"Come Holy Spirit"

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    Come, Holy Spirit -- speak to my heart,
    Dwell richly within me as this new day starts;
    Help me to see through the eyes of my Lord
    So I can withstand all the sin in this world.
    Teach me compassion for my fellow man
    And if I should stumble, help me to stand;
    Help me to love when it's easy to hate,

    When fear overcomes me, strengthen my faith.
    When I lack understanding, speak wisdom to me,
    If pride should creep in, throw me down on my knees;
    When I need some direction, please point out the way,
    And take full control of all that I say,
    Come, Holy Spirit -- live Christ's life through me,
    Help me to honor His name faithfully;
    I've made my choice, I have counted the cost,
    Come guide me again as I take up my cross.

    ~Author Unknown~