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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat_tastrophe, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    Can anyone one who has a well tell me what a good flow test is? I'm wondering how many gallons per minute is good?

    The house we are buying has a well, and my husband will be running his auto detailing and limousine business from the shop, so I would like to know if this well has enough pressure.

  2. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    You can't use well water to wash cars unless you rinse them. Or atleast that has been our experience. The water in our well is soooo hard that it leaves a residue that looks like you waxed it and did not rub it off:) lol

    I hope you find your answer - I am just glad when the well works & I want to water the plants and fill up the water tank. So, I don't know what to tell you about the pressure.

  3. aquabugs

    aquabugs New Member

    I work for the state I live in and my job is inspecting public water supplies (on leave right now for illness so may not be employed there too much longer). As far as the public water supplies in our state, the utilities are required to provide at least 1.5 gpms (gallons per minute) per person. That is capacity and is dependent on the rating of the pump on the well. Pressure is a different matter. We require water suppliers to provide a minimum of 35 PSI to customers. They have to be able to provide a minimum of 20 PSI during firefighting and other unusual heavy useage. You would not want your water well to provide less pressure than that. There should be a way to adjust the pressure on your pressure tank. Hopefully this will give you something to compare that well with.

    On a personal note, we have a water well at home and our pump is set to come on when the pressure drops below 45 PSI. We have nice water pressure.
    About Kelly's post about spotting and well water - that has to do with minerals in the water. All well water is not the same. There can be different components in water depending on where the well is and how deep the well is. If you have trouble with spotting, a water softener will stop that problem. Unlike the other posters, we have good soft water from our well that does not spot. I used to live a few miles from here and was on city water. That water has a high mineral content and spotted everything - drinking glasses, shower doors, you name it. It all depends on your well. You can't go by anyone else's.

    I hope this helps.

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  4. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    We have a well, the number of gallons per minute escapes me, however I seem to recall there was a number it had to meet for our mortgage company. It had to have so many gallons per minute to qualify as part of the home inspection.

    I also agree about the washing the cars with well water, it leaves quite a residue. There may be a softening system on the house which might help some. We have a softener on the house which makes the hard water tolerable...otherwise get familiar with CLR, limeaway and Iron out. You will not be buying white clothes often either. We also have outside water that bypasses the softener so you dont waste your 'good' water watering plants and washing the car etc.

    I usually opt to drive through a carwash.

    If I remember correctly you are in the Portland area right?
    So where is your new house...I am thinking if its a well it has to be in the outlying area.

    How exciting !

  5. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    I really appreciate the help. The flow test was fine according to the mortgage company, so I'm sure all will be OK. As for washing the cars - we'll have that checked thanks to all of your advice. Hubby would freak if he spent 8 hours on a car detail and it looked worse than when he started!

    It is so awesome to have so many people with all different experiences on this board - I love it. I called a well/water system company and asked them, and they didn't really want to say until I told them what my flow test said. I'm assuming they just wanted to tell me how I could improve it for a few thousand dollars!

    I am outside Portland - the house we are buying is in Molalla, about 7 miles outside of Canby. It's rural and on 5 acres - which will be so great! I'm so excited for my little city girls to be able to explore the property. The first time we looked at it - they found a caterpiller and they were THRILLED. They named it, and were all full of plans to keep it and feed it, etc. Should be interesting the first time they try to adopt a deer or something!

    Thank you all again!
  6. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    My brother lived out that way for quite awhile right on the river. I do not recall anything about his well water..I wouldnt have known to ask until I had one and knew what it involved.
    Its so great to be able to get the kids out where they have room to 'explore'.
    Enjoy !
  7. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member


    Congratulations on your country home! I remember the first night I spent in our little place...I kept jumping up and looking out the window at the barn and back pasture to be sure I wasn't dreaming!

    We've lived with several wells and one suggestion if you have a lower flow rate is to put in a cistern that can replenished overnight when you aren't using water, then be accessed when your needs are higher. It also gives you extra storage for emergencies. A lot of people do that up in the mountains.

    If the pressure tank is the older steel, you might want to look into replacing it with a bladder tank. We found that they cycle much less and seem to have a more consistent pressure.

    Some wells have lots of calcium and magnesium that leave spots, some have high levels of iron that stains everything, and some smell like rotten eggs because of the sulfur. We had an iron filter but no water softener on one of ours, and the other just two houses away needed nothing.

    You do need to be sure you have a good pump with an automatic shut-off if the water level drops. And make sure you get a good generator, too. If the electricity is off you won't be able to get water for anything unless you have a hand pump for emergencies.

    Remember whatever you'll be washing off the cars will eventually end back up in your groundwater, so choose your cleaning products carefully.

  8. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    The kids will love it! I like it too because not everyone can watch what you are doing like in town. lol

    Good luck & have fun!

  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Note: If you get tired of reading all my chit-chat in the beginning of this reply, skip to the end for the IMPORTANT STUFF!!!! Tee Hee!!!!!!

    We live in a rural area where all the homes only had well water when we first moved in here nearly 35 years ago.

    Living with our wells was a total NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't say that enough!!

    I was sooooooooooo glad when they finally ran a county water system through here. OMG, it was the best thing in my entire life!!!

    Our wells would cave in, and we would have to drill another one. They would go dry. When we drilled for another one, it would be dry--but you still had to pay the price to drill it! We spent a bundle of cash on wells!

    We had lightening strike our submergable pumps in the wells 2 different times!!!

    One well we had had sulfer in it -- it smelled like rotten eggs! Another well we drilled had a lot of iron in it and the water turned everything orange--our clothes and the sinks and tubs. We had to have a water conditioning system installed. Pain in the rear end!!!!

    I would starve to pay the city water bill if I had to!!!!! I LOVE OUR CITY WATER!!!!!!

    NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT STUFF.........................

    Now .... on to business. You should call your county health department and ask them who does water testing on your well water to check for the iron, etc. Have a water test done to make sure your water is not contaminated from anything.

    Your water might be contaminated from cattle, pigs, or other animals living close by, etc.

    Also, if you have children ..... and they are in grade school and the school offers a "Fluroide Rinse" program, make sure you sign your children up for it. Because .... your well water does not have fluoride in it like city and county water systems do, and children need that for their teeth!!!!!!

    If your school does not offer it, contact your children's dentist and ask him if he recommends anything in particular for you to do for your children's dental health since their drinking water contains no fluoride.

    Also, make sure everyone in the family brushes their teeth with a toothpaste containing fluoride.

    Also .... has your husband tested the refill (or recovery) ability of the new well? I can't remember what it is called, but it involves have fast your well will recover after it has been pumped dry. For example: if you pump your well dry on purpose (by leaving a hose run until it's dry, etc., how long will it take it to fill back up again.

    This was important for us. We had a well that took 3-4 days to fill up again. And ... that was terrible!!!! Especially when a family of 5 need to take baths, wash clothes, etc. When we had that well, the kids took a bath in 1" of water and I could not wash clothes at home--not enough water--and had to go to the laundrymat on Saturdays and wash about 15-20 loads of clothes!! Ugh! Double Ugh!!!

    Hope you enjoy your new house and you don't have any well water problems!!!

  10. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    This is such great info - thank you all!

    Since the house we sold had city water with no fluoride, we have been doing the toothpaste and fluoride rinse for our 7 and 4 year old girls, but I didn't have a clue about the rest...

    I've never given a thought to the generator and all of your other suggestions. Wow the chance of having no water if there is a power failure - perhaps I'm not cut out to be a country girl because Laura Ingalls I am NOT!

    I'm just SO EXCITED about this house! It's on a quarter mile long private road with only 2 other houses, you can't see one of them at all and the one you can see is easily a half acre away at least. A far cry from my last house where everyone not only knew our business, but felt compelled to comment on it as well!

    I was especially fond of the neighbor who's children were YOUNGER than mine, but felt that I needed parenting advice from her because I (gasp, Mother of the Year) let my children RIDE THEIR BIKES (with helmets and me on a lawn chair watching mind you) ON THE ROAD. OK, it was a dead end road...what was going to happen?! Her favorite line if her child tried to do something independent of her was "Get back on my apron strings!" (I think that sums it up!)

    I am so excited - we are signing today at 4, and getting the keys on Monday. They want to rent back until then so they can get the shop & barn cleaned out. I feel like a little kid at Christmas.

    First the house - then my Dad is coming back from doing hurrican relief in Texas on Sunday. My mom is so thrilled, she keeps calling all excited that he's coming home. I only hope to still be that much in love after 40 years of marriage!

    OK - now that I've written a book - perhaps I should get some work done!

  11. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    can be challenging to learn all the little 'tricks' to keep things flowing smoothly. Things I took for granted when living on city water !
    When you get aquainted with your new neighbors ask them who they use for well service. We have one guy we call on and after getting to know us he has walked us through a few things instead of a service call when its something minor.
    Keep his number in a safe spot so you wont have to hunt it up when you need me you will need him someday when the kids leave a hose on and it drains your holding tank and burns up a pump, or the power goes out and you need to reboot, or keeping water pressure up high enough to get the suds out of your hair.
    While well water can be intimidating we are getting better and better at troubleshooting and the trade off of not having neighbors right on top of you is priceless !

    I am excited for you !

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