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    I'm new to all of this, but seem to have been building to this awful conclusion for years. Here's a bio of my problems. I put this all together because it all means something. I've wondered how many other women have a large combination of all these problems associated w/ fibromyalgia and or cfs?

    pain girl

    Car accidents- 2 major 1 @ 20yrs .old 1 @ 25 - 2 minor /passenger in 3 of these
    1st cataract surgery 1994 left eye- second 2004 right eye
    March 1999- lamenectomy L5 s1
    November 1999 fibroid/abdominal
    December 2005 bellybutton/fibroid (also cyst removed on suspicion of cancer- no cancer)

    ? Had mononucleosis at 13
    ? Cataracts diagnosed at age 22 –it is believed that I probably had them starting at age 7

    ? Genital herpes diagnosed 1992 no serious outbreak since- i.e., I’ve not had to take medication

    ? Serious incontinence issues arise 2003

    ? Thyroid/Hashimoto’s 1999 ( 2005-2006 3 biopsies all negative for cancer)

    ? Peri-menapausal symptoms arise 2003 (night sweats and minor inconsistent hot flashes)
    Menstrual cycle have erratic effects –some w/ no prior symptoms of onset- some w/ as much as 2 weeks advance of back pain and severe breast tenderness- sometimes have 2 periods in a month
    Always heavy bleeding during the 1st 3 days

    ? Serious sleep depravation arises mid 2005 – sleep clinic study August 2006
    Sleep apnea diagnosed CPAP machine
    deep sleep deprivation diagnosed ( currently taking 200mg Lyrica)

    ? Along w/ sleep problems constant back/spinal/musculoskeletal pain at night (I have a sleep number bed)

    ? Since 2004 have had steady weight gain (I’ve always had a weight problem but was able to exercise and keep it from morbidity)

    ? Over the last 3 years I’ve had an increase of what seem to be sebaceous cysts in the lower buttocks region- I also have one under my arm that will not heal.
    These come on w/ the increase of hormones near my period. They can be areas as large as an inch and ½, turn blue/black, are very painful and contain puss. Sometimes they heal and others continue for months or never heal.

    ? Have persistent nodules or painful lumps in muscles on top and underside of arms (these have been around for at least 3 yrs. –never thought much about them until recently)
    ? August 2006 onset periodontal disease discovered (I’ve never had dental problems other than the usual cavity)
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    I've seen just about all the doctors I want to!!!
    My most recent gyn basically walked away from me because she didn't want to hear the complaining. All she offered was the estrogen cream. The last apt. she even forgot to give me the mammogram forms- she wanted away from me. I feel like that's all I've got is the relentless pain/exhaustion. I'm a teacher- I am at a point where I don't know if I can finish the school year. People see the change and it scares them. I don't see me in the mirror anymore. I know so many of the women on the forum have the same types of problems, but many of you have friends and husbands that help- I'm basically alone. My parents are in their mid 70's and I always viewed myself taking care of them. I can't help myself now (I'm 44).