Colonoscopy--with broken back

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    I'm scheduled to have my very first colonoscopy in a week, but the HMO uses a doctor that uses "conscious sedation" so he can instruct me to turn over this way, then turn over that way and I may feel some pressure from the air being pumped into my intestines. (No one I have talked to has ever had a colonoscopy like I'm describing, and none of the people said they were told to turn over this way, then turn over that way--they all said they were completely knocked out).

    Because of my back injuries, I am mobility disabled and in an electric scooter--so the back pain isn't just something that Excedrin will take away. The problem is that I discussed management of back pain with my primary care physician (PCP) and he said ultimately it will be up to the colonoscopy doctor whether he will use it. The colonoscopy doctor said he won't speak to me but only with my PCP. So my PCP said he will call the colonoscopy doctor but that the colonoscopy doctor may decide not to use any pain meds and to completely stop the exam if I start in pain. So I would have to pay for the exam, but the exam results would be useless.

    What say you? What have you dealt with? Have you had pain during a colonoscopy? I am thinking of canceling if the doctor refuses to use any pain meds if I go into pain--as I think it is inhumane when he is not completely knocking me out.
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    No way would I do one without pain meds!!!! I had one last yr. that just about killed me. I was put under but when I woke up the doc hadn't vacumned out enough of the air and I was in horrific pain from trapped air. No one then undestood why I was doing so poorly.

    Well I just had an endoscopy done and find out that I have a hiatal hernia. So the pressure of the trapped air must have been pushing on that and put me in terrible pain.

    Regardless, without pain control I think you would have a not pleasant experience. I never have heard of anyone having to move this way and that. My BIL had it done with conscious sedation and said it was tolerable but not real comfortable. Can you imagine what that means for someone that has pain to begin with. Yes, I think it is inhumane not putting completely under!

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    Kbak, thank you so much for responding and telling me about your experience and that of your brother in law. Personally, I am so tired of HMO doctors that think they can do tests on me without any regard towards pain control. Everyone that is NOT on an HMO has told me with their colonoscopy they were knocked out completely.

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    I am so sorry that your stuck with an HMO. I don't know what I would do without decent ins. I would certainly suffer more. I hope something works out for you.

    Take care,
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    I have had a few colonoscopies and 1 sigmoidoscopy. My very fiorst colonoscopy was done with the conscious sedation likeyou talked about. NEVER EVER AGAIN! Also, there is no need to be adjusting and moving while having a scope. After the first one I have been knocked out completely.(the sigmoidoscopy I did not need to be out totally though)
    All I can say is,after it is all must try your hardest to 'release' the gas.LOL.One thing I hated about this was, I was in a recovery room with about 10 other patients,and just a small curtain that barley hid the bed.Embarrassing.
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    Thank you for the posts. From what I have gathered, most people told me it is important to be knocked out for this procedure. Not only because I have back injuries and the back pain I may have, but because of the procedure itself--that it is more comfortable for the patient to be out. Most everyone said they never heard of being instructed to "turn this way, then turn that way" during the procedure (and it is even on the typed instructions I was given for the procedure) and it made many of them feel no confidence in the way the entire procedure was being done. I agree completely with them and will not agree to a colonoscopy with this HMO unless I am completely knocked out.
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    My I but in and ask a question? I need to have a colonoscopy (my 1st) and I'm have a hysterectomy next month.
    Do you guys think I should have them done at the same time? I'm a little worried I'm be in TOO much pain to have them at the same time because I have fibro, but as the same time I don't want to go through 2 pain ordeals if doing the at the same time wouldn't be too awful.
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    I don't know that they would do them at the same time, as one is a test and the other is a major operation. But you can ask. I'm told if you are knocked out for the colonoscopy that it is absolutely fine and no problem--they were not knocking me out and I have back problems so I refused.