common ground amongst our differences

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    even though we have many different religious and spiritual view points-- remember that * in general * we all share common ground---

    we want better health for ourselves and our loved ones

    we want to be able to cope with our illnesses and life challenges

    we love our families and friends

    we appreciated nature and love animals, especially our pets

    we wish the world was a more peaceful, loving place

    I am sure all, or at least most of this resonates with all of us here. right?!


    and we all love pizza too, right? (just kiddin on this one!)

  2. Gingareeree

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    To all of the above,including the pizza! Jeanne
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    This might have been offensive for me to post on Jole's you mind if I put it here? My point was not to offend anyone, especially Jole but my point was to show that I am one who has been around many religions/beliefs/non beliefs (or if there's a better word, tell me)...and I am so sure I'm not the only's never stopped me from being who I am, yet I love all my family equally...

    So this is what I had posted yesterday...if it offends you I will remove it from here as well...and won't be upset for doing so...
    oh, and I had pizza for breakfast!!! Love it too!!!
    I hear you Jeanne...
    As the grand daughter of an atheist, (mom's side) and with a whole flock of family who are Catholic, my own beliefs, married into aunt who is Buddhist...well, I've been in it for a long time and have not ever seen what I've seen here...but I do believe we can all get along, separate when necessary, together when appropriate.
    I enjoy your posts, as well as many others here...let's hope it stays calm.


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    what happened here?!

    "separate when necessary, together when appropriate"

    Make peace.

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    Just flying out of here covered in the little mites which are attracted to the warm computer but had to stop in on my way out to say...