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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mattnoti, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I'm whimmy!!!! But I'm tired and I hurt like crazy! My legs hurt especially right below my hips! This has slowly been building up for a couple of weeks but the last two days have really been awful!!!!! Any suggestions-I'm medication free(except for Ty.)and would really like to stay that way-meds were not kind to me!? Any suggestions for the pain and sleeping positions would be wonderful!
    Ang :(
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    I don't take anything for pain except for tylenol and when my legs ache I take hot baths. I average 2 a day, and I feel it when I don't. Also there has been a post about epsom salts in the bath water helping. You might want to do a search on epsom salts.

    If it can be afforded, a massage helps. If I can't make it out to my therapist, I use one of those percussion massagers on my tight muscles. Some people couldn't tolerate the deepness of the percussion massager, but it helps me. Hope you are feeling better soon. -Karen
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    Taking magnesium helps with the pain. Stretching exercises which I learned in physical therapy are the best help with hip and leg pain for me. Shirl's Epsom Salt and hydrogen peroxide soaks are also effective.

    Tylenol is very hard on the liver. It can be worse than taking Rx meds. Be careful with it.

    Love, Mikie
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    When I complained about pain waking me up (I don't have fibro), my doc suggested taking two Tylenol Arthritis at bedtime. That didn't work for me, so he suggested taking 1 Aleve with the Tylenol.
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    Have you tried doing some gentle streching or begginers yiga 15 min tops. Follow this up with a nice hot bath to relax the muscles. Are you getting sleep? I now on my less retful nights I ache horrible from the lower back down the most, I agree with Mickie about the magnesium, I noticed a big change in my achiness after increasing my magnesium also my B vitamins. Hope you feel better.

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    I get real nasty hip pain that radiates downward. Unfortunately no over the counter med helps me with this. I just walk slow and gimpy. I don't sleep on my side when it gets like this- instead I sleep on my stomach with on leg out and on a pillow (to prevent back pain). Usually this pain hits me when I walk to far, but weather can get it going too.
    Myth :)