Come check out my kitty "Chilli"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valleyann, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Click on my name and his picture is in my profile... unfortunatly I don't have a digital camera so I had to use my camera phone (so the pic. is pretty poor quality). But I wanted you all to see my little tiger. He is so cute!

    He is a 4 month old orange tabby...and I must say he has a personality a lot like Garfield! He gets into all sorts of trouble! :)

  2. onedaymagpie

    onedaymagpie New Member

    Hi Val -
    he is so so cute. What is his name? His markings are beautiful. DH and I have been wanting to get a little orange and white kitty and name it peaches and cream.

    Thanks for sharing this photo - so fun!
  3. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Hello Mag!

    His name is Chilli (like the pepper)...and I must say that he is one crazy kitty! lol But I love him!

    I've heard that alot of orange tabbys have a bad rep. for being quite aggressive...but who knows. If you're up for a challenge I say go for it! :)

  4. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Your Rotti is so cute! She looks like a sweetheart! :)

    Yah, my Chilli is very photogenic! He loves getting his picture taken! I think I have like 2 photo albums full of him already! :)

  5. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Chillis is absolutely gorgeous. My old cat Rosie was a ginger with a big white bib, stomach and paws.

    He looks big for 4 months, you're going to have a giant on your hands!!!!!

  6. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    Such a pretty little kitty! I'm a cat lover too. I've had 2 Persain cats, one white and one cream tabby, who have both passed from old age. I now have a sweet little black tabby Named Kanga. She had a little brother named Roo, that got out and hit by a car this past spring. I miss him so much, but feel lucky to still have my Kanga.
  7. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    What was your old cat's personality like? Chilli is so aggressive and not affraid of anything! Which makes it tough when we are trying to train him... but he keeps it interesting! :)

    Yah he is pretty big! I'm not sure exactly how big he'll be, but I love big cats... I really love fat cats too, but I want him to be healthy.

  8. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    I'm sorry to hear about your other kitties passing away...I know how tough it is to lose pets. But I sounds like you have a nice kitty now! Kanga, what a cute name! Do you have any pictures you can post of him?

  9. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    Yah, Chilli definitely has a lot of character! He thinks that he's a person I'm sure! :) Every time I take him to the vet, they always say "wow, he's so fiesty!"... it's so true!

    Was Opie really aggressive when he was a kitten? My little orange fur ball likes to bit and pounce on my feet alot! He is a handful, that's for sure!

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Years ago I had a kitty that looks like yours. We called him Butterscotch, he was a wild one too.

    Could you please look at my pic and tell me if it is 2 dogs or a window with stained glass.

    I changed my photo but I still see the window. I have had this poblem before and had to email tech support.

    Enjoy your new buddy, he is adorable. Carla
  11. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    My Rosie was fearless too, 'very strong natured' the vet said....yet she was SO loving with me, my constant companion after I became ill and very jealous of other people.

    She would sit between a visitor and me on the settee, squeeze in between us, as if to say, 'she's mine'...

  12. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Hello Carla,

    I checked out your profile and it has a pic of 2 dogs on it...and they are sooo cute! I love doggys too, but I have to wait until I get a house with a big back yard first and then I'll get a couple puppies.

    Butterscotch is a cute name! I think that it must be common with orange tabbys to be a little on the wild side.

    I'm going to post a couple different pics sometime soon because he has some pretty crazy ones that I think you all would enjoy. :)

  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i love kitties. Check my profile and see my Maggie. She is so much fun and so loveable.

    Give him a squeeze and hug from me.


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  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thanks for checking. I still see the window. Oh well, the pic of Missy and Twila was them in the middle of a chew toy possesion "fight" so are so cute together.

    Missy is a real character. I sat there and just keep snapping pictures off during thier entire play time, about 10 minutes. I call this pic "I've got my eye on you"

    I would love to try to paint it someday.

    GIgi- I too have been in a fog since I went off by abx last week. I have been doing something for at least and hour a day in regards to the house.

    I played in drywall mud today, I feel like the song 99 bottles of beer on the wall" instead I sing 99 buckets of mud on the wall..... I told you I had fog,lol.

    I guess mom is fine, I need to call her. I had not spoken to her in a few days. Then out to ride my 4 wheeler, err I mean cut the grass.

    I really like my new rider compared to the piece of crap I had before. I was really mad when the old one died a few weeks ago, then when I got my new one, it was like yes, thank you.

    I hope you find your brain soon, I am about ready to write a missing person report on me, hehe. I have another round of Drs this week, so maybe they will know where I am. :) Carla
  15. valleyann

    valleyann New Member

    Your little Maggie is so cute! My childhood cat looked just like your pretty. :)

    I just gave my Chilli a little hug for ya!

  16. cbella

    cbella New Member

    He's so cute! I just got myself a kitty for the first time this week. He's 3 months old, black with white face and paws. I never knew a kitten could be so much fun! Even my husband that's would swear he hates cats is constantly playing with her. Since all my kids are out of the house, he's brought joy into our home. cb
  17. valleyann

    valleyann New Member


    You're little kitty sounds adorable! I think pets can become like children so they're good to have for company.


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