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    The new ProHealth forums are officially open for you to explore!

    Just visit:

    Log in with your current ProHealth username/password and take a look around. The grand opening will be on May 12th, so please bear with us as we finish some final touches.

    Please note: After May 11th, the old forums will no longer be available. Rest assured that all of your old posts have been migrated to the new forums. But you will need to recreate your "About Me" information, including any photo you've uploaded.

    Here are some things to check out on the new forums:

    1. Set up your profile by clicking on your username is the green bar. Then use the navigation on the left side of the page to do things like add a photo ("Avatar"), create a signature, change your alert preferences, privacy and more.

    2. Create a new post: Click on the "Forums" link in the green bar. Click on a topic to post under (such as "General ME/CFS and FM Discussions). Then click the "Post New Thread" button.

    3. "Watch" a thread that you are interested in by clicking the "Watch Thread" link when viewing the thread.

    4. "Follow" other members so you can keep up to date with their postings. Click on the "Members" link in the green bar. Enter their username in the "Find Member" section on the right side of the page, then hit the "enter" or "return" button on your keyboard. Once you've found the member's page, click on the "Follow" link to the far right of their username.

    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We're here to help!

    Just post below, or on the "Forum Feedback" section on the new forums.

    - ProHealth