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    i did my colonic today [sunday], and oh my god, there are a phase 2 and 3, told the lady im on a tight budget, and wish i could do the other two, being on a tight budget, i started crying like h***ll because i cant afford $319 for 3 session, and this lovely lady, told me that I DON'T HAVE TO PAY, what ARE YOU KIDDING ME, this is the 2nd time in a week these lovely people in new york city, see that im in need of getting well and willing to gave them my last dime, because these alternative people are very very, very, expensive,

    i go back for my second colonic on the 8th and the last one on the 10th, i hope there aint a catch to all this,

    oh, by the way, she was looking at the stool go through thr tupe, and she turn to me and said that she see that i have candida, I WAS FLOORED.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i did not mentioned candida to her, because i came there for a colonic only. she also asked me my blood type, because for your blood type, you should only eat certain food, i told her positive O, and she gave me a list of food for my blood type and food that should not be eaten, also a chart was gaving to me about candida, which i have knowledge of already, and a list to evaluate to see how bad my candidas is.

    im taking stuff already at home for candida, i hope this is not the catch. i bought a probiotic from her, for 34.00 dollars, at least i could have done that, she was trying to gave me a couple out of the bottle to take right there, but i told her i will purchase a bottle, but also she insist that i take the two while i was there , i hugged this nice lady and told her thanks a million time and told her she's god send.

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    Jaminhealth was just trying to help you. All she was getting at is that anyone who is reading your post(s)out of interest or concern for how you are doing will be better able to track what you have to say if you keep the information you continue to gather on the subject on one post rather than 2.

    I was interested in your first post and I responded to it. It was just luck that I came upon your 2nd post.

    I do not think anyone is trying to tell you how to post--it was just a suggestion.
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    jaminhealth was trying to help you not lose readers. Posting more than one thread about the same thing makes people generally ignore one of those threads. It makes sense to me that if you post that you're going to have a certain procedure done...then when you get it done, you update it in that same thread. Why would someone look in a new thread for an update? Otherwise, we'd all start a new thread every time we want to say something. If you noticed, someone asked you a question in your original thread, and even *you* didn't go back to it to answer them. So, you've probably already lost that person as someone who was concerned about you or what treatment you're getting.
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    Jaminhealth was obviously only trying to be helpful to you here. She has been a wonderful support to many here with her advice. She really is concerned for others and genuinely wants to help.

    When I first noticed you posting here I found you very demanding and abrasive, wanting to know why people hadn't answered your questions after all of five minutes. This in itself made me reluctant to look at your posts, let alone reply to them. I felt compelled only to respond to this post because I have found your words to Jaminhealth upsetting and unwarranted. I am not board patrol either but surely an apology to Jaminhealth wouldn't hurt. That was a pretty angry and nasty tirade against someone who is only seeking to be supportive and helpful.

    I was personally shocked by your verbal assault on Jaminhealth.
    If you are so rude when people offer good advice they will not respond to your posts.

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  7. TigerLilea

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    Hey, lighten up, Street. Jamin was trying to offer a helpful suggestion. She didn't deserve to be attacked like that. You might find that everyone takes your advice "poof be gone" and then you won't have anyone here offering you support when you need it.
  8. nink

    nink New Member

    "report as inappropriate"
    "ignore this user"

    Hope they both work
  9. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I find the attack on Jamin totally out of bounds. I also reported this poster. Street has been rude before when he/she feels no one has responded fast enough.

  10. street129

    street129 New Member

    where she was helping me in my post, anyone of you that went to her defence, show me where she responded to anything i said in my post.

    btw........i been here on this board, at that time the board was a different board, i been here since 1995. i know how to post what, where and when, she didnot answer anything to my post, but in stead she started telling me what and where and how to post my update, well idont want to post my update in the same thread, is that ok with you newbes[This Message was Edited on 09/07/2009]
  11. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    what newbies...the members that stood up for Jamin have been here since 03, 04, 07, those are just the ones I checked. Ive been here since 07 and have posted 1128 times compared to your the way your profile says you've been a member since 03. Maybe under another name??

    All Jamin was saying is that following a post is easier when you add additional information to be original post. It was a suggestion not a command. BTW she has replied to several of your other posts perhaps if you read those you might see her suggestions.

    I think an apology from you is warranted IMHO, we all can suffer from the "read too much into it syndrome". It's hard to gauge someones intentions from the written word.

    In the words of Rafiki....Peace Out!
  12. or has offered you help on- but, I just *briefly* looked at other posts you've made, and 1st doggone post I clicked on, was one where Jamin mentioned CLA/Vita(cost?) weight loss, on the 'weight loss board'

    You asked her what is Vitacost, had told her you are losing weight, and need help...

    She responded back to you with NOTHING BUT kindness, information, and support.

    Calm down, and I agree with above post also, that who is the 'newbies' you refer to..

    I guess it's clear you are NOT going to apologize, you do not feel you are in the wrong on this thread, and, that is fine, I suppose.. but, as someone else has said, basically be careful what you wish for, (telling people "poof be gone") because you may just get that. I know you have lashed out more than once, when you have not gotten a response, or felt like you did not get *enough* responses, and/or you did not get them in what YOU consider to be a 'timely manner'.

    Even through COMPUTER MONITORS, I have twice now seen you lash out at people, and then mention your race, as if it would have anything to do with people answering, or not answering your posts. The internet has no color, sees no color, and color is not an issue. How would anyone know your race?

    Yet I saw one angry post about not getting responses, and you mentioned was it because you "are black" (which, by the way, so are many other posters.. and some indian, some hispanic, etc... disease knows no color, either.)

    You seem very angry, anxious, and you are probably a very sensitive person. You, like anyone else on this board, are welcome here, are wanted here, urged to post here.... etc. BUT, try to read things over, if it sounds wrong, angry, or offensive to you, try to read the post again, because, everyone is right, Jaminhealth's post to you, was *not* in any way rude, angry, bossy, "patrol" like...

    I wish you the best. and whether or not you'll take this post angrily, or non- angrily... I truly AM GLAD for you, to be getting treatment, and having found compassion from the people treating you, as well. I hope those colonics help you feel better.

    Best regards,

  13. shelbo

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    I was one of the members who defended Jaminhealth. I am not new and have been here for quite a long time.

    Clearly, Jaminhealth was trying to be helpful. I personally don't know how you could have interpreted her post as being at all critical or unhelpful. Really, I don't...

    What Jaminhealth posted was very helpful in my opinion. If you keep starting a new thread on the same topic it creates confusion. It isn't helpful to others who seek to help you or to you - Jaminhealth responded to a post from you on 9/03/09 entitled 'Colonic' with some very helpful advice. You didn't respond. Maybe that could be because you didn't see it? Perhaps you would have seen it if you didn't have posts on the same thing floating around the board? Do you see?

    I see that Jaminhealth has offered you quite a bit of advice recently, especially re colonics btw. She responded to you twice in a recent thread you posted about going for a colonic on Sunday. Why would someone who has responded to so many of your posts with helpful advice be seeking to upset you? Perhaps you didn't see those replies either as you didn't respond at all.

    You have Jaminhealth wrong...completely imho.

    You can choose to ignore Jaminhealth's good advice re posting and submit multiple posts on the same topic but expect to make life more difficult for yourself and others.

    I understand you are ill and can get frustrated, anxious etc. But you must remember we are all here because we are ill. We all deserve to come here to ask questions and contribute to others without suffering personal attack.

    Right after I first responded in this thread about your treatment of Jaminhealth I clicked on another post. This post was submitted by another member here (hannahfaid) who was seeking advice. Jaminhealth had responded with good advice (the only on who had) and you chipped in with a comment along the lines of 'Oh my God, Jaminhealth, who died and made you headmaster?'
    That was totally unnecessary and very hurtful. Of course, I reported your post as innappropriate immediately.

    If you continue to make obnoxious comments to Jaminhealth or anyone else here I will continue to report them. You may find that you begin to isolate yourself from members here....I can see some have already chosen to 'ignore you and your posts'.

    I would like this place to be a positive platform where we can share ideas, information and support eachother. Please treat others here as you would like to be treated.


    Ps. Colour is of no consequence to me at all....I wouldn't care if you were purple! I just want this place to be a place where we are all respected and we don't have to read personal assaults on other members - especially members who are thoughtful, kind and keen to share what has helped them.

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