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  1. spacee

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    Yes, it has been 30 days since my first dose. First 3 weeks were better, seemed to have reached a plateu. I am pleased with how I feel compared to the Kutapressin which I took since 1990. Without Kutapressin I would have been homebound most of the time, so I was very happy with it even though I was not able to work. Immune Transfer C is better for me. I hope it lasts or, even better, improves!
    I will say that I sleep alot though....11 hours a day total. Did that with Kutapressin too. There are hours during some days that I feel "normal". I know I am not normal but it is such a great feeling to not feel sick.


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  2. spacee

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    Just amazing stuff. Today I kept remembering a quote that I had read somewhere "Your bad days now are what your good days were before" I finally remembered that Dr. St. Armand said that about taking guai. So with out changing my lifestyle in any way (like you have to on guai), without feeling worse for several weeks (just a day or two), without taking months or years to get better (like you do with guai), I am so much better. Now, I know that guai is for the salicylates of FM so that is a different treatment for a different reason and has its good merits for people in alot of pain with FM. But for those of us that have immune!

    I have read that the President of Chisholm Bio. Labs which makes Immune Transfer C. says that our immune system can be
    retrained in three months and after than we may only need 5 capsules every three months. If that is true, it would certainly make Immune Transfer C much more affordable. Let's hope, shall we?


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    Feeling "normal" for a few hours here and there would be a great improvement for me too. I forget what it's like.

    Hope you continue to improve.

    Am going to check out the Immune Transfer C.

    Best wishes, Sandy
  4. spacee

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    Thought I had this board to! A little update.
    I just continue to improve. Tolerating more exercise. I have begun to sleep less. Down to 9 hours a night. I can hardly believe it. I am on a normal sleep pattern. I use to stay up until 1:00am and get up for a little while at 9:30 and go back to sleep til 11:30. I felt better in the middle of the night and had to make myself to to sleep at 1:00 am. Then, no change in habits, I began to feel sleepy at 10:00 or 10:30 and sleep til 7:00 or 7:30.

    But the really amazing thing is that I rarely have to "rest" during the day. Now, I do ususaly take a nap, but I was doing alot of resting too before. You know, resting to finish the laundry, resting to do more housework, resting to finish dinner. Now I don't rest! Or rarely, I don't like to use the word "never"!

    Well, enough of for now.


  5. spacee

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    I have a different life than I did 6 weeks ago. I go to the Y and swim or go to the mall and walk for 45 mins a day.
    For years the most I could do was 20 minutes and I had to slowly work up to that. Still no more "resting" but do take a nap usually. One day a week I will miss it.

    I still take my supplements and my meds. I like the supplements and feel that they are necessary for anyone.

    For meds I take 1mg Klonopin at bedtime.
    Isoptin 240 for racing heartbeat
    Ultram (not generic) 1/2 tablet in the
    morning after breakfast.

    Just loving life.

  6. spacee

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    I feel about the same as the last post which is remarkable because of the stress level I have right now. Taking last son to college tomorrow...feeling separation anxiety enough to take 1/3 xanax in the morning. But energy level is still doing well. Walking 1 hour now. No swimming lately.
    I think I do best if I can get alittle swimming in durng the week...stretches the body in a wonderful way. But swimming is probably out for quite a while.

    BTW. This is kinda odd but the TFC seems to work better if I miss a day a week. Like it steps back to get a running start. It is the 2nd day after missing one day that I don't need a nap. Wonder what taking it every other day would do. Kind of hate to mess with a good thing though.
    I'll give it some more thought.


  7. Mikie

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    Yes, the Guai is for a different reason and it has helped my pain immensely, but as you know, I also have CFIDS and the fatigue has been my worst symptom. I am currently pulsing the Famvir but have been unable to achieve the remission I got when I first took it. I still have some left and plan to continue to pulse it, but if I do not achieve another remission, I am going to start the Transfer Factor C.

    My doc and I think I have a reactivated Herpes-family virus in addition to the mycoplasmas. I continue to pulse the Doxy for that and am able to go for longer and longer periods of time off of it without symptoms.

    What made you decide on the TFC? I really appreciate your updating your progress. I think the problem with most antivirals is that the symptoms come back when we go off of them. TFC seems to be more permanent.

    Keep the updates coming.

    Love, Mikie
  8. spacee

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    Why did I try TFC. I learned from the CFS/FM message board that Kutapressin was no longer being manufactured. I had taken Kutapressin since 1990 and it was keeping me from being "homebound" which was great but I was not able to work.

    I was visiting my mother the first of June and I was telling her about my problem. I knew I wanted to try one of the immune shifters since Kuta had worked that way. I also wanted to try something that killed EBV and HHV6 since Kuta also killed that.
    I test positive for both.

    My mother happpened to have a bottle of TF made by TF 4Life. She insisted that I try it. So, I began to take 4 tablets a day of the TF 4Life. That was double the amount for normals. I could tell that it definitely helped but I had ups and downs with it as far as my energy level went. As soon as I returned home I order the IMC from Prohealth. It is one of the TF's that is targeted for specific viruses and bacteria which includes EBV and HV6. That is how I startd taking it.

  9. selma

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    I haven't tried it. Really appreciate Your posts.
    Please keep us informed.
    Huggs, selma
  10. Mikie

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    Your posts on TF have really helped me. As you know, I took my time getting geared up for the Heparin and TF treatment. As I mentioned in another post or two, I have had such a bad reaction (or good reaction, depending on how one looks at it :) that I will have to wait til after my road trip to continue it. I've been flat on my back like I have the flu.

    Love, Mikie
  11. spacee

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    I am really sorry that you are having such a bad go of it.
    I hope you have a good trip and will look forward to what you post when you return.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate that and will keep in touch on the road.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

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    I read about all your gardening work and am so impressed. I felt well enough to go wash the love bugs off my SUV which had splattered on it from the trip. It's times like this that I long for my little convertible which was so easy to wash; however, the SUV was sooo much more comfortable on the trip and it got almost 26 mpg, which isn't bad.

    My new plan is to take the TF 200 and let two nights go by and then take the TF C and then repeat. I think by starting out slowly like this, I will be able to handle it. When I took both together before, it knocked me for a loop.

    I think I will also try the electrolyte fluid to see whether that helps. Thanks again for all your info. It has been invaluable to me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Bumping for info for newbies.