"Comfort Box" Great idea Catgal...Lets start a post

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  1. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    so everyone can share what they put in their comfort box to give everyone ideas. I love this idea for Christmas presents also and I have all year to buy for them. Great!!! What do ya think???

  2. catgal

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    Hi Carlacat~~Not only do I think that would be a great idea, but very creative and helpful for all of us.

    I know besides my own Comfort Box that I am always sending Care Packages or Comfort Boxes to my bestfriend in Oklahoma, plus I start Comfort Boxes for Christmas, birthday, and special occasions for my friends & family and work on them throughout the year. I know their individual likes, interests, and favorite things so I pick up goodies and unique things that I know they will like. Sometimes I use pretty baskets or decorate the box myself. And everyone always looks forward to getting their Comfort Box packed with unique surprises.

    However, sometimes coming up with fresh ideas and different goodies can be a real challenge.

    It would be wonderful to read what new and special treats other people come up with. I'd like to know about some great goodies I haven't tried for my own Comfort Box and to put in those I give to others.

    It would be like an Inspirational Shopping List that we can print off and use over time.

    What would be a good title for the post? Thanks for such a thoughtful idea. Something we can all enjoy. Carol...
  3. Carlacat

    Carlacat New Member

    It was your good idea to begin with. I'm having fibro fog today..the only thing I can think of is "POST FOR ALL MEMBERS..WHAT WOULD YOU PUT IN COMFORT BOX'
  4. pearls

    pearls New Member

    I love the idea of chocolates, Memorylane. Here's what else I would add:

    1) some nice non-caffiene tea and a nice cup and saucer for enjoying it.

    2) pillows!

    3) a beautifully bound, blank book to use as a journal along with a beautiful pen, both archival in quality

    4) several good books to read

    5) Good quality magazines - I love magazines on all sorts of subjects.

    6) a good book on fibromyalgia

    7) a CD of Baroque Adagios (the slow parts of music by Bach, Handel, Pachabel, etc.). I was a music major, by the way. Baroque Adagios have the power to really soothe.

    8) a pair of warm slippers.

    9) a pair of warm mittens/or gloves

    10) a box of heat patches. (love those things - they really work)

    11) an electric heating pad

    12) a nice, beautiful, and comfortable comforter

    13) a two inch thick foam mattress cover.

    14) a special cervical pillow

    15) a comfortable terrycloth robe

    16) an old-fashioned bed jacket

    17) a CD of pleasant sound from nature: the sea, singing birds, a gentle breeze blowing some fine quality wind chimes, etc.

    18) a massage chair (Hey! Make that a Comfort Room!)

    19) a portable massager. (My favorite, large, warehouse-store has one that supposedly you can take in a car! Wow! as long as I'm not the driver...)

    20) More fine chocolates!! (No trouble sneaking those in. Fine chocolates are theraputic!!!)

    21, 22, 23, 24, et.) I could go on and on...
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