sidebar).
    “So the silicone molecules become stuck in the body’s glue, and they cannot be removed by use of medications or supplemental nutrients or diet. Only certain techniques may be applied to detoxify the body: colon hydrotherapy is perhaps the best way and also working as detoxifiers are Ayurvedic medicine, hyperthermia, steam baths, saunas, oxygen therapy, and the energy-based therapies such as Reiki and Qigong. Any dietary approach has to be more an exclusionary basis – take the patient off of processed foods and have them eat organic,” confirms Dr. Brawer. “But of all the treatments for symptoms coming from silicone breast implants, I find colon hydrotherapy to be one of the mainstays that offer relief.”
    Colon Hydrotherapy is Like Cleaning Baked Lasagna from a Pan
    According to Pamela Whitney, ND, baked lasagna may be used as a metaphor for colon cleansing. Dr. Whitney, educational director for the New England Health Institute, is a naturopathic physician who practices her profession in two locations, Braintree, Massachusetts and Stowe, Vermont. Here is how she describes the physical action of colon hydrotherapy:
    “If ever you’ve baked a lasagna and then attempted to sanitize the messy, left-over lasagna pan, you know the difficulty with getting it clean. For sponging such a food-caked pan it’s usual for cooks to soak the pan overnight. Then they find that swabbing it the next day is easy. Colon hydrotherapy accomplishes the same ease of cleansing on the inside of one’s bowel. Using hydrotherapy, the colon’s walls constantly get flushed with clear fluid, which serves to remove mucous plus some of their longstanding, caked-on fecal matter which contains hidden bacteria, parasites, Candida albicans-filled pockets, and other such pathological materials.”
    From its home office located in San Antonio, Texas, literature furnished by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy or I-ACT (see the Resource section) defines colon hydrotherapy as a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. By introducing pure, filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon, the human waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. This flushing process usually is repeated a few times during a therapeutic session.
    Colon hydrotherapy is best used in combination with adequate nutrient and fluid intake as well as with exercise. The modern and sophisticated technology applied today, manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines, promotes both safety and sanitation of the procedure.
    Dr. Pamela Whitney advises that her healing program for almost any condition frequently involves prescribing colon hydrotherapy. “I almost always refer my patient to undertake colon cleansing as the first part of my treatment. I do this for purposes of detoxification, since most people possess toxic bowels which may result in either constipation or diarrhea – both coming from the same sources of toxicity,” she says. “The patients’ toxins tend to kick back to their bloodstreams to perpetuate numerous pathologies such as candidiasis, allergies, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms coming from a recirculation of accumulated physiological poisons.
    “I use the services of at least three skilled colon hydrotherapists who practice near to my two offices. I don’t know of any patient receiving colon hydrotherapy who has not benefited from it. Certainly the treatment will get a sluggish bowel refunctioning again. In my judgment, the action of just one colon hydrotherapy is an experience equivalent to someone undergoing 20 coffee enemas,” says Dr. Whitney. “What we eat, the processed foods such as breads, pastas, sugars, and refined desserts hit the gastrointestinal tract like a glue which becomes nearly indigestible. A prime source of allergies to wheat and other flour products is this flour made into a kind of mucilage by being mixed with saliva. This glue-like substance sticks on the walls of the GI tract and slows down the metabolic rate. Thereafter, constipation with inflammation can develop, but colon hydrotherapy solves such a problem.”
    As is obvious, Dr. Pamela Whitney is a great advocate of colon hydrotherapy, which she prescribes as a standard part of her treatment.
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    does not make it true.
    I will deal with just one of the blatent lies in this piece. It is IMPOSSIBLE to "see the white yeast organisms flowing through the transparent waste tube". Unless this guy is Superman and has X-ray eyes, he needs a high powered microscope to see yeasts.
    There is so much of that ilk in here that I could go on and on, but I stand by my first post.
    I would suggest two things:
    1) we need a major overall in science education in our schools to teach more practical science, so the public is not so easily misled.
    2) basic abnormal psychology needs to be taught in every high school, so that people realize that one in ten people are sociopaths, and what that means regarding their propensity for being accomplished liars in order to achieve their desired ends,all without regard to morality, since they have none.
    This sort of thing really fries my bacon, so I am signing off before I blow a gasket.
    Please know I am not attacking anyone personally here, except maybe the people who wrote the article.
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    Sometimes none of the previous things listed (diet, probiotics, etc.) will do the trick. I don't get colonics nearly as often as I used to, now that my dr. has cured me of IBS-C. But, let me just say this: the crap that came out of me in one session was a HELL OF A LOT more than I could pass in a week or two! I don't care about all the claims, I can just tell you I felt incredible. A colon that is stagnant can leave you feeling miserable.

    As far as all disease beginning in the gut...I tend to share a lot of this belief. Before anyone discounts it, I suggest they read the book, "The Second Brain." The author has been celebrated in several medical journals.

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    We just wanted to say thanks for all the responses and info. about colonic irrigations.

    We will 'keep a lookout' for more posts!