Completed 3rd round of toxic metal chelation, BETTER

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AllWXRider, Jan 23, 2007.

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    My CFS is due to EBV and CMV, but these are common viruses. So my weak immune system is apparently due to toxic metals: Hair analysis found elevated levels of LEAD, ANTIMONY, ARSENIC & CADMIUM.

    I'm chelating these out using a very low dose of DMSA from 1to1vitamins. The first 2 rounds (3days ON & 3 days OFF) were terrible, I took too high of a dose...yes I'm desparate and impatient...It's my fault.

    On round 3 at 12.5mg/4 hours, the migraine headaches and kidney pain were much lower and tolerable.

    After I stopped round 3, I felt more alert and less anxiety. I was able to drive around with less brain fog.
  2. zenouchy

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    It's great to hear you are starting to feel better! Keep us posted.

    All the best, Erika
  3. pastel

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  4. swedeboy

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    Hey sounds good Allwxrider!

    I am wondering how you got 12.5mg DMSA pills? did you split up 25mg pills.

    I just had all of my amalgams removed, and I am awaiting my Hair test kit in the mail.

    I don't think my CFS is from heavy metal toxicity but it may be contributing to it.

    Keep us posted on the progress. Are taking other things, such as ALA, NAC, or Chlorella?
  5. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    I had a bottle of DMSA 100mg already.

    I added the entire capsule to a glass canning jar that has graduations. I added reverse osmosis water add the lid and shake well. The lid is enamel coated. I used a China Marker to make the graduations more visible.

    I drink 1/8 the contents every 4 hours for 3 days.
    100 / 12.5 = 8.

    Due to my bad side effects, the Chelation Forum said to not add any other chelation stuff until my symptoms subside. If the body hurts, you're over doing it.

    Another chelation/autism doctor says to let your body rest for 11 days, to allow the amino acid cysteine to rebuild again. Hey DMSA is helping Austitic children too!

    Some ppl have to take only 1mg to get bad symptoms.
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    your immune system: there's one theory kicking around which may explain why some of us have an excess of heavy metals, and it's that the body is hit with some opportunistic infection, which suppresses glutathione production, which means the body cannot detox toxins like it should.

    End result: you end up with an accumulation of toxins, including heavy metals.

    This is a very crude paraphrase of Rich Van Konyenburg's glutathione/methylation theory.

    For more, check out the CFSFMexperimental group....

  7. swedeboy

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    So I take it that it's okay to put the DMSA in water and drink it? On the Yahoo Heavy metal group some people cut the capsule in two and no one talks about putting it in water.

    Are you taking ALA, Chlorella, and or NAC? I heard NAC is good to raise glutithione levels, but Dr. Cutler warns against taking it and ALA, and Chlorella.

  8. AllWXRider

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    I stopped taking ALA, NAC & chlorella for now. The chelation group said to just use DMSA at a very low dose for now.

    The capsules contain powder, so you can't cut them in half. You can pull them apart and dump out half the powder.

    I read too, that gluthionine levels were low and in fact exhausted in kids with autism. A doctor concluded that metal toxicity over a threshold inhibits its production.
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    Allwxrider, am watching your progress with great interest. Glad you are seeing some improvement. Planning to have my amalgams removed soon and chelate mercury out of my poor body.

    Swedeboy, how are you doing after your amalgam removal? How many did you have removed at once? Take care all. Marie
  10. deliarose

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    the adult metal chelation group says its an absolute no/no to chelate while u still have mercury/amalgam fillings.

    check out their yahoo site. V. informative...
  11. swedeboy

    swedeboy Member

    I had my remaining four amalgam fillings replaced all in one visit. The whole appointment took just under 2 hours.

    I would wait until you have your amalgams replaced until you chelate.

    Here's the beginning of Cutler's protocol. I got it from his website. His Book "amalgam illness" is also very helpful.

    General Suggestions for starting oral chelation using Culter's Protocol

    "Start ROUND 1 of DMSA 12.5mg. Take 12.5mg or less every 4 hours [or
    more often] on the hour, including waking up at night!!!! If you miss a
    dose by an hour stop the round and wait at least as many days as you
    chelated before you start again."

    "If there are any side effects monitor
    these and if too intolerable, stop. A round is 3 days ON and 3 days OFF
    initially (later you can increase the number of ON days)."

    "A common
    chelating schedule for DMSA is 7am - 11am - 3pm - 7pm -11pm - 3am. You can
    also take longer breaks between rounds if necessary to recuperate."

    "If no side effects or mild manageable side effects occur then wait
    three days or more before you start ROUND 2 DMSA at 12.5mg."

    "If no side effects or mild manageable side effects occur then do
    another ROUND [3 days and 2 nights] of DMSA at 12.5mg. You can increase your
    round by a day or two if you are doing well. So on this round you could
    chelate for 4-5 days ON."

    "At this point you can continue for many more rounds of DMSA alone
    before adding ALA. This will reduce your body burden before you start taking
    mercury out of the brain with ALA. This is often the best path to follow."

    "If you choose to add ALA at this point then, Start ROUND 4 with 12.5mg
    DMSA and start ALA 12.5mg with each dose."
  12. swedeboy

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    Thanks for the info. Yeah I think putting DMSA in water to divide the doses is a great idea. But I was uncertain at first about it because a lot of people on the Yahoo group talk about pulling the DMSA capsule in half and then putting each half in an empty capsule. But that seems like too much work.

    I still don't know what my mercury levels are. I am anxiously awaiting for my Test kit to arrive in the mail.

    Peace and Love :)
  13. AllWXRider

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    I get my DMSA from 1to1vitamins, they sell it as 100mg x 45 capsule = $40 and also sell it as 25mg.

    The OEM is VRP.

    It take a prescription to get a larger dose than 100mg.

    Chelation is a slow process as the body "breathes" minerals back and forth. Some ppl chelate, feel better and stop only to feel like crap later on. That just means its time to chelate some more but at a lower dose.

    Easy does it...nothing agressive. Be patient.

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