Colored Pencil ~~ENDANGERED~~

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  1. 4everkid

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    You know how some of us humans do selfish things - like how we use the hides and pelts of other amazing creatures to beautify ourselves? Imagine if a wild creature came into your territory and stole your most valuable possession.

    This one's called "Endangered" from 1992 - colored pencil & silver & gold metallic markers.

    As usual, this one lost a LOT of detail in the photo to scan to pixel process. The chain links, the jewels, their facets, the cameo, etc. are much more crisp and detailed in the original. Plus, the gold and silver parts shine like real metal in person.

    My daughter was scared of this one as a child. I told her you are supposed to fear him. He's out for revenge on behalf of his people. She still finds him scary, but wants to own him anyway.

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  2. fibromickster

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    Wow, that is amazing, I wish I had your talent. I don't think it is scary at all, I feel that that cat is guarding her jewels just like us women do.

    Very awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Thanks Mickey!
    I imagine that the person who owns all these jewels, also owns a lot of furs. Or maybe I should say, the person who PREVIOUSLY owned the jewels...
  4. ckball

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    you never cease to amaze me! It is gorgeous-love the colors and knowing about pencils can truly appprecitate the work.

    What inpired you to do this one? Love the eyes! Carla
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I think it was as simple as seeing a picture of gemstones close-up in a jewelry store ad. I was marveling at the facets with all different shades and reflections, then can I combine THAT with a wild animal? Shiny colorful things always inspire me!

    My blue/gray cat Scotty likes to sit on the back of a chair that sits in front of this picture. I am always thinking, next time I see him there, I am going to drape Scotty in jewels and take a picture of them together. Deep down, I know it will probably never work.

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    LOL!!!!! Maybe put a little nip on one for him. I would love to this picture close up, because I know a lot is lost in details when photographed under glass.

    Plese show me more huh,huh pleaseeeee! Carla
  7. kjade

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    Another beautiful piece of art! I still can't believe you do this with colored pencil - you are an amazing artist. The detail and the colors....I just love this one!

    I can't blame your daughter for wanting to keep it!
  8. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Hey 4EVER...
    Beautiful...loved the man above the city to and that you took out captions of details in the picture. I was thinking about your work today and thinking how dyverse you are. Each of your pieces have a different flavor and essance. That is so fun! I have a couple of questions for you. Do you work from photographs? or are these creations that just come to be as you are putting them down on paper. Also and this may really help me, how much time a day do you give yourself to work on something. If I start a project I am so tunnel vissioned and absess...don't want to stop and really can't put myself to anything else until it is finished. This is not a good thing as you can emagine. It is way taxing on my addrenals and makes me sick even though i know it is benificial to our immune systems to be creative and to express ourselves. I just wondered if you have every encountered that problem and if you have how have you worked around that.

    Your co partner in Crime and Art..
  9. 4everkid

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    Hey GigglePoet!
    I don't really work from photos in the sense that I find a pic of a panther draped in jewels. I come up with the crazy ideas on my own.

    But I will hunt down pictures of black panthers, or pictures of gemstones if needed, and use them for reference to examine the exact design in the cut of the gemstones, or the angle and shape of a panther ear. Exactly what shape is a panther nostril?

    Sometimes, I just make it all up. The man floating away picture - no photo's. I just designed a city from above, drew a generic man, etc. Didn't need reference photos to draw that stuff.

    It all depends on what I am drawing and if I know it well enough to draw from memory or imagination.

    As for your second question, let me first mention that I haven't drawn anything for about 4 years. Back then, my day was divided up differently. My kids got out of school around 3, and I had to go pick them up. That's when drawing time was over.

    When I was in the middle of something, and on a roll when I had to stop, sometimes I would come back later and work some more that evening. That leads to burnout though, for me. Those tended to end up in the closet of rejection.

    With clay, which is what I do now, it's very different. I don't have to get as emotionally involved, and it doesn't take near as long to complete something. Ideas come easier. It's much, MUCH less tedious.... and I just REALLY prefer sculpture. I can get in a few hours here and there more easily.

    You mentioned tunnel vision and being obsessed when working.

    Just like how there are different states of consciousness, (dreaming, meditation, etc,) you can also enter an altered state of consciousness while you are creative. You become hyper focused on the artistic task at hand, and the world around you fades out. When I was drawing irises, for example, I could SMELL irises, as if they were right there. Strange!

    Ultimately, it would be great to have a schedule that includes "daily art time", but I have never managed to get that organized.

    When are you going to post some of your illustrations? I would love to see your work! Seeing other peoples work always makes me feel creatively energized!

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  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I love your work, it's just amazing...

    As a side thought, If you did more creative work and sold it, you'd never have to clean your house again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talent like this verses vacuum?......the talent would win every time for me.