Colonoskopy and endoskopy

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  1. lenasvn

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    I am going under anestesia to do an EEG "both ends" on 4/11.

    Anyone had this done before? How did you feel afterwards? Just want to be prepared with help from people if I need it (with the children).

    I have a history of colon problems and a family history of colon/ stomach cancer, so they just want to make sure, especially since I show chronic inflammation in my body blus unexplained anemia.
  2. futurehope

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    I have had a colonoscopy. It was several years ago. I was awake though. I just focused my mind on something else and it was OK.

    You are probably being put to sleep because with an endoscopy they do this, so while you are under they will just do the colonoscopy too.

    I am have an endoscopy on Wednesday. I will be under also. They just told me that the anethesia would take awhile to wear off and also I might have a slight sore throat.

    Good luck and hope this helps!!

  3. lenasvn

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    to us both, I guess!

    I wish they would use those small, tiny cameras you can swallow. You can walk around as usual, then just dig out the camera from "you know what". I saw it on Tv, very interesting! Except for the digging part then,,,,LOL!
  4. lenasvn

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    I did the other end when I was 19, I was awake, and it was NO FUN! The only thing that happens is I get a migraine (bad one) when fasting, so the wake up may be sweet because of that.

    Oh, well, every time is different, it might go smooth as a train ride! I got my ex. mother in law to help me (bless her heart! she won't speak to her son, my ex. because of how he wasn't there for us during or after the marriage).

    I am glad to have all this done, I am way overdue for this fashinating (sp?) experience,,,LOL!
  5. starcooks

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    I had both done last Thursday. Really easy, and quick recovery, you just wake up. But I had to sleep the rest of the day and ended up staying home from work the following day to sleep even more. Saturday I felt back to normal. Good luck!
  6. HagerTX

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    I've had ongoing problems for close to 10 years now. I've had multiple uppers and lowers.

    If you just have a sigmoid colonoscopy--you may be awake for it (sigmoid is the latter part of the colon). If it is a 'full colonoscopy' the doctor will go in to the tail end of the small bowel. In this case you'll be fully asleep.

    The worst part of it is the day before when you have to prep for it. I'd rather have an endoscopy than a tooth pulled.
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    tHEY use a really mild anaethesia called Vesaid with some fentanyl in for pain. I always request them NOT to spray my throat as that is horrid feeling.

    I have always fallen asleep prior to them inserting the tube or forgotten about it as Vesaid they say you are partly conscious but I never recall a thing.

    You may have a sore-ish throat for a day but the last two times I was fine and the fentanyl lasts a while. You will get gas pains so have some simethicone(gasx) or activated charcoal on hand for that.

    You will bw sleepy after so need someone to drive you.

    I have to have upper endos every two to three years and lower every 5. No big deal with the Vesaid really. I always feel better after too, whether because of the flushing out or the dilation of the esophagus I don't know.

    Also, you can take the bowel cleanser with soda which makes it easier to get down.

    Best of luck Anne C
  8. OldOne

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    I just had both done at the same time. I went to sleep and awoke feeling pretty good. I had a little nausea this time. Yes, you need someone to drive you and be with you all day and night following the procedures, just in case. Should be fine and you get the results right away, that's good. Hope all goes well. OldOne
  9. kiyoka

    kiyoka New Member

    I had endo, and colonscopy done more then a year ago. The recover time was short, and sweet. The worse part will be the prep (cleaning out your system)for the colonscopy.

  10. kasilou

    kasilou New Member

    Hi, Don't worry, you'll be fine and not remember anything

    I've had both and when I was working, worked in a GI lab.

    The colonosopy prep is the worst part. Make sure that you follow Dr's instructions and are cleaned out well. Do not drink anything purple or red. Can leave residue in Colon.

    You'll not remember anything because of the meds they give you(versed).

    We always tell our patients not to drive or use machinery for 24 hrs after the procedure due to the meds.

    You will tend to fall asleep after the procedure when you lie or sit down so if your children need supervision I would have someone with them to be on the safe side.

    Good-luck and hope the results are good.
  11. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    that bothers me more than the procedure. Some years ago after surgery I went to the bathroom about 7 hours after at my home, and went black, an anestesia left-over thingie, I fell on the floor, fainted.

    I'm just hoping it won't happen while I'm alone with the kiddos in the late afternoon/ evening. oh, I'm sure I'll be fine!! Be positive, breathe deep after to get rid of the anestesia,,,LOL!

    Thnaks so much for all replies, I could not do without you all!
  12. neeter1

    neeter1 New Member

    Yes, I have had both....You will be okay afterwards...the only thing the doc warned me about was that people with fibro may be thrown into a flareup..I didn't..but was very, very uncomfortable about 3 min. after waking up. I have a family history of colon cancer also and I have acid's worth having...had 3 polyps removed and it showed the scarring on my esophagus from the acid reflux.