Compilation of all the CFS symptoms (With Aphasia and Agnosia)

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    Hello all!

    I have just completed a compilation of all the ME-CFIDS-CFS symptoms, including the 'two new concepts/illnesses aphasia and agnosia'.

    (Those two are related to brainfog and loss of ability to understand language)

    There is also some info on MCS - Multiple chemical sensitity
    Definitively revealing and thought-provoking, how similar some of the symptoms are to CFS!

    If I forgot 'your personal symptoms', please post them here, I will update them.


    Have a look here:
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    Chronic earaches, stomach muscle and leg muscle spasms.
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    Under cognitive dysfunction:

    Difficulty with "spatial relationships" (depth perception, navigating stairs, etc). Known as "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" to neurologists.

    Loss of "old memories" - those that are considered to be "permanent".

    Difficulty with multi-tasking - the inability to perform more than one mental task at one time. (The classic test is counting backward from 100 in serial sevens. Most people with CFS can't get past the first subtraction - I couldn't.)

    Inability to put things in "order". When given four pictures of a cartoon showing a series of events, most PWCFS cannot put the pictures in the proper order to make sense.

    Other: Veritgo, tinnitus, Restless Leg Syndrome (all neurological)

    "Sensory Overload" has been linked to an overactive Central Nervous System.

    Immune System:

    Yeast overgrowth - it can even occur topically, such as on the neck (where mine was) in addition to internally.

    Re-activation of viruses that should be latent - EBV is the most common example.

    Disordered Sleep:

    The Alpha-Delta Sleep disorder found in FM patients. First documented in the 1980's, PWFM do not get the long slow waves of level four (Delta) sleep that "normal" people get. Level four sleep is periodically interrupted by "jumps" into level one (Alpha) sleep. Lack of Level 3/4 sleep can disrupt virtually every system in the body.


    Low Blood Volume: Documented by Cheney (and others), most PWCFS are about one pint "low" in blood volume.

    Low Blood Flow to the Brain: First reported by Dr. Ismael Mena via NeuroSPECT Scan Imaging, PWCFS have low blood flow to the brain - and low blood flow is always connected to diminished performance. (I had one of these and it was abnormal - consistent with the research).


    Dryness: Eyes, mouth, nasal passages. This can be a symptom of Sicca Syndrome, or more seriously, Sjogren's Syndrome.

    I'll add more as I think of it. GREAT SITE!!

    - julie (is free!)

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    not bad at all! i am especially impressed about the ref. made to more information on the symptoms and one especially about the swiss research going on, in my home town Bern. i did not hear about it and will contact them when i am back there! thanks.

    i posted once a thing about symptomlist from the hummingbird website :THE ULTRACOMPREHENSIVE M.E. SYMPTOM LIST .
    you can find it under my profile under 07/27/06, a few clicks back in time.
    it will help you to make you list more complete, keep up the good work!

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