"Come Into My Garden"

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    Come into My garden
    And sit with Me a while,
    Partake of love and mercy
    Come, My little child.

    Come into My garden
    My grace covers a multitude of sin,
    There is nothing this grace won't cover
    Grace that cleanses within.

    Come into My garden
    Be filled with peace and joy,
    Your sadness and depression,
    I will take and will destroy.

    Come into My garden
    There's a fountain flowing there,
    Springs of living waters
    To which nothing can compare.

    Come into My garden
    And sit before My throne,
    I'll be a Father and a Friend
    Like no other you've ever known.

    Come into My garden
    Trust in Me with all your soul,
    Touch the hem of My garment
    Come and be made whole.

    Come into My garden
    Filled with beauty and with love,
    Won't you come on in, my child
    And partake of all thereof?

    © 2002 by Janette Stewart