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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by painintheeverywhere, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. painintheeverywhere

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    I think it would be interesting and beneficial info if we compare symptoms to see if other problems occur with FM. I would appreciate your info


    Symptoms - Joint pain, soft tissue pain, bone pain, muscle spasms, peripheral neropathy, dizziness, syncopy (fainting}, extreme fatigue, brain fog, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, slow healing on cuts and wounds, constant headaches, frequent nausea, IBS, Obesity, significant decreased vision and dry eyes, deep foot/ankle pain & stiffiness(especially AM), Depression(Is it any wonder?).

    Meds: Tramadol 100mg 3xday, skelaxin 800mg 3xday, Advil 800mg PRN (I believe my pain could be better controlled)

    Sleep Apnea:
    Med Equip: CPAP, benadryl 50mg to sleep

    Metabolic Syndrome:
    Meds: Citracal+D 250mg 3xday, MVI

    Meds: Levothyroxin 125mcg

    Meds: Lisinopril 20mg, HCTZ 25mg

    High Cholesterol:
    Meds: Lipitor 40mg

    Neuropathy: Severe burning, tingling & numbness hands,arms
    Meds: Lyrica 100mg 3xday (not as effective as in begining)

    Meds: Effexor 300mg
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  2. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    Thanks for the info-

    I have had an EMG which showed nonfunction and very little in some areas. I will check out your profile for more information. I just found some of these chats and boards a couple days ago and I am so greatful to have others truly understand these invisible symptoms. It's funny how strangers sometimes understand more than our loved ones.

    Have a great holiday!
  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Joint and muscle pain,neuropathy in legs and feet,restless legs,weakness and pain in neck to fingers,lower back pain{ruptured disc},headaches,vertigo,chronic cough,sinus pain and all the dryness of eyes and mouth that goes with Sjogren's.
    Meds:Cymbalta,Skelatin,Ambien,Plaquenil,Evoxac,Ultracet,Restasis,Ziac and Nexium
    I feel I too am way undermedicated for pain and I might add my relative gave me Klonopin 1mg. that he can't use.I take it when the pain and lack of sleep make me crazy for relief.

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