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  1. clerty

    clerty New Member

    has anyone had this? i am having one in a fewweeks as while in hosptal thefound out have a diverted colon and they tell me I am very young to have this !!!
    I am dreadin this.

  2. rpatzer

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    There is nothing to fear. You do a 1-2 day clean out with OTC product costing $8 and in the hospital they give you an IV and 2 meds. One for pain and the other for "you don't care what they do back there". You don't feel a thing and the next thing you're awake and on your way to a good meal.
    I have polyps and get this about every 3 yrs. I have had 4 already.
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  3. JaneSmith

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    I've had 2 - One at age 49 and the other at age 54. The actual procedure, I think took about 20 mins. For me it wasn't that bad. I called the doctor's office a few times for emotional support and they were great. They walked me through everything and were real nice.

    Warmest Regards!
  4. pam_d

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    The worst part of it is the bowel prep the night before (to clean you out). The actual procedure itself is just as described, you probably won't remember a thing! And it does feel good to get results right away.

    Good luck!

  5. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I've been having them done since I was 41, also for polyps.

    I suggest a couple of days before you take the phosphate to clean your bowels, you try to lighten your diet with as little meat as possible. They'll tell you only to have only clear liquids 24 hours before, but dumping alot of food in your stomach that week isnt a good idea, it just means more work for the phosphate to clean you out. You can eat as you normally do right after.
    Although the test isnt painful at all, it is tiring for people with FM or CFs.

    Plan on resting at least a day afterwards from having your body being cleaned out, the procedure and anesthesia.

    good luck
  6. makezmuzic

    makezmuzic New Member

    Hi. I'm having the same procedure done in 2 weeks. A coloscopy and one down my throat also. They figured they do them both at the same time, while I'm out.

    I really appreciate all the advice. Especially about not scheduling for the next day. I know its an important procedure, but I sure wish I had a clone to have it done for me. LOL!!!!

  7. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    It will be over before you know it!

    I felt great after mine and had a good sleep - jokingly asked the doc if I could come back once a month!

    Sue in Ontario
  8. Cate41

    Cate41 New Member

    I talked to a friend who works in the surgery unit and her advice to me (mine is Fri) was follow the directions exactly....don't cheat. When it says stop eating nuts, stop. She said so many people cheat and it can keep them from a clear view of the colon.

    She also advises to drink the prep very cold and use a straw.

    Good luck!
  9. 2psnapod

    2psnapod New Member

    I was worried sick before I had mine done. Let me tell you, the worry was the worst part! The procedure is like everyone has already described. Not something I would want to go through every week but certainly not the worst thing I have ever had (although I probably worried about it more than any other procedure). My amnio was the absolute worst awake procedure I ever had. I would NEVER, EVER have another amnio but would definitely have another colonoscopy if needed.
  10. HollyannC

    HollyannC New Member

    It was my 3rd one and I'm 45. The procedure itself is a breeze. However, my doctor won't give me the new pills to clean out because she said she can't get as good of a reading. So I had to do the "go lightly" prep again. I told her last time I got very nauseas from the "go lightly" and could I get an anti-nausea pill. She said that pill wouldn't be good for the reading either. She said there is a "half-lightly" that costs about $50. It was worth every penny if your doctors says you have to drink the liquid. There is no way that I could have got another glass down. My stomach is pretty tough - but not with that stuff!

    The day of the procedure you are looking so forward to eating afterwards, that you're looking forward to it! No pain whatsoever (except when they stick the IV in your hand).

    I even lost 4 lbs! My mom had colon cancer and her father died of it so we are pretty viligant about it. I'm happy to report a "clean" bill of health!

  11. clerty

    clerty New Member

    I am having my stent removed form my uretha also that day so I was more woried about that as I reacted to the general that day anyway what I want to know is if I have polyps will they remove them that day?

  12. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Hi Clerty...guess I am the exception to the I had on done just before I was diagnosed with FM. He GI is actually the doctor that diagnosed. Anyhow...I dropped off into a lovely sleep but awoke 3 or 4 times crying out in extreme pain. Per the doctor, I do remember waking up crying once but he quickly put me under again. I really don't remember the others. After the exam he told me that he would be suprised if a doctor disputed the FM diagnoses, apparently he gave me enough sedation to "sedate the whole floor". Something with the pain receptor that misfire with FM patients. I hope the procedure goes well with you, many others did just fine but I wanted to let you know my experiences in case you want to talk to your doctor about the possibilities of it happening to you. Hang in there, you'll do fine, I'm sure.

  13. meowee

    meowee New Member

    I had it done along with the endoscopy. As most here have said, there is really nothing to it. Plus, you end up with a good rest and a pain free day!

    Good luck and God bless
  14. mary124

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    I had one last year with a Endoscopy. You have to eat a light meal the day before, but I suggest maybe for 2 days. They also have you do a prep, this depends on what the doctor tells you. You are totally out of it, or at least I was. Don't remember anything.
  15. GranmaBB

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    Clerty, when I had polyps the dr removed them when he saw them.
    You don't have to go back again to have them removed and you never feel a thing.
  16. clerty

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  17. 6cats

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    I have had...3? or is it 4? And I am 42.... really the only bad part is drinking the stuff they make you drink and sitting all day.... You will be fine, I have a great Doc and the stuff they gave me woop if they had THAT in a pill form...I dont remember anything...
  18. dandr93

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    There is nothing to fear. I have it done every 3 years due to adenomas. Quick and easy. i have never felt a thing. In fact I am awake enough to watch them remove my polyps and adenomas. When doing the prep be sure to drink all the liquid as the procedure is hard on the equipment if not cleaned out, Drinking sone tea and sucking on pepermint is helpful for drinking the liquid. If you don't like coconut as I don't I suggest a different flavor. I have also tried the upper GI. and was not successful in that as I gagged and they could not continue. My Gastroenterologist talks me thru the procedure and makes sure I am confortable. I leave and eat no problems. My mom has had them several times she does have some difficulty afterwards, with drowsiness so be sure to have someone drive you home and stay with you to make sure you are steady on your feet. Best of luck.

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  19. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi Clerty,

    I am due this year.But I am putting it off.

    Like most of them here,the procedure isnt the hard part.
    For me it was the stuff I took to be fresh&clean.

    Well the cleanout stuff made me very sick.I was busy ALL nite doing double duty.I prayed to get thru to the morning.

    That is why I am putting it off.Yup I'm a Chick Chick Chicken!!!!!

    Will be praying for you hun!!!