Common Variable Immune Deficiency Disorder: Anyone??

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    Anyone here been diagnosed??

    Symptoms of CVID are:

    hypogammaglobulinemia, or low levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG), IgA and/or IgM.

    lack of normal levels of antibody in the serum is part of the diagnosis

    polyarthritis, or joint pain, spread across most joints, but specifically fingers, wrists, elbows, toes, ankles and knees

    chronic infections. (most common symptom) Specifically: [[upper respiratory tract infection - e.g. bronchitis, sinusitis which respond to antibiotics but return or reoccur.

    Viral infections that usually respond to antiviral]]s, s (URTIs), sinusitis, tonsilitis, epiglottitis,

    dermatological abscesses/boils (often, but not exclusively, facial and axillary), pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, stomach/intestinal infections, colds, influenza, shingles, conjunctivitis


    Chronic swelling of the lymph glands

    Enlarged speen

    atrophic gastritis with pernicious anemia

    nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the intestine. This finding can be mistaken for intestinal lymphoma
    bacterial overgrowth of the intestine.
    villous atrophy in the small intestine, which can resemble coeliac disease and cause diarrhoea and malabsorption
    chronic diarrhoea (often arises as a result of "minor" intestinal infections, including protozoal and parasitic infections)

    increased incidence of inflammatory bowel disease

    bronchiectasis (lung tissue damage as a result of repeated chest infections) leading to shortness of breath

    poor titer levels in response to vaccination.

    Responsiveness may be tested after administration of polysaccharide and non-polysaccharide coated pathogens (e.g. streptococci and tetanus respectively)
    children may show a "failure to thrive" - they may be underweight and underdeveloped compared with "normal" peers

    patients may lose weight

    Diagnosis is often delayed ; and diagnosis is often made in the second or third decade of life after referral to an immunologist.

    As with several other immune cell disorders, CVID may predispose to [lymphoma] or possibly stomach cancer. There also appears to be a predilection for autoimmune diseases, with a risk of up to 25%. Autoimmune destruction of platelets or red cells are the commonest of these
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    hypogammaglobulinemia. I've been getting IVIG for about 8 months. I think it's helping me but not a cure. I plan to continue for as long as my insurance will pay for it. I have low Subclass IgG 2 and IgG3. Anyone else have this?
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    How the he** "common" is it if we are not discussing it here?

    Although many of these symptoms can be attributed to CFS/ME, for all of them to have one common name is beyond belief.


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    There could be many crossover's with other diseases/conditions.

    This is why it is important to rule out other conditions with FM/CFS.

    Take care.

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    Didn't express myself very well, there; what I meant is, how many of us have had all those symptoms "ruled out"? If we had, we would be posting all the findings here.

    I don't know of any dr. who would rule out that illness, with all those symptoms, and finally give a diagnosis of CFS.

    The stupid CDC's criteria for a diagnosis, nor, for that matter, the Canadian Criteria or WHO's, includes all those symptoms that must be checked out, that's for sure.

    Maybe this diagnosis was made by ruling out CFS?

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    My elderly mother has CVID syndrome. I have the problems above but responded normally to vaccine so they didn't do anything, but I'm getting sicker and sicker and would like some answers.

    Do you also have a diganosis of CFS/Fibro?
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    Oddly, I do not get upper Respiratory problems. The last time I had a cough was over TEN years ago with a severe flu. I do get allergy wheezing on occasion from mold or the crawly bugs in my building, but even that isn't often with me. I also very rarely ever get a cold. And if I do get some cold symptoms, they tend to leave very quickly.

    I get frequent stomach things. That I seem to be susceptible to.

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