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    May 30

    As we walk through life, there are many things and people we may lose, or lose out on, if we are unwilling to commit. We need to make a commitment for relationships to grown beyond the dating stage, to have the home or apartment we want, the job we, or the health we desire.
    We must commit, on deep levels, to careers -to goals- to family, friends, health. Trying something will not enable us to succeed. Committing ourselves will.
    Yet, we need never commit before we are ready.
    Sometimes, our fear of commitment is telling us something. We may not want to commit to a particular relationship, purchase, or career. Other times, it is a matter of our fears working their way out. Wait, then. Wait until the issue becomes clear.
    Trust yourself. Ask your Higher Power to remove your fear of commitment. Ask God to remove your blocks to commitment. Ask God for guidance.
    Ask yourself if you are willing to lose what you will not commit to. Then listen, quietly. And wait until a decision seems consistently right and comfortable.
    We need to be able to commit, but we need never commit until we are ready.
    Trust that you will commit when you want to.

    God, guide me in making my commitments. Give me the courage to make those that are right for me, the wisdom to not commit to that which does not feel right, and the patience to wait until I know.
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    the old saying..

    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference..

    It's that "putting it into practice" that's hard..:)

    Thanks for the great post!

    - julie (is free!)

    I'm through
    with doubt.
    There's nothing left for me
    to figure out.
    I've paid the price
    and I'm still paying it.. - The Dixie Chicks
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