Complications of menopause

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    Hi everyone,
    I just found this site and joined immediately.
    I will keep this brief but:
    Diagnosed here in England last May with FMS after 5 years of stumbling from doctor to doctor.
    It all started way back with IBS but 5 years ago started to get bad head pains and diagnosed latterly with menstrually related migraine and muscle contraction headaches by City of London clinic.
    HOWEVER none of this did any good and the pains got worse and my life just....well stopped really.
    Began to exist rather than live!!!
    Am now 53 and struggling through menopause.
    Periods just wont go away, despite starting them at 11.
    Most days when I finally shake myself out of bed I get goint to some extent, but the pain which kind of lives in my right temple and back of my head will hit some time or other during the day and it is usually BAD.
    Now the worst thing of all is the fact that no matter how much I knock it back by bedtime....sleep bring it on.
    I figure it has something to do with the seratonin levels but cant seem to find anything to rectify this.
    I do know that the longer I go without a period, the better I am and can even go days without having to use painkillers. The pain is still there but its bearable.
    PLEASE does anyone have similar problems and does anyone have any answers as to how to beat this myofascial pain despite the hormones.
    Sorry its not very brief in the end is it??
    Good start eh?
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    and welcome to the board. I am 45 and anticipating perimenopause any day now :)
    My first thought after reading your post was cant your doc give you something to stop your periods?
    I am sure others gals here who are in the menopause years will help with your posts. sorry I do not have much info.
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    you are having such a hard time of the menopause. I've been relatively lucky. Early on during the process I took Agus Castus, and then Dong Quai (both work to balance hormones and are quite helpful) I also had a year's worth of acupuncture treatment which I believe helped my hormones to balance too.

    I thought for ages that my migraines were hormonal, and tried using natural progesterone cream (I had to order it over the internet from the USA) (Wild yam cream isn't as effective though the natural progesterone is usually extracted from yam) It may be worth your while trying it for a few months and see if it helps - it may stop the periods, and if your migraines are hormonal, may help them too - my cousin used it and had great results for severe depression and migraines during menopause.

    The progest didn't help with my migraines, and I now believe they weren't hormonal anyway!! I've tried a myriad of natural remedies/supplements for them and have had no luck (they went away for six weeks then came back) I've just started using Zomig orodispersible tabs from my doctor - they dissolve instantly on the tongue so if you take them early enough they can abort the migraine.

    I've only used it oncce and I think it worked -- either that or the migraine wasn't going to develop anyway!!

    good luck, Pam