Complecations of finding the right meds...Everyone should read

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    I have been on this site for a while now, but I don't post a whole lot lately, basically because I was not wanting to be negative, and that is how I felt all the time...

    I have had some horrible things happen in the last month that has drastically changed my life. I can kind of relate some of the frustration to the meds I was on and none of them really working...

    Almost a month ago I got charged with Child Abuse for washing my sons mouth mouth out with soap. Let me explain exactly what I did...I put a drop of liquid soap on a tooth brush and washed his tounge for 2 to 3 seconds...then told him to rinse. He had been out of control for most of the day, and wouldn't calm down. My older son called his dad, and he called the police. I am now facing these charges. Everyone but my ex husband thinks they are completely bogus charges.

    I was on Vicodin, nurotin, flexeril, cymbalta, Imitrex for migraines. On most day's, I was unable to handle the smallest of situations, and really needed peace and quiet or I would get very adgitated. I had started with Vicodin and Flexeril. I had never felt better...then the doctor decided that it would be better to find other meds then the vicodin and the flexeril. I really didn't understand the necessity for all these meds, but they were the docs, and knew more than I did!!!

    Well, after this all happened, (the charges I mean)...I decided I was only going to take the meds that had proven to work. I only took the the vicodin and flexeril. I did have some bad reactions from stopping the nurotin...but got through it. Then I had a pinched nerve in my back...the urgent care doctor tried demeroll, and valum...I was still in a lot of pain, but was dopped up, and said I would rather be doped up on my couch then in the hospital. She gave me an injection of Tordol, and it worked pretty good. She sent me home on Percocet, and valum. It worked wonderfully on my FMS, although not so great on the nerve issue. Had to see my primary docs office the following Monday, and it was obvious to me that she felt that I was just drug seeking. She gave me another script for percocet, but refused to give me valum, even though I told her it worked better than the flexeril. I was back in Urgent care the next day with another shot of demeroll, and I ended up with the same doctor that felt there was no reason to not send me home with valum. She also felt that I needed a MRI and Catscan of my spine, but since my Medicaid had been dropped due to a clerical error, and I was self pay at that point, she said it could wait.

    I saw my Pain Clinic Doctor on the following monday, and she felt that the Percocet and Valum were a great mix, and recommended Methodone to see if it would work for a more long term pain lasts 12 hours or so other than the others that last 4-6 hours...but the good thing is that I can take the Percocet as a break through drug.

    Other than getting sick the first couple of day's on the methodone, I have felt great!!!!Mentally and physically. I am sleeping again, and have been able to make it back to school. I do not think that I act drugged or incompotent. I am able to function clearer and better.

    I see so many posts here about how other people react to our medications. I believe that if you are taking the medications that are for pain because you are in pain, you need to take them. Don't let anyone tell you that you are just looking for a reason to take drugs, and that you are a druggy....

    I have yet to be on a medication that makes me high. It has changed my life. I can fight anything that my ex husband throws at me.

    I have people tell me how much better I look, sound, and act. I am calmer.

    I just wanted to pass along my experiance with the Docs in the last few weeks...One of the doctors even said that Valum and Percocet are a great Combination for FMS.

    PS...I have an attorney that told me yesterday that we will not be taking any type of Plea agreement from the DA's office other than them dropping the charges.

    Sorry to go on and on, but I just read a post about parenting on meds, and I can just say that without them, I have no business parenting my children!
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    I'm thinking about that you take them because you need them.

    It's like you eat food because you need it. It's when we eat when we DON'T need it that it turns against us.

    You need those pain meds and they will go to the right place in your body.

    If the messages in your brain says "no pain" the stuff will turn against us, just like eating when we don't need it would.

    Sorry about my childish explanation, but I was just trying to explain this very issue to an older child recently (about our neighbor who is sick from cancer)!

    I am sure things will work out with those charges against you. It is sad that this had to happen, he should have spoke to you about what happend to get the whole picture.

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