Colostrum and Constipation

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    {I hope this didn't post twice, I had some trouble where my login apparently "logged out", which might be a bit ironic considering the subject matter below]

    "How Colostrum helped me"

    It seems that the constipation part of IBS is common to so many of us with IBS. The thing about "not feeling finished" sure points to simply not having enough elimination of stool. Don't you feel so much better when you have a large movement? - or, how long has it been since you had a really large BM that wasn't uncomfortable?

    Anyway, last spring I started taking Colostrum. That is "mother's first milk". I took two kinds, one was only the Colostrum, the other had probiotics with Colostrum. BOTH worked wonders - big ol' "bowl-filler" bowel movements, nice and easy, no straining, not uncomfortable, and not "too loose", but looser and softer [in that there are several smaller stools and not just one big 'log'] BMs than I have had for years. [sorry about the graphic descriptions there]

    And, within a week of starting it I felt better in a few ways:
    - bloating was much reduced, gone at times and when it does come back it is not as severe
    - I had more energy,
    - less pains [I am a Fibro],
    - and mostly that the constant discomfort of IBS was gone. I hardly remember it now.
    - and every day a large BM. I thought I would get "caught up", but it has been 6 months and I still produce 'a bowl full' every day despite the fact that I eat very little, and I do not take any supplemental fiber at all.

    No, I didn't get over all my Fibro symptoms, but when I poop good I sure feel better. I had been constipated for years, and tried everything. I am also on a special diet that I will tell you about sometime, but that was there before the Colostrum. The Colostrum helped me, it really did.

    The Colostrum I bought cost me about $25 Cdn. for 60 capsules; Initially I took two at first, the went up to four for a few days until it started working [about one week], and then tapered off to two a day for another week or two.

    Now I take two in the evening if that morning I had a harder BM again. It does the trick every single time, usually by the next morning. I only take them two or three days a month now.

    I found them in a health food store. I won't mention brands.

    ----------Funny story... or not...

    After about a week on the Colostrum there was some smellyness to the farts, and in the BMs, but that went away in the week after it started. The explanation for the smell is that as different parts of the colon get colonized with bacteria there are die-offs of other bacteria [that should not be there], and that can cause the smell. Boy, it was killer too...
    Funny story: a friend was visiting me at my home and a fart got away from me and I warned him that "you should leave, sorry, but...". Of course, people cannot HELP but to want to sniff a little - such a morbid curiosity! Well, he DID leave as soon as that first whiff was sniffed... When he came back the next day he laughingly 'admitted' to me that he had gotten just 20 paces down the back alley before having to actually VOMIT!! It WAS very potent gas.
    {I know, it IS funny isn't it?}

    But that deadly farting is all in the past now [or, in the pants?]. No other side effects. I feel good, and I still have other friends...ha ha ha.

    I should mention the concern about "taking baby cow's first milk away from them"... but perhaps there is a way around that like with stillborn calves' mother's milk?

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    I enjoyed reading every word! Now, isn't that the way we talk at home? Why not let er rip? Stinky or not.
    A big poop everyday,,, sounds so good to me,,I suffer terribly from constipation,, even though I eat lots and lots of fibre.. maybe too much I don't think so though.
    Even when I use the fleet enemas I don't go right,, still hardish,, and not much either.

    I've taken everything they have in the drugstores for constipation,, and the dr. has gave me that most awful tasting syrup called pms-Lactulose,,3 TBSP's a day,,,it's never done a thing for me. I think it's straight sugar,,and I nearly vomit when I"ve taken it. I don't think it's a safe thing to drink for starters.

    There was once about a year ago,, I didn't go for 17 days,, maybe a turd now and then. I had to go to the hospital for an enema,,and they stopped the enema way too soon I know. I went alright,,but not nearly enough to make me comfortable. I was so mad at the way treated me. They just told me to go home,, with no help whatsoever. Thats the reason I had waited for so long to go.

    I am going to look for the colostrum,,, you bet I am! If it can help me like it does you,, I"ll feel like a brand new person,,,no more backaches,,pain in my abdomen. There have been a few times over the years, that something had worked,,and I would have ft. long bowel movements for a few days,,, and loose about 5-7 lbs. Thats only a rarity though. Apparently, we're suppose to have 1 ft. long bowel movements every day. Can you just imagine where it goes to when you cannot have a bowel movement for weeks? I have IBS too, as well as fibro,, hypothyoidism,,etc.

    I pray I can find some colostrum,, and works for me too... Thankyou sooooooo much for all your help!!!!!!

    This is NOT a joke! but real life!!

    Hugs,, achyten

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