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  1. JP

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    I could use some pain control feedback.

    I am seeing my doctor today and one of our topics of discussion is pain control. I love my doc and the scope of my health challenges is out of her area. She has been amazing in so many ways and has treated my pain condition for over two years now. I have been with her about 12 years and have always used alternative docs for my back problems. I finally broke down for pain medicaiton as a contol approach after years of failure with accupunture, chiropractive, osteopathic, massage, weight loss, PT and much much more.

    During a recent consult, with a neurosurgeon (back specialist), he advised me to seek help with a neurologist for pain control. So, here I sit, with pain levels that increase my stress and interfere with my ability to sleep. My doctor will give me what I need and I fight myself with trying to keep a balance with a multidimensional approach for pain control, including exercise, diet and other modalities unrelated to medication.

    As most of us know, the more we take, the harder it is to control pain when we are acute or post surgery. Unfortunatly I will need surgery for my spinal stenosis and a few other mechanical type corrections in the fairly near future. Currently, I use vidcodin es as my narcotic (3-4 a day) along with elavil for sleep and nerve pain at night, effexor xr for pain related depression and pain control, vioxx for my arthritic pain control and a hormone for an autoimmune thyroid disease. This combination of meds is losing its effectiveness at a rapid pace. I have insomnia again and my average daily pain is at a 7-9 in the AM and moves into 5-6 during the day with medication. I do get some relief and not enough to keep the stress from pain at bay.

    My spine disease is pretty complicated and is the source for much of my pain and loss of mobility and diminished daily activities. I know there are others here who have serious spine disease in addition to FM and or CFS. It would be great to hear what works for you.

    Additionally, I have read so many medical charts, MRI, CT reports X-rays and consults on back patients that one day something registered in my condition is severe and it will not go away.

    So, I am hoping to hear from others about their pain control and or work with a neurologist or pain specialist for pain control. I do have options that I have not used, such as an implant, spinal injections (nerve blocks, facet injections), long acting pain medications, pain specialist and probably more that I am unable to think of in this moment.

    Sorry for the long post...just want to give enough of a picture for some feedback...

    Thanks for being here...Jan
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    I can't help you with your pain problems, but I just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers and I hope you will find some relief from your pain.

    Love, Mikie
  3. JP

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    it is very kind of you to add me to your prayers. I have a good life and feel pretty blessed in so many ways. I do wish pain control, in this case, could be fairly simple with an end in sight.

    I have much to learn in this life...take care and thank you again for your responsiveness and compassion. Jan
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    Hi Jan~~I have FM/CFS, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, asthma/allergies, and degenerative disc disease. For the past 17 months, my primary physician has had me on oxycontin 10mgs 3x's a day, 10mg percocet for breakthrough pain, soma for a muscle relaxer at night and .5mg klonopin at night for restless legs & sleep. The meds were given to me for the back pain.

    In December, we raised the oxycontin to 20mgs twice a day. And though this definitely helps, I find that my pain is not under control. When my physician raised the oxy to 20mgs, he also told me he wanted me to see a pain specialist ASAP, so I have an appointment with one on January 17/03. I am nervous about it. I don't know if he will be a good doc or a bad one, and I know that my regular physician will go along with whatever the Pain Doc says. I fear the Pain Specialist will want to run alot of tests, and I don't have insurance, only work part-time, and don't have the money for additional medical expenses.

    I worry that the Pain Specialist will take me off of my pain meds, and then I won't be able to work or function. And, I am my sole financial support.

    Let us know how things go with you. Best Wishes, Carol...
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    doctors I see, my pain specialist is #1 in my books. Go with the flow. They know what is best for types of pain, lessining the severity. I whole heartedly find that if I can lessen the amount of pain, functioning is a little easier. The other meds are maintenance basically, but do nothing for the pain. Tell him/her your concerns and get feedback as to what may work for you.

    Good luck. Soft hugs.