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    I've been reading posts since I was dx last June. I agree with everyone that this dd has weird symptoms. After 8 mos I have the pain pretty much under med control and can do easy chores around the house. I just feel weak and my legs swell after walking a bit. I still have days I pay the price for overdoing it on my good days. The problem is a
    second infection that can not be identified but shows up on
    lab tests. Is this normal? Maybe the new dr I see next month can help me. I feel so much better than a few weeks ago, but wonder if I'm not just being treated for the symptoms. I'm a diabetic too, but sugar has been real good
    even with the px meds. Weight gain has me depressed, but I
    can handle it. Anyone else have these problems? Keep up the good info on here. I've learned so much by everyone sharing their views. Hugs to all.
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    Hope I'm doing this right. I appreciate hearing from another diabetic with this illness. I was dx w/EBV in a
    week of first dr visit in June '02. I still have lots of symptoms that are now dx as CFS. My throat is always sore
    (like it is dry)and irritated. This cold weather has gone straight to my bones. I can't warm up. I worry about dumb things before I finally fall asleep and sleep good for 2 hours at a time,up an hour, worry and back to sleep. Some
    routine. I see an infectious disease next month. Will let you know how it goes. This is the best place to gather info
    from people in the know. Thanks again Nink.
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    if any of you who are diabetic are also on dialysis. I am not diabetic, but am on dialysis due to other kidney disease (info is in my bio). I hope you're not sharing this 'cuz it certainly isn't a picnic, but just thought I'd check.
    Thanks, Camelgirl
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    had another cup of tea and 2 chocolate chip cookies. They
    sure were good!I stayed under the covers most of the day trying to warm my bones. Here in Ohio, spring is being side-lined by the cold and snowy winter. Spring is what I need to warm up.
    Camelgirl-I control my sugar with meds so far. You are so right that your life is not easy. I have a friend who does dialysis at her home 2x a day for her liver disease. She is doing fine, but it takes it's toll on her health and social life. She has a good family support group to help.
    Nink-I glanced thru some posts and saw that this is 3 year ann. for you and disability. Congrats! I have been denied once for disability. Dr. wants me to appeal, but I feel guilty when so many others are worse off. I had to quit my job and I'm not sure what type of work I could do and still take my naps and get up late.
    I really appreciate your replies, Nink and camelgirl.
    God bless anyone with a disease that interrupts their life.
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    Welcome Aboard! I have had FM/MFPain,etc for many years, and CFS along with it. I put it that way because I think I've only had about 4-5 bouts of CFS lasting anywhere from a few months to a year, then it "clears up"- but Always the FM.& pain. My CFS(terrible name for it!)symptoms are like yours: my throat will feel sore & irritated, swollen glands, nose & ears plugged up,and I'm cold all the time...just want to snuggle in bed & keep warm! Sleeping? 2-3 hrs. seems about right, then I'm awake, worrying how to fall back to sleep! Yup, I'm a worry-wort, too!
    What kind of "seconardy infection" do you have?- Blood? or...? I am being treated for systemic candida.
    ..And Disability? You Go for it! You probably deserve it a lot more than some of those who ARE on it!
    ..and there is a Diabetic Board here, if you would like to visit- click onto "message boards", above.
    Welcome again, here's to our health!
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    I have gained 30 lbs in a very short amount of time. Is this normal? I don't sleep well. I am short tempered. Did I mention the weight gain? Oh, and I have gained 30 lbs.
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    It does help to talk to people in the know. My hubby is very supportive and says I'm in denial. I have symptoms that I feel I can control with meds, but he's concerned I'm ignoring the unsteady walk, loss of memory, lack of sleep,weakness, etc.Maybe he's right. I feel so much better and can do more than even 2 months ago, that I wonder if I can work again. I've always been active and hate to surrender to this dd. I applied for disability when I was sick in bed, but now I am doing a lot better and just want to get back to normal. Sound familiar?
    This is the greatest site and so many helpful people. Thanx