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  1. smilemona

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    I read that Lucky was taking Colostrum and OLE and it really helped with the fatigue part of the CFS. I love the sound of that!

    I'm wondering if any of you are taking this combination...does it help with the fatigue only as long as you're taking it? Does it need maintenance, in other words?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to do something of these approaches and then be *cured.*

    What form of OLE is taken usually?

  2. lucky

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    Yes, I am greatly benefiting from both Colostrum and OLE (Olive Leaf Extract); however, these are not a cure, but help me with my many allergies plus chronic sinus infections and IBS. Unfortunately there is no cure for CFS or FMS yet.
    I found out yesterday that there is colostrum available with 250mg of IgG (immonoglobolin) which I am getting the next time and hopefully get even better results.
    There are quite a few messages on OLE and Plantscaper is the one who has done a lot of research on it which convinced me to give OLE a try.
    Sincerely, Lucky

  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    but you can, also, get it in a tinctured liquid form..

    Most importantly, you may herx on OLE, so take a very low dose to begin with: l50-200mg seems to be OK for most, and slowly increase it, according to how well you are able to tolerate the herxing...

    Do not take with Heparin and other blood thinners..It may potentiate the effects of blood pressure and antidiabetic drugs..(as it can lower blood pressure and help regulate blood sugar levels)..

    To be honest, my fatigue levels were temporarily lessened, but I must have some other viral or other complicating issues going on..

    But, it has done so many other plusses, which has not happened, before for me..(have had CFS for about 26 years)
    I have stayed on the OLE, but I consider that I will need to stay on it at least as long as many people stay on ABX is a similar targeted treatment against pathogens..I am just taking it every other day, though, now, to keep from building up tolerance to it..

    Do you have sinus problems? Migraine headaches? High blood pressure? IBS symptoms? These are the areas that have dramatically improved for me and others...It also, is suppose to improve blood flow and be very healthy for the heart, as well as, improving intestinal flora, unlike antbiotic therapy..

    If you have any other questions, please ask...


  4. smilemona

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    I don't have sinus problems, headaches, high blood pressure or IBS stuff too much. I do tend to be on the constipated side...but it's not a major problem right now. I'd love to improve intestinal flora. I tend to be gassy.

    I'm particularly interested in how it can help with fatigue..and have recently learned what herxing I can be prepared for that if I try it.

    The colostrum, I'm still on the fence with because I'm vegan and am not crazy about taking animal sourced medications. And at the same time, I'm not crazy about passing something up that might help me because it's from an animal. Amazingly, I'm opening up to the idea of trying animal based products. I'm just not quite all aligned with my thoughts. All this is new to me. :)

  5. tansy

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    was one of my concerns over starting this too early, hence it's garlic, and other things at the moment. I realise it does need a form a pulsing but if pathogens can mutate through AB use I was concerned this might happen too. I tried it years ago but thought I'd reacted to it, may have taken too much of course but just in case will continue exploring all the alternatives.

    By the way although Dale, and some others, think you need to change your diet to 80% juiced raw veg when using nature biotics I checked this out. There are some restrictions but nothing unmanageable. Water needs to be chlorine and fluoride free. If seriously considering sbos might be worth sending a few e-mails to the companies that make them to ensure they can be taken by people on steriods etc.



  6. lucky

    lucky New Member

    Since I have such good results with OLE and Colostrum, I am also afraid that I build up a tolerance to OLE. How many mg are you taking at the moment? I can tolerate quite a bit, never had herxing and mostly take 1500 mg a day. But would even go higher, if I would be sure that this is a wise choice.
    Thanks for your reply, Lucky
  7. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    When I effusively stated you ought to try OLE, I was forgetting your added complications, of is it, pulmonary embolism(?!) should be more careful..and especially start in very small doses, if you decide to start..

    RE: Tolerance..It seems that we can build up a tolerance for anything over time, if we continue to take it too regularly(My sleep meds or other meds have stopped, at times, working)..

    With the OLE, you also need to keep the "critters" confused and not able to mutate to combat the targeting OLE or ABX therapy.. So, it seems to be helping me to just do the OLE every other day..I think that, for me, is the best way for my body to not get used to it, and to still be fighting the beasties..I took too much the other day (2x825mg), and started herxing, again..and then stayed off it the next day, and felt better, so I must still be working on the critters..

    Re: THE DIET with SBOs..I don't mind eating a lot of raw vegetables (have salads every day), but I have a problem with not eating the roughage, too..with Insulin REsistance, I wonder if that would be a good diet for I am suppose to limit my carbohydrates and eat a lot of protein, albeit no bad fats (we eat a lot of salmon, tuna, etc.)..I did not see any allowance for protein, which I believe is a necessity for me..I would like to get a water filter, if that would be adequate for getting the chlorine/fluoride out...Are the SBOs just not very effective, without that diet?..

    Good Luck to you with any path you endeavor to go,
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  8. Plantscaper

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    I took too much, the other day, and started "herxing", again with a very severe headache, but felt much better the next day, like I had disposed of more of the critters..(825x2=l650mg in all in short span of time)..Usually, I take 825x3/day (my tablets contain 825) with six hours inbetween..but I think I will increase to about l200x3/day, as I think I do have some more critters to contend with, based on my recent herxing..

    I have heard of some people taking huge amounts of OLE...I did not really intend to take that much, but I forgot about the first dose and took the second dose in a fairly short (one hour) time period..You can, very safely take at least l000mgx3/day, spaced 6 hours apart..which some people think is the optimal dose..

    To keep from building up tolerance, do a varied schedule with your OLE, so the critters do not learn to mutate to avoid its powerful effects..I am taking every other day, but you can vary it in any way that seems best to you..the point is to make it confusing to the pathogens..keeping them off guard...and if you still have any symptoms returning, Oil Of Oregano or Grapefruit seed extract are alternatives..At this point, I am not relapsing, anymore, as I once did, when I went off the OLE..

    Hope this helps,
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  9. tansy

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    with natures biotics. I think Dale went on this to completely detoxify herself and deal with her chemical sensitivities.

    I had looked up a few sites before my last message and all you have to do is avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and fried foods. Water has to be chlorine free. That's it. I too was put off by Dale's diet because my body would not be able to cope with such a fast detox or the diet.

    Yes I do have to go very very carefully, my GPs worried I'll make myself more ill and she hasn't really sussed what I'm aiming to do, only that I'm clearly going to do it.

    I also have to watch how my immune system reacts, allergies etc, because I'm putting myself at further risk of anyphylactic shock this way, and too many further inflammatory reactions, let alone any embolisms. That's why, in some ways, being unable to access prescriptions for heparin and lubrikinase may not be such a bad thing. My GP won't prescribe ABs either especially not long term.

    I think this gentler more natural way is all together a better plan. Like you my finances are so limited and it's all ready getting out of hand. Trying to help my son too; he is doing his final year at university soon and running the security at the venue in which he works in the evenings. He's a lot better than he was but still has problems. So far he's on the Atkins diet, probiotics, colustrum, something to boost his testosterone, mins and vits including ZMA.

    Going to do a 24 hour saliva test just to check my DHEA, cortisol, and progesterone etc. If any are low want to start treating those before anything else, I consider this would help my body cope with any further challenges.

    I actually feel more confident choosing what I do for myself than I would relying on a doctor who does not understand enough, or has something to prove and so misses important parts of the whole picture.

    Thanks for all the info on OLE, I will retry this when the time feels right and start on a very small dose.


  10. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I really consider most doctors a consultant, and most have too big an ego and too little knowledge of these DDs for that..and I like to be as informed, as much as possible, with these DDs..

    That is not to say I sure would like to have some testing done, and talk with some of "the experts on CFS"..but have you seen their fees?! My dream, though, is to get a group together to quiz the experts on what my final questions, as well as others are, THAT NEED TO BE ANSWERED, FOR FINAL WELLNESS..

    I need to do the saliva test, too, but haven't a doc to do it with, so I might try doing it thru one of the docs on the you think it would be reliable with Dr. Poesnecker? Although, the problem has been, I don't want to take the glandulars, which he I need to find the type doc who would do the saliva test, but use either the licorice or Cortef..another quaundary?!

    Well, I could do that diet, then..I do need to find a filter, though, for our water..I guess I need to look into that...or do you know of any effective ones?

    In the literature, although not proven, they are saying that OLE is very heart healthy (contributing to healthy blood formation and blood flow)..and, my blood pressure has really decreased (taken at physician's office, where it usually was a little high (l50/94), now ll0/72) I wondered if it could be effective for the hypercoagulation?! probably not, but what If..they indicate to not take the blood thinners with OLE, because it can potentiate their effect..but, if you start, do take very small amounts of it..

    I guess you have seen that our Senate is, also, trying to limit people's access to vitamins..Now, I would not mind some regulation as to standardization and education as to possible adverse effects, but can we trust the FDA? Many say no...I wish we could, but look what the CDC did with these DDs.

    Hope you are doing well, today,

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  11. tansy

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    I'm getting so frustrated at not always knowing all that I'm dealing with and certain aspects of my disablity. I still want to talk to a neurologist so looking into that, just want to be sure of a few things.

    Let's hope the FDA see sense. When I complained I compared supplemnents to other things like cigarettes and alcohol etc which are much more injurous to the health and which vendors are still free to sell. Feels more like a nanny state here than ever.

    I use a brita jug and quite a few other board members do too. Takes out all the chlorine but if you're taking the SBOs make sure you change the filter earlier than you might do otherwise, just to be on the safe side.

    I started to use a filter jug about 20 years ago. Ours was the only household in which the local kids drank water, they loved it.

    Once I have my saliva test results I want to see what a few doctors have to say, or maybe I'll just try out for myself. If either the DHEA or cortisol or low I think I'd rather go for 7 Keto DHEA first.

    Take care


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  12. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    There is a huge conflict of interest, there..Maybe, they are upset that not much taxation is occurring on the supplement industry..which probably has a lot more to do with their "evil plotting", than the supposed Health Benefits they expouse for the public...I finally found that website, but had not decided what to do until, now..Better go vote against that bill...
  13. lucky

    lucky New Member

    for your reply. Well, it looks like that I can take more than the 1500 mg of OLE a day. What I have done periodically is to lower the dosage for a day or two instead of going off it completely.
    Next time when I cross the border, I am getting the Colostrum with 250 IgG in it which is really worth a try as well because the colostrum I am taking now only has 25 mg IgG.
    Take care and happy gardening, Lucky