Commom cause of ALS found...

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    Have you seen this article? I'm so excited, because it means research continues, and progress continues in the health area.

    This was found by researchers in a Chinese University, showing "the breakdown of cellular recycling systems in the neurons of the spinal cord and brain of ALS patients that result in the nervous system slowly losing it's ability to carry brain signals to the body's muscular system. Without those signals, patients are gradually deprived of the ability to move, talk, swallow and breathe."

    Proteins perform significant functions in cells and two of the researchers found a key protein, ubiquilin2 as the key protien in the ALS mystery. It's suppose to repair or dispose of damaged proteins; however, there is a breakdown in ALS patients and it does not do this, so the damaged proteins pile up and block the signals in the spinal cord.

    They feel this might also be connected to other diseases, such as Alzheimers, dementias, Parkinson's, and one article I read even mentioned Lupus. Could it perhaps have something to do with CFS and fibro???

    Right now my sister has a tentative diagnosis of ALS vs. nerve compression in her neck, and is waiting on neck surgery. After that the final dx will be made. I pray daily for her. Wouldn't it be something to have future families not have to face a death sentence? And maybe see an end in sight for our problems also?? Does anyone else feel there could be a connection for our DDs?

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    I don't see any connection at all.
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    There's a good deal of debate that a retrovirus or family of retroviruses might be behind any and all of these diseases, including atypical MS, ALS, ME, ASD, and ADHD, atypical meningitis, among others. They have found reverse transcriptase in the sera of ALS patients and I'm quite certain that a retrovirus is behind ME. Whether it's XMRV or XMLV or PMLV or any number of variants off of the same phylogenetic tree hardly matters since researchers are hardly able to coordinate replication assays at the moment.
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    From my point of view, I agree with Running Antelope. There was an outbreak of CFS/ME
    in Orlando in the 1980's. 4 of my friends became ill. One recovered. Only, her DH died about
    20 years later of ALS. Maybe a coincidence. I can't prove anything but it seems suspect to

    ((hugs)) Jole. Prayers for your sister.
  5. jole

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    There's so much to think about. I have so much cognitive problems that I never had before, so can't do the indepth studies some of you can.......but why could there not be a partial block causing our symptoms...the muscle pain, fatigue, fibro fog, etc. from the ubiquilin2 protein not working right?

    And I'm not sure, but didn't I read somewhere on this board that people with ME have something different showing in their spinal proteins after a spinal tap? Even if it's not a 'direct' relation, I think it means we're a lot closer.

    Love reading your replies and insights. Thank you!

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