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    Last fall I was watching the show taking it off, there was nothing else on...a woman that said she had trouble exercising because she had Fibro(thus the weight gain) and the shows so called personal trainer Paul Platkas said "there was no such thing as Fibromyalgia, that it was all in a persons head and just an excuse".
    This infuriated me, not just that he was so ignorant about the disease, but that he also seems to like to embarrass women on the show(I have noticed this type of comments on two previous shows). I wrote to the show, expressed my concerns and they forwarded it to Paul directly. He emailed me back,, a snotty, arogant email... I wrote back, a sarcastic email, he wrote back and even worse email trying to demean and cut me down ,,and then I received an email from the show's assistant to the producers appologizing for his comments to me. He probably got a tongue lashing, but I think he deserves more than that!

    I would love to forward these emails on to anyone here with Fibro or if you know someone with the disease who would like to write and complain to the producer about this man's behavior towards the participants of the show.
    Every time I see a comercial for the show, I get angry that he is still allowed to be on it spuewing his narrow minded views. If you have watched this show you will know what I mean about Paul, he talks down to women, and for someone who is supose to be helping people, I find he makes them feel worse in the process.

    If your interested, let me know I will send them on, or maybe post them here if I won't get into trouble....~Red
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    I replied to this post before and then it was gone!!! I saw this show last fall and again on repeat. I don't know what the show producers were thinking letting this air!!!! It put FM progress back 20 years back!!
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    Yes I did, but it was deleted or something and I never got to see what you had replied.... since no one seems much interested I won't post again. I thought someone on here with Fibro might join me in my crusade... I thought wrong.. Thanks for your reply ~Red
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    But will look to see if it airs anywhere else...

    You should write not only to the producers but the channel AND the advertisers that sponsor his show... and if you let us know, I'm betting a lot of us would write to all of them whether or not we've seen it, me included.

    I agree, this should not be ignored... and don't let the apparent lack of response here stop you from letting us know; I don't think prohealth would mind... ? But you might want to write to them too about it asking for their support or commentary on it for their newsletter.

    Many of us are off and on, and don't always see all the posts.... and, I think there are many people who read but do not post.

    all the best,

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    this is the first time i recall reading this not lack of interest.

    i kow how you feel.

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    Red would you get into trouble for posting the emails? I would like to see them.