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    I lost you guys when I lost my hard drive and wound up back at my old FM board.........eek! I'm happy to have finally found you again!

    At the risk of sounding like a commercial....but I don't know how else to post this.........

    A couple of us recently tried a new supplement with some pretty amazing results. It's Colustrum and for you nursing moms........yup, it's the first milk. It comes from cows though. I'm not a supplement person, so far the only thing that's worked for me has been acidophilus for yeast infections and I've tried the vitamin/mineral thing,the supplement thing and of course the docs have been pumping pills into me for years. Sometimes with more side effect than are worth the benefit.

    I checked the net first before buying it and aside from the wild claims of the companies that are marketing this(and there are several), the only testing/R&D I could find were some tests being done with Colustrum using it on AIDS patients with a viral gastroentirits. Colustrum is an immune system booster and apparently the early testing with AIDS patients is showing significant positive results. Of course there are significant results with direct mother-child colustrum intake but that's a little different from us taking it in capsule form so it's hard to compare.

    So I figured what the heck and tried it. So did a couple other people and we've all had significant benefits with pain reduction. In my case I know it's not psychosomatic since NOTHING EVER WORKS on my pain. It didn't help my headaches but I've had severe leg pain for 5 years now and the Colustrum plus my regular Ultram has given me the first pain relief I've had in 5 years. Relief instead of dulling the edges of the pain.

    I could say more and think that an enthusiastic friend is going to join me but I don't want to scare people off. I'm not selling anything. I don't make money off it. I'm not involved with any of the companies that make it.

    I also wouldn't recommend trying something new without checking with your doctor. As far as I know there is nothing harmful, it's just milk but as with anything....none of us are doctors so use common sense!!!

    Good luck and please let me know if anyone else has good results with it!
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    Hi Cioc1212,

    I recently did a lot of research on this product. I was skeptical too, but thought, it's not going to hurt me, so why not?

    I started the adult dose on January 14th. And I have to say that there has been a very noticable improvement. I have been pretty much pain free for a while now due to exercise and Guaifenesin. But I always had this unrelenting shoulder pain. Even deep tissure massage didn't work, heat didn't work, chiro didn't work, etc. I always had a hard time sleeping on that shoulder/side. But now, about 98% of the pain is gone and sleeping isn't a problem. Maybe the colostrum is the last thing my body needed to push me over my last hurdle, I don't know. I've done a lot of work thru the guai protocol and exercise, maybe my body just needed a little more immune support.

    So, I am on board with you on this one. Picture me now doing a little jig singing "go colostrum, go colostrum, go colostrum"!!! BTW, I don't sell anything either! I don't have time, I'm to busy dancing!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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    Sky, were you able to take it in conjunction with the gui? I know that many things aren't compatible so I'm curious.

    You're about the 7th person I've heard who's had good results. So far I haven't hear anyone with FM who's tried it and had bad or no positive benefit which is interesting.

  5. Sky

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    I have no problem taking it with the guai. It doesn't seem to block and it didn't make me 'sick'. All I can say is that I have had positive results. I feel a lot better overall, especially after upping the guai to 2400mg.

    How are you doing with both?
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    I started all over again trying to sort out my ibs +++. Added each therapeutic agent one by one and experienced some improvement but nothing remarkable.

    Then I started using colustrum and can't believe the difference.

    I react to dairy food and beef but had very few problems taking this other than a bit of nausea which still happens some times.

    Of all the many things I have tried in the past and am taking now, this has been the single most effective of all.

    Another good thing is you don't need a doctor's prescription so no having to persuade a sceptic that it might be worth trying.
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    And I wondered what dosage level does one take, usually?..My colostrum is 500mg capsules and it says to take between 2-4 capsules/twice/daily..Do you take the upper limit or lower?

    Sounds like it works well..That would be nice for a change..How long were you on it, when you noticed the improvement? I ordered mine from New Zealand...

    To Good Health :)
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    My Mom told me how calfs which didn't get the colostrum from their mother cows didn't live because they didn't get all their mothers immunity to disease. She remembered that from her days as a child on the farm.

    I take both this and the whey to help build my immune system back up. I think it was working well with all the other things I am doing too until this Red Tide incident. When there is a neurotoxin in the environment, it doesn't seem to matter what one does. Now, I am really sensitive to everything in the air which never usually bothers me.

    With the Guai, I think I've just about got this FMS thing whipped, but the CFIDS remains a problem right now. Just about one more month, Sky, and we celebrate two years on the Guai. You can do a dance in double time that day :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Actually I'm the same cioc on both boards(how many cioc's could there be?) and your posted info is very inaccurate. There have been many posters on both boards who have gotten a lot of help from Colostrum. It's one of those things that seems to work for quite a few people, not others.

    I started initially at a very high dose then tapered down but I'm quite sick and have been for a long time. I found that it's helped a lot with pain, seems to have boosted the pain relief I get from the Ultram and it did something to the stiffness in my muscles.

    There seems to have been some overall immune system benefit as well: less breakouts(have been a problem for a couple years); less allergy symptoms without meds; and less tendency to pick up colds. There is a definite reduction in my GI/Irritable bowel symptoms and that is the area that Colostrum is being tested....with resistant bacterial diarrhea in AIDS patients with immune system problems. Which is a bit of a redundant statement since AIDS IS an immune system disorder but you get the drift.

    I started initially with 500mg 4x a day for a month and then went to 3x a day for a month and now take it 2x a day. The studies in the past few years on immune system illnesses has found that the treatments are most effective when you take an initial high "loading dose" at a high mg then go to lower doses for the remainder of the treatment.

    There WAS another product similar to Colostrum that was very helpful to MS (or Lupus?) patients and was gaining in use but was pulled because it was made from the pituitary extract of cows and the activists "had a cow" and got it taken off the market. There is word of mouth travelling that a lot of people with chronic pain are being helped with Colostrum.
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    I started on a very small dose, have learnt to do that with all therapeutic agents and treatments, any sudden shock to the sytem is bad news.

    So for a few days took 1 a day, then 1 twice a day. Following that I went up to 2 twice a day and am currently taking 4 twice a day.

    I intend staying at this level for a while and then dropping it back down to 2 twice a day to see whether it can maintain the benefits I'm getting now.

    Because it calmed my gut and bowel started to get a little bit constipated (new one for me) so have even more roughage than before and that's sorted it.

    I really hope it helps you as much as it does me.


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    The day I was diagnosed - just this past Feb. my doc told me he thought I'd benefit from taking Colostrum. This is the New Zealand stuff. I buy it right in his office. I am curious what you all pay for yours. Mine is 480mg & there are 60 capsules in a bottle. It cost me around $20. I'm sure I could buy it somewhere else also.

    I'm not sure if it's helping or not because I usually don't get the prescribed dose (2 pills 2x day) down every day. For some reason I have a very hard time swallowing this one. I just started one that is supposed to help prevent migraines & it is the same size & goes down very easily. It must work cause I haven't had a migraine in over a week which is when I started the supplement. I had been having them often - sometimes 2x day. But I guess that's another subject. Sorry - sometimes I do tend to ramble!

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth on Colostrum.

    Good health.......Kathi
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  12. Plantscaper

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    For giving me information on your dosage levels..I usually start w/lower dosage and go to higher, but I guess I need to see what seems to's good to hear what others are I had no info on it..

  13. cioc1212

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    I start low on meds/supplements too because of side effects but this isn't something that seems to have side effect or that would. It's a milk by-product. But ask your doc.

    I am NOT a supplement person but this does have some medical basis to support that it may be truly beneficial to people with immune system problems. It is in the very early stages of being researched but there was a very similar product that showed a lot of promise which is one of the reasons I tried this product after turning down so many others.

    It's inexpensive, appears to have no side effects and apparently can't harm you. I don't know about the rest of you but my docs are constantly trying to push scary drugs with awful side effects on me so this was a no-brainer since enough people were getting benefit.

    I'm the original "it doesn't work" kid. I have so many problems with meds either not helping or I have horrible side effects even at low doses so I was NOT expecting this to help at all. The very first night I felt a clear response to the supplement and it's drastically helped me. I've gone off it 2x now just to see if it's my imagination and it's not my imagination.
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    What did you start taking that has kept you from having migraines for two weeks? I'll try anything.

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    I'm taking Topamax and Maxalt for headaches/Migraines.

    AVOID anything with Tylenol,Advil,Nuprin...any of those OTC meds or any pain meds like Percocet that contain any of the above. They will kill you with headaches.

    I have multiple source headaches and had brain surgery a year and a half ago for one source....a Chiari malformation.

    Make sure if you have headaches that you've had at least ONE MRI. It sounds stupid but with 20 years of headaches no one ever had run one on me. DUH! Yet they were feeding me pills, sending me for PT and blaming me when I didn't get better.

    But I'm not!
  16. kar1953

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    What I'm taking for migraines is called Thera-Fibron. It is a Fibro-Muscular Nutritional supplement. I also buy it at my docs. Among other things it has Thiamine, Vit. B6, Magnesium, Manganese, White willow bark, Valerian root, Tumeric extract & Fever Few extract. I had read in some of my herb books that fever few is good for preventing migraines & tried it. Apparently it needed to be combined with other stuff to work effectively. The brand I buy is Nutura. I take 2 caps 3x day. For 90 caps it cost me about $13.

    Good luck.......Kathi
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    Wheres a good place to buy Colostrum? Does Pro Health sell it? Do you know if it helps arthritis? Not sure you can post on here where you get supplements but I hate not knowing whether you're getting what you pay for or a capsule full of nothing........THANKS, KADEE
  18. Godslove

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    has done a lot for me. I have not had a virus of any kind since I started taking it 3 years ago. Mine is from New Zealand as well (the only pure kind in my opinion). Do a search on Kaye Wyatt and you should be able to find out what makes this particular brand superior. (I'm not selling it).
    By the way Kathi, it's the coating on the capsule that makes it hard to swallow. It does that to me too. But if you like applesauce or yogurt, you can sprinkle the contents of the capsule on either of these things and take it that way. They also have a colostrum drink, chewables, and powder. It is quite expensive but worth every penny.

    The best colostrum comes from pasture fed, chemical and drug free cows from New Zealand. They have extremely strict standards there (regarding drugs and chemicals) that other countries don't have (not even the US).

    Hope this helps. Blessings, Wanda

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  19. kar1953

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    it on food - anything - just so I get it down. Thanks for the tip. I've had the same bottle for 2 months which tells me I've taken exactly half of what I should have taken.

    Good health.....Kathi
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    if you put your e-mail address on this posting for a short period..I order straight from New Zealand and they have free worldwide shipping and only charge $l4.95 for a 500mg/ 90 capsule bottle..