Color Me Faithful

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    Color Me Faithful

    Now in the mirror of my life,
    Lord, ever help me place
    In serving You - with love, with faith,
    The likeness of Your face.

    With praise to You, Oh, Father -
    A background for the whole.
    With gold the promise from Your Word
    And heaven for my soul.

    The silver of redemptions' grace -
    Let that be seen in me ...
    And white, that speaks of purity,
    No stain of sin to see.

    Let green then show my fruitful life ...
    Oh, keep me faithful, Lord!
    And when I stumble on the way
    Renew me with Your Word.

    Now touch my life reflected here
    That You may ever glow.
    Please make my Christian walk so bright ...
    Let all Your radiance show!

    Then when You come to gaze upon
    My living You will see ...
    My life of prayer and praise to You -
    Not I, but Christ, in me!

    (- adaptation of the Chalk Artists' Prayer)

    Author: Marja L. Waldon


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    I find poems to be such a source of encougagement. Kind of lets us know how the Lord wants us to be.