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  1. j9miller

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    Okay, weight may indeed make one feel worse. And I am one of those that needs to lose some pounds. But I do not believe that it is the reason behind the pain of fibromyalgia. But this woman made a statement in Woman's World while discussing one of the diets that after she lost weight (dropped from a size 12 to an 8)she found her fibromyalgia pain had all but disappeared. I was so shocked to read this. It is statements like these that make society believe our illness are as simple as losing a few pounds. Uugh!!! Just drives me crazy!!!

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  2. Mikie

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    I hate to see this kind of thing in the media too because it distorts our illnesses. There are about 25 percent of people with FMS/CFIDS who are bedridden, 25 percent who have mild to moderate symptoms, and everyone else is somewhere in between. It is possible that by giving up carbs, junk food, and processed food, it would be enough for someone with mild FMS to have her symptoms decrease giving her a remission. This is not, however, representative of the overwhelming majority of those of us who suffer these illnesses.

    It is also possible that down the road, this remission will disappear, throwing her back into illness. There is no cure. It is also possible that this woman was misdiagnosed and never had FMS. In any case, her story is not representative of most of our situations.

    Love, Mikie
  3. tansy

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    helped with the pain. A lot of us find sea salt, water, high protein and low carb diet helps. Even eliminating sugar, refined carbs, and caffeine can have a dramatic effect upon pain in individuals. Intolerances to grains, dairy foods, and starchy vegetables have been found to contribute to inflammation, pain, mood swings, fatigue +++. Others have found they have more energy, feel calmer and sleep better if they avoid these foods. Add essential supps and it can make a marked difference.

    Losing weight will not make the pain of FM go away, changing diet and drinking lots of water might take it down to a more tolerable level. If you read the posts here you will see this works for more than just a few.

    You will always come across claims in the media that someone has found the cure for chronic illnesses. All it means is it worked for them. If you do have real problems with weight then an Atkins/Suzanne Sommers/South Beach sytle diet really has helped a lot here. It's important to get your thyroid levels checked, Madwolf has posted on these many times.

    FM and CFS are seen and used as a dustbin diagnosis by many doctors. As a consequence claims such as this will continue to be made until these conditions are accepted for what they are.

    It bugs me too. I'm frequently told I only have to do this or that to get better, this advice is based on something learnt from the media and more often than not, not even understood properly. Everyone these days want a quick fix for everything in life including illnesses.



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  4. klutzo

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    Back in 1988, I decided to buy into this nonsense. The Elavil prescribed for me at the start of my illness in 1986 had put about 45 lbs. on me, all of which were un-needed. Docs kept telling me the extra weight was adding to the pressure on my muscles and causing pain.
    In 8 months, I lost 46 pounds, dropping from a size 16 to a size 8/10. It did not help my Fibro pain one little bit!
    If anything, the huge amt. of exercise I had to do made it worse, and I had to take narcotics to be able to do the exercises. Getting off narcotics later was hell.
    I kept the weight off for another year, then it slowly crept back with a few extra added pounds, like it does for most people who diet.
    I still exercise six days weekly, but more moderately, and without a strict diet along with it, I don't lose any weight.
    I am on high protein now, which does help with the pain for me, but only caused weight loss during the early part of the diet. I know, that means I am still eating to many carbs, but I am fed up with all the denial and self-discipline I have to exercise already. Taking care of fibro is a full-time job, and I need a vacation!
    This kind of comment does so much harm to us. I know many people with fibro who are underweight.
    Anyone have an e-mail address for this magazine so we can all write in and complain?
  5. Annette2

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    That really pisses me off! (Pardon my French)! Maybe she feels better NOW, but it is no cure! Of course we would all feel better if we got off sugar, white flour, etc. I know I do. But in my mind there's more to FMS than just pain - there's fibrofog, fatigue, IBS, etc. I think an in-depth story or TV show should be made - talk to quite a few of us who have this DD - where it's really explained - so people will know what it REALLy is! It's like peeling back the layers of an onion - first one symptom, then another, then another, etc. "A Day in the Life of an FMSer" it could be called. It's one thing to interview doctors, but they don't know what it's like to walk (or hobble) in our shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MiahRoo

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    Klutzo...just had to laugh and nod and nod and nod to your comment that taking care of fibro is a full time job. I too, need a vacation! I think that's a great way to explain it to certain people in my life. It really is like having a full time 24/7 nasty evil job that you just can't get rid of! ahhhhhh!
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    I would never deny diet itself may help one "feel" better. I have done the low carb thing and cut out suger but it NEVER took away my FM pain. If it has for others that is great. My concern is the generalization that weight loss itself takes FM away or the pain away almost completely. Drove me crazy.
    I have been a member here since 2001 ... I read the posts all the time ... so I do know what helps others and I have tried most things, sadly nothing has helped me so I stick to my mild pain meds, Topamax, walking, water and low sugar diet. But I do appreciate you sharing your ideas. I am always willing to try anything, at least once.
    As far as water ... for almost 20 years I have been drinking loads of water (before it was cool to carry water around). I drink at least 128 ounces a day and sometimes as much as 300 ounces. So no one can say I do not get enough of that.
    My point was really the generalization thing. Comments like these in magazines make our illness' look like they are nothing and how dare we ask for disability and research monies etc., ....

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    EZBRUZR New Member

    I have lost over 85 lbs since nov,and I am MORE SORE and Fatigued than B4!!!

    For me,weight loss is obviously not a cure ,nor was weight Gain the Cause. ;~]
    Gotta love those drivin with eyes closed! Ha!!

  9. suz41

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    Hi Janine:

    Iget the point about how being overweight in general affects health overall. But to blame FM on wieght is nuts. I am 5'5" inches and weigh between115-120 I wear a size 6 and guess what I have FM and 90% of all the symptoms and pain that occcur with this DD. I myself don't consider a size 12 to be large so maybe in that ladies case losing weight helped, however some people at a size 12 are not overweight and may be very ohysically fit. Sounds like a scapegoat response to me. I agree withn you this too drives me crazy. By the way I have been slim all my life so why do I have FM.

  10. PhoenixRising

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    Maybe this woman didnt actually have FM. Maybe she had a form of arthritis caused or aggravated by her weight. I have a friend who had this problem and her doctor told her she had FM and it would clear up if she lost weight. She had lap band surgery, lost alot of weight and now reports that she feels better....No need to tell you how frustrated I got when she tried to pass on this pearl of wisdom to me.

    You are right. Its things like this that others use as the rationale for saying "if you'd exercise more and lose weight, you'd be fine". Grrrr. And its physicians like hers that misdiagnose and feel justified when they trivialize FM/CFS.