Colonoscopy and Trigger Points Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hope4today, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. hope4today

    hope4today New Member

    Hi all!

    My bowels have stopped and don't function without considerable and sustained effort...and they're trying to figure out why. From the Archives I read that I am not alone in this. Hopefully it is not cancer but another unfolding of FMS symptoms...however, I'm not sure that they will know what to do then.

    On Monday I'm going for a colonoscopy. On Tuesday I have to fly out to a family reunion. Any ideas for post-proceedural care to ease my way - especially since I have pelvic trigger points?

    Any and all ideas are welcome. I'm desperate enough now to ask for help with this very personal area.


  2. hope4today

    hope4today New Member

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the replies...what is glycolax for? The constipation?

    When you say subclinical hypothyroidism...what range of values are you suggesting...I get mine checked regularily
    but it is always within normal.

    I have completely stopped any painkillers for a month with no improvement. Completely stopped my supplements for 10 days at a different time to no help either.

  3. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I have had two "C's" in the last year (I have Crohn's). the first one left me very sore since my colon and other organs were all inflammed. it felt like someone turned me inside out. The second one was better. I am in clinical remission.

    So on that basis one thing I found very helpful was having people to do my laundry and other errands that required going up and down the stairs as I could not do it due to the pelvic pain. See if you can recruit somebody now. And just rest afterwards you will be very tired from the procedure and the anesthetic they use.

    ((((Hugs))))and best of luck,
  4. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    When I had my Colonoscopy, my bowel went into spasm so I had more pain than I would have. On the other hand, they gave me extra meds IV and I had no pain of any kind for about 5 days. I thought I had found the cure for FIbro!!!

    You should be fine really. Just get some extra rest and eat very lightly for the first day or so. Have a great time at the family reunion.

  5. wheatstalk

    wheatstalk New Member

    A few years ago I had a colonscopy (no fun as they gave me morphine and I could still feel it - I'm sure that won't happen to you!) and the next day got in the car for the 12 hour drive to my daughter's. Just take it easy with the food and try to drink a lot as you are dehydrated after all the prep and no food etc.

    Good luck - hope your test turns out great as mine did.

  6. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    colonoscopies that is. The first one just the lower portion. The second one all the way.

    I have posted about my experiences with it before.

    The reason I had mine was due to constipation and pain in my lower right abdomen.

    He discovered that my colon was "torturous" (sp?) due to all the twists and turns.

    Well, I went through all the routine supplements:

    Zelnorm - did not do anything
    Glycolax (generic Miralax) - just bloated me horribly
    Stool Softeners - do help

    So, I took magnesium citrate - only thing that worked, just made me sick at stomach, taste horrible.

    Then I found Phillips Magnesium, the concentrated liquid - worked great. (Generic does not work).

    Then I tried the brand Phillips pills - does not work as good as the liquid.

    Now, for some reason, I don't take any of it. I don't know if it got all of it working right or what. Anyway, I eat one orange (a good sunkist navel) a day and wholah, for some reason, have had a bowel movement everyday. I used to only have one about every 3 days and when I was really sick even fewer than that.

    Just wanted to share my experience with you. Hope you find something that works for you.
  7. hope4today

    hope4today New Member

    Thanks all!
    Life rarely happens in neat orderly I appreciate your input!
    Will ask my Gp about the thyroid thing if nothing shows up!

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