Color Puncture theraphy

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    Color Puncture theraphy is done b y someone certified in Color Punture and is a practioner. the girl i see is from Naples, Fl and she is also an acupuncturist. Go on google and type in Color Check out the site with the name Peter Mandel who discovered this. I am very excited about this because I think it has made such a difference in my life. Don't get me wrong I still have bad days like today I spent most of my day in bed but it is my fault not following my inner instinct to take it easy. I am packing to move and still believe at times i am completely well then it hits like a tornado. For the person who asked about buying the pens. You would have to go to a therapist and I really don't know if anyone would get them for you. I am a RN so I think that is why she knew I had a background in anatomy and how the body and brain works. I am hoping to take classes if I continue to get well in Color Puncture to become a practioner because I believe this had made the difference for me. It is very interesting to read about this and hope this may help someone else. Mikie if you are reading this has the red tide affected you this week. I have been coughing and saw on the news. They haven't posted it on the beach but i noticed the smell and dead stingrays. I think they don't want to scare the spring breakers away. take care kathy
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    I was wondering what had been making me feel so sick. Usually they mention it in the newspaper, but I can usually tell because of the way I feel. I think they didn't want to scare the tourists and waited in reporting the Red Tide this time. I've been feeling horrid for days. I just thought it was from going off the ABX.

    Keep us updated on the color accupuncture therapy. I bookmarked the website. It's in Boulder, CO, my hometown. Boulder is also where the Dr.'s Lowe practice. There are a lot of alternative medical practices there. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of kooks. It's one of the strangest college towns in the U.S. A very liberal little place that thinks it's the center of the Universe. Lots of Liberals there.

    Colorado Springs, just to the South of Denver, is a stronghold for far Right Republical Conservatives. It certainly makes for an interesting atmosphere.

    Again, let us know how this new therapy turns out for you. I use color in my meditations on my chakras, only in my imagination, but I do try to "vibrate" with the chakra colors. I find it very helpful. I do believe we are very sensitive to the vibrations of light (color) and natural minerals like crystals.

    Love, Mikie