Complete recovery of OCD and social phobia: the newest conclusion

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    Complete recovery of OCD and social phobia: the newest conclusion of Mr Heixi

    Mr Heixi once suffered OCD and social phobia for more than 10years , recently he concludes all his own recovery experience to share with everyone . Below is an excerpt dispatched just for your reference ,which might be a guide for your self-saving .

    (Below you can find the newest series of efficient treatment in December of 2006 from Mr Heixi, just for your reference. For forum’s popularity sake, we will post each section every week, you can come and refer to the post every week as well.

    On OCD and Social Phobia ---From Mr Heixi (newest post)


    Recently, I tried my best to drive away my laziness and work up all of my understanding of neuropathy systematically to bring up more persuasive discussions. I am looking forward to receiving more advices , suggestions or criticism from many psychologists and psychology teacher all over the world. Moreover, I want to give some help and guidance to all the people who is bothered by neuropathy. First of all, I want to spread my thanks to lots of forerunners, as I can not be recovered without them, also this post is impossible without them. All of my limited experiences is just the accumulation.

    1. the critical factor of OCD’s recovery

    1) compulsion
    For those who suffered OCD not deeply, you can just have a look at Sentian therapy which might be helpful. But for those who suffered OCD deeply, even though they understand this therapy completely, it’s still useless for their recovery. Why? I believe that he is deeply involved ,compulsive factor and inner-oriented captivation is so strong. It’s just like you drive a boat in the contrary direction with the river, if you can not go forward you will withdraw. If the client can not live in an active ,bright and changeable environment , he can not get out of the compulsion cabin easily!

    Long term OCD victims will have straight eyesight and slow response because of compulsion. Their brains are just like the corrosion machine. They just show flagging appearance and inactivity like the carcass. How to activate our brains and how to regain the vitality can not be achieved just in the boring ,closed and static life way. One of my client said that he feels the recovery process is just like pull-push game, one end is life, another is compulsion, if all together is 10 scores , one more is added in the life ,then one is excluded in the compulsion, if the life is 8 or 9 scores ,the compulsion will disappear .

    So it’s very important to activate yourself and to live an active life. Most of my recovered clients or other clients also suggest :you can seek to some sports for your quick response, such as basketball, football etc, or other overdone sports , such as long term race, marathon.

    Also you can look for some challenging sports , such as climbing , boxing etc. All of these healthy outdoor activities and sorts of sports are helpful to activate our brains and regain our brain’s function. When one gradually find the hobby or work in daily life which attracts him deeply, this hobby or work in the busy actual life is the best external power and medicine leading to his recovery.

    Therefore, compulsion is like a big cage which has strong inner-oriented traction .We need to resort to stronger healthy outer-oriented traction. When we set about adjusting our working ,study and daily life from every aspect ,we are formulating a healthy and strong living habit which is like a running snowball, which will break the compulsive cage finally, and which will bring you complete recovery automatically.

    2) all methods are abandoned

    (will be continued next week)

    2 the critical factor of social phobia’s recovery

    1) all could never be eliminated.

    Social phobia is symptom of monotonous compulsion and other neuropathy: nervous , glance , shyness, blush face, bad expression, panic of space, stutter etc, compulsion, anxiety, insomnia, doubt, dinner barrier, concept and action, all these symptoms…… these could not be eliminated, when you start to understand these and learn to adapt to them ,lead them ,accept it from the bottom of your heart, and never eject, it will fade away gradually during a process. So , why will this happen?
    Buddhism reads: trouble is Puti. Taoism also makes a metaphor : a jar of pure water ,It looks perfect, but it is poison , the shrimp and fish can not survive in it, it is just dead water. Now, you can throw some trash into it ,such as mud. Superficially it’s dirty and no longer perfect, and also it looks bad, but there is nutrition from then on, it can breed shrimp and fish! It becomes into the vital water full of life. So , imperfect is the real perfection.
    And all the symptoms of the neurosis are almost the same! Nerve , glance, shyness, flush, uncomfortable expressions, space panic, stutter ect, compulsion, anxiety, panic, insomnia, doubt, eating disorder, concept and behavior, all of the symptoms……these are so called rubbish, mud, which make our water dirty and imperfect. Actually the core of them are normal, but they are distorted and exaggerated by our continuous push. So they could not be abolished substantially. If you really get rid of them, we must be abnormal then. But these so called normal persons are always the dirty water full of vitality, who have all these symptoms, but they never care about them, naturally they haven’t exaggerated them.

    But we are so sensitive about them. Can you remember when you came up with these symptoms for the first time? They are normal at that time actually, and most normal persons will come up with these symptoms as well, but they will forget them quickly as for tight time table or their rush characteristic. But we act in different way , maybe as we are too sensitive, and our self distrust and perfectionism mislead us . we are too careful, and we are too concentrated on thinking as a result of our stable and oafish environment. We care about them seriously, and we do think these are abnormal, we want to get rid of them which are actually normal. Of course we can not get rid of them, which is the origin and essence of the conflict and antagonism. So these become a problem in our hearts. After times of ejection and concentration , we are getting more and more sensitive about these, and we are more involved .Therefore, they are more impressive and more active in our brains.

    Several years later , the normal person forgets these , and it’s quite in his brains. But on the contrary, during our continuous thinking and maintenance in these years, they formulate a stubborn excitement which is similar to cigaretholic and drugholic. Don’t forget that the mental consumption is much more than the physical consumption, and mentality can be transformed into power, and the consumed power is not disappearing , they become the excitement totally and they are the source of energy which can maintain the continuous motion balance for so many years.
    The essence of the world is movement, if we haven’t supply energy to these excitement by our continuous way for so many years, these motional balance will disappear. So it’s we ourselves who lead to the formulation of these excitement, and once the excitement is formulated ,they will affect our physiology, they will affect our behavior and action. Therefore, this vicious circulation is being popular . Actually this normal phenomenon is considered to be abnormal by repeated mistake. I can take it as amplifier principle. That is to say, the essence of these symptoms is normal, but we exaggerated them by using the amplifier, which is similar as the Buddhism view point: real dream

    On this ground, we are wrong at the very beginning . It is said by Laozi : the further you go, the less you will get . we can explain this phenomenon by using this theory. All these are invisible . What we want to remove is normal. As we want to remove this normal thing , the energy we supply makes the normal thing bigger and bigger and to be abnormal finally. As the old saying goes” there is nothing to be worried about ,but somebody who worries about it himself just to trouble himself.” It’s just like the philosophy remark: problem lies in the solution.( originally it’s not a problem, but you want to do something with it , then it becomes a problem.) so we can say that all of the neurosis are existing because of “treatment”. Trouble lies in PUTI originally and substantially . I believe that’s why the kingkong book tells that there is no way to be Buddhist. If we just look for the solution according to the symptoms, we should get rid of the action therapy ,as you are the Buddhist, all the troubles are made by your own stubbornness. There is nothing existing , how could your clothes be dirty. They are normal and clean , so there is no need for you to tidy it . that’s right. So Buddhist said that the one who wants to be Buddhist can not fulfill, the one who doesn’t care about it will be Buddhist . this is what Taoism insists : action leads to failure ,inaction might lead to success.
    Then all is clear. The so called symptoms are normal! So we should be clear after so many years: all these can not be abolished. No way is workable, do not eject it anymore. As just for your rejection which maintained these symptoms. So pls try to understand it and apply yourself to it and accept them from the bottom of your heart, do not eject it anymore, then after a period , it will disappear. When you can understand these fully, your neurosis is recovered to some extent.

    Actually all is normal, and there is no need to eliminate the normal things! And formal truth is that we have been thinking to get rid of it which leads to the maintenance of these symptoms! I think, this is the reason why great Mr Sentian told us” let it be, do what you want”.

    2) long term training class
    (will be continued next week)

    3. the critical factor of anxiety and depression’s recovery

    1) It’s normal for anxiety and depression appear.

    (will be continued next week)

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