Colonoscopy Horror!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. fivesue

    fivesue New Member I want the real truth? You really had no pain, etc when this procedure was done? I remember ASA...can't remember the rest of the name... said that she was awake and felt it.

    Well, so did I! It felt like labor pains. The pain would ease off, and then I guess some air was blown in and wham, up went the scope and such pain I can't tell you! I was moaning and crying out. I watched it, and even though they had given me much more sedative and pain med than normal, I still felt it and I remember it. I talked to the ladies, etc., heard the doctor say hooray when she reached the end, and then watched as the scope came out. Gross.

    To top it off, not only do I have a very twisty colon, I have a very long colon and the doctor didn't ever think she would get to the end. I swear I thought the scope would come outh through my belly button. They even put High Tolerance on my chart. There was a man who had just a bit more than I and he was a large man...they were having to literally wake him up...he just was sleeping like a baby. Boy, was I mad. Sigh...

    So, wide awake I was taken out while all the other people were blissfully dozing in an medication haze. I sat up, got some cranberry juice to drink, heard that all is well except I have diverticulitious...take some Metamucil and call me in the morning. Not really...go back in a month.

    But, let me tell you, no one is ever doing that to me again. Period. It was awful. AWFUL.

    Tired today, tired of living right now, tired of fighting with my PCP doctor for Vicodin, tired of a rheumy not knowing anything about FM, tired of travelling which we will do yet again on Friday. Then, a meeting on Saturday, Jim's (my husband )duaghter, husband and two-year old will be camping with us for several days. Too tired to deal with two year old even though I love him to pieces and he is so good...he's still two and you know what that means.

    So, I'll stop being crabby. I'm tired.

    I do hope all of you do not have that experience...if you have a high tolerance for meds, talk to your doctors first. Make them listen.

    Hope today has been and will continue to be good for all.
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience. I pass out like a light. Perhaps if you ever do have one again, they can use a different anesthesia cocktail.

    This last one was awful for me because I couldn't get rid of the gas and I was horribly nauseated. Once I got home, everything was fine. I have diverticulosis too.

    It took a good month for my bowels to get back in sync. I have to have them. I've had precancerous polyps removed in the past and my biological father died of colon cancer. All I can say is that I'm sure the colonoscopies are better than cancer.

    Rest up and take care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie
  3. ceili

    ceili New Member

    I have to have one next week. Now I'm scared. :(
  4. jenunsa

    jenunsa New Member

    Mine hurt, too!
    My doc said I wouldn't feel anything or remember anything. I can still remember clearly feeling the scope going in and feeling it moving inside the colon and it felt like REALLY bad gas pains. I remember the nurse telling me to take deep breaths and someone pushed down on my abdomen as the doc was pushing the scope through the bend in the colon. The rest I can't remember until the end when the scope was pulled out and I felt enormous relief and the pain stopped.

    As painful as it was, I plan on doing it again. The doc did find a small polyp and removed it (I was 33 at the time!). Colon cancer runs in my family, so I'd be stupid not to have it done again.
    Despite the pain of the actual colonoscopy, I thought the prep that had to be done the day before was WAY worse. Even taking meds to stop nausea and vomitting, I still vomitted after drinking that horrible sodium-whatever stuff I had to drink. And then the enema...yeeesh!
    For me, that's what I'm dreading for next time. Those powerful laxatives and how awful I felt.

    Well, all's well that ends well. Get it? "Ends" well? :)
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    First off, I'm sorry you had such a terrible time of it Fivesue.

    I'm guessing you both must have had some form of IBD to have warranted getting such an invasive test. You both find out you have diverticulosis, which hopefully won't ever escalate to the excruciating and poisonous diverticulitis.

    So I'd like to ask, is there certain food you can't eat, like nuts, seeds, spicey foods that usually aggravate this condition?


  6. mhammie

    mhammie New Member

    I was suppose to be in a twilight sleep, but I do remember having pain and moaning. I think I finally fell asleep when I went to the recovery room. Somehow I was on a different bed when I finally woke up. My husband said I crawled on it myself. I guess that's when I hit the twilight zone. LOL

    It was only suppose to be an hr. for recovery, but I wasn't alert enough for 2 1/2 hrs. to go home. Maybe for me the meds just take longer to work.

    Same thing happened when I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth cut out. Had tears running down my eyes. You would have thought that would have given them a clue to stop. Needless to say I'm scared to death to go to the dentist.

    I'm not looking forward to having another colonoscopy in 3 1/2 yrs. It was a big relief not to have polyps.

    My nephew was diagnosed with colon cancer at 9 yrs. old, and died 10 months later.

    People don't think this is only an older persons disease. I don't want to ever go thru another colonoscopy again. But if it means finding something early to save my life, I will put up with the terrible prep and pain again.

    Since I did feel the pain with that procedure, if I ever have to have anything like that done again, I will make sure the doctor clearly understands, that I don't want to feel a thing.

    Sue, I hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy the 2 yr. old as much as you can.

  7. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I think that b/c we take so many pain pills and sleeping meds that we don't go to sleep like someone who doesn't take anything like that.I always know what they are doing and they never put me out. I think that we develope a intolerance to pain meds and then they give me what would put a horse to sleep and it don't touch me!!! I take pain pills for arthritis and Lunesta to sleep and sometimes Klonopin for facial twitching. Then they give me a little shot of Valium or some such stuff and OF COURSE IT DON'T WORK. A friend of mine had it done and she didn't even know what they did. She never takes any kind of meds so is not intolerant! Anyway it is painful if not done properly.They blow gas up there to push your intestines away from the scope and that is painful as well. If you are crying or moaning then they should give you more or something else. When I have my next one I will have a talk with my Dr and explain that I have an intolerance to pain meds.
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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've always had a cast-iron stomach and could pretty much eat anything except raw onions. After the Doxy got rid of my IBS, I was able to eat the onions raw and I love them.

    The doc said the diverticulosis isn't any big deal at my age. They see it a lot. My Mom had it too.

    Doc just said to try to get as much bulk and roughage in the diet as possible. He didn't mention the little seeds like I expected him to.

    The colonoscopy three years ago was nothing and I was able to dispell the gas. I did have the nausea, though. When I had my facial surgery, they put something in the cocktail and I had no nausea at all. Whatever they used for the colonoscopy didn't work against the nausea. They said the gas makes some people nauseated. They pumped more antinausea med into the IV before letting me go home and it did help.

    As far as the procedure, though, I slept like a baby through it all.

    Love, Mikie
  9. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    Sorry to hear you has a terrible experience with the colonscopy,hope you were able to get some medication from your PCP...

    They totally knocked me out when they did mind and I remember nothing at all after they put the meds in the Iv and I slept for almost 2 days off and on.It was the best I had felt in a long time...

    Hope you are doing better now,take care and have a good night.
  10. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    I hear ya the exact same thing happened to me and the Nurse was freaking out and all the Dr said oh ya she's opiod intolerant :((( what a smuck, then the nurse said that was all the med they could give me without an Anesiologist being there.

    I also have the good old Diverticulosis and like Mikey this stuff runs in my family so I have to have it.

    I also had a Sigmoidoscopy once with absolutley no med at all I really thought I was in labor for that one, at the time I was having all kinds of trouble, IBS Divo blah blah :((.

    Ya know the Dr knew I was on all these meds ya think he would of knew ahead of time I was going to feel the whole thing, like you I had a little sip of Cranberry juice hopped up put my clothes on and was out of there so fast.

    The Nurse wanted me to sign papers and stuff I was bull, I just left. When I told my PCP she called the Gastro guy a Sadist :))) that made me feel better.

    Next time I will know general or no test!

    take care,

  11. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    Asatrump's comment that they are working on "a new way to detect sleep". Yes, I have heard of those instances where someone appears to be asleep, but IS NOT REALLY, and feels pain of entire operation.

    I wonder if that could happen to me based on the fact that during my sleep study...I KNOW my mind was conscious the entire night, but brain waves registered as stage 2 sleep. I hope they do develop more sophisticated means of detecting sleep!

    Sorry to hear of your experience fivesue, sure DOES sound like a nightmare, and hope your feeling better.
  12. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    Whatever twilight medicine they gave me worked almost too well.
    While I don't remember a thing. My breathing got too shallow from the Demerol (I think) and I was on oxygen for a little bit. OTher than that total amnesia about the whole procedure.
  13. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I am so sorry for those of you that went through the same thing I did...there is no reason for it, but there is a point here. The lady who administered the anasthesia was not licenced to do more than a certain amount...that will change if I ever consent again. Yes, I agree the prep was absolutely horrid...that salty junk just about did me in, and I still feel like I can smell it even now. Awful

    I did not call my PCP for meds because she is giving me such a hard time over the Vicodin that I'm afraid she'll just cut it off. I am ready to look for another PCP...I learned the one I had for years is now back on our insurance as a provider, so I'm calling today to get an appointment with him...second opinion type of thing. I still have the bulk of my records there dating back to 1975...I'll just have these last two miserable years transferred over to him if I decide to stay. I mean, the prescription says one every eight hours for pain, and that means 17 days. However, if I use more that two a day, she is all hot and bothered. If I could swear here, I would, but it's not my style and it's not proper, but I sure feel like it. Ya know?

    I am feeling OK, but I'm very upset about the pain I have, the attitude of the doctors I'm dealing with, and I just don't know why I have to be in a position of being belittled and bullied at the age of 58 when I have done nothing in my whole life that would be considered taking advantage of the doctors' meds, never gone to two docs for pain meds, always been up front with everyone and everything. I guess I just don't understand why all of this is happening now that I am really in need of help. What have I done to receive this treatment? NOTHING! I follow doctors' directions...I tell them all what I'm doing and how I feel. What IS THE PROBLEM???

    I know people who go to two doctors, have two pharmacies, get double prescriptions and don't think a thing about it. I can understand their actions. I'm thinking I'll go to an ER and see if I can get some more Vicodin as I don't have enough for when I'm gone...and I'm trying to make do. BLAST them! The ones who don't take us seriously are the ones who drive us to think of these options JUST TO LIVE as normally as possible. I probably won't do it, though. I'm not going to start that routine.

    This is a rant...sorry. I just got typing and all the frustration with the last few months came rolling out.

    Sorry...I'll get off now. Don't feel obliged to reply to this rant. We allhave the same problems and it really makes me so angry.

    Nancy...thank you for replying. Maybe I missed what made you stop posting, but I hope it wasn't anything that was too hurtful to you...that also would make me very angry. If people are hurting people on this board, I hope they leave. No one needs to be hurt more coming to a place that is supposed to be safe. You are a special person, and if you have been hurt, I am so sorry...I'd do something if I could, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love to all,
    Sue...the mouth (-:
  14. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    but here is a tip for all of you for next time about the prep. My Mom died of colon cancer so I was checked last year and knew people who told about the horrible tasting stuff they had to drink.

    I had pills and didn't even ask for them! Granted they WERE horse pills, but that was okay. I had to take several (sorry I think it was 3 or 6!) every 15 minutes starting at 3 PM the day before and same again at 6.

    Here is the funny part. I wasn't scared about the colonoscopy, all I was worried about was being hungry (I was not, I had 2 cans of chicken broth and a bowl of jello) and having to sit in the bathroom all night and not get to sleep (did not have to do that either, it hit me about an hour after the pills and 45 minutes on the pot and it was done both times and I slept all night)

    Hubby and I went to Sam's after, but then I had to go home and sleep, didn't even want ice cream hubby offered!

    Sorry for you Sue and the others that had bad times. It is better than colon cancer, though.

  15. blondie45

    blondie45 New Member

    I think if you felt anything during a colonoscopy then the person that put your IV in did not do it right so that the medicine could put you to sleep. I have had it done twice and my mother has had it like 5 times always without remembering a thing or feeling a thing about it.
  16. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    The procedure in the ofice is called a sygnoidoscopy, and it is not as thorough...not painful. I have had that one, also. I was uncomfortable at times, but nothing like what I experienced with the colonoscopy. Two different procedures.

    So, that's the difference. Glad the office one was not a problem...

  17. blondie45

    blondie45 New Member

    As far as I know if the doctor does the procedure in the office it is called a sigmoidoscopy and you are not put out at all. I have heard that this procedure can be painful also. My mother said she would never have another one of those done. With a sigmoidoscopy the scope does not go through the entire colon.
  18. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I have had both the sigmoidectomy and the colonoscopy and I cried both times.

    The colonoscopy was definetly the worst because I had general anaesthetic and thought I would feel NOTHING!!
    Was I wrong!
    I woke up during it and was crying like a baby with the pain of it!It was horrendous.
    I was due to have another one last year but I could not go through with it so I cancelled.
    I have no family history of bowel cancer so I am not ready to have such pain just to say I have diverculitis!
    YUK!I still shudder at the thought of it.


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  19. icare

    icare New Member

    Demand to be sedated..I know a lady that had no pain becuase she is put asleep..I thought very good.

    I went to the same Hospital and DR and i asked to be sedated and they said,they didnt need to do that, becuase there will be enough pain medication , you wont feel it...BULL!!!!

    I felt it and was able to sing very high notes.
    The next time i get sedated, or they can kiss my ( O )

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  20. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I will not have that done again to learn that I have diverticulitis which I already knew...No way!

    This is so eye-opening to me because all the people I know said what a piece of cake it was...and here are all of you saying the very same thing I said. At least I know that I'm not alone and NOT UNUSUAL!

    I'm really, really sick of doctors right now. Saw a rheumy who told me not to bend and has no idea how to help the pain of FM, a PCP that calls me a druggie because I take 2 vicodin a day and have for years...a very bad back...and now a GI doc who puts me in a room and tries to shove a probe through my belly button, and then she tells me to take Metamucil twice a day and she'll see me in a month...Hello?

    I'm sorry about your colon. experience...but, I'm with you. No more...ever. You were even put out and came to in the middle...what's that about?

    Take care, all.

    My new motto: Just Say No. Don't let these practitioners practice on you! (-:

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