Complications of menopause

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  1. Penort

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    Hi everyone,
    I just found this site and joined immediately.
    I will keep this brief but:
    Diagnosed here in England last May with FMS after 5 years of stumbling from doctor to doctor.
    It all started way back with IBS but 5 years ago started to get bad head pains and diagnosed latterly with menstrually related migraine and muscle contraction headaches by City of London clinic.
    HOWEVER none of this did any good and the pains got worse and my life just....well stopped really.
    Began to exist rather than live!!!
    Am now 53 and struggling through menopause.
    Periods just wont go away, despite starting them at 11.
    Most days when I finally shake myself out of bed I get goint to some extent, but the pain which kind of lives in my right temple and back of my head will hit some time or other during the day and it is usually BAD.
    Now the worst thing of all is the fact that no matter how much I knock it back by bedtime....sleep bring it on.
    I figure it has something to do with the seratonin levels but cant seem to find anything to rectify this.
    I do know that the longer I go without a period, the better I am and can even go days without having to use painkillers. The pain is still there but its bearable.
    PLEASE does anyone have similar problems and does anyone have any answers as to how to beat this myofascial pain despite the hormones.
    Sorry its not very brief in the end is it??
    Good start eh?
  2. Dolls

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    I started to feel better some when my period stopped, but now the hot flashes are just wearing me down. The last few months have been hard to just get thru the day. I think hormones have a lot to do with how you feel. Before mine stopped I would have a couple really good days, then back to feelin awful. I am glad you found this site, maybe through all this you can know you are not alone in this.
  3. Penort

    Penort New Member

    thanks for your response.
    I do get a couple of better days and then as you say, bad again. Lot more better days without the periods though.
    Get flushes in a run of abut a week or so and then maybe not at all for a couple of months.
    My doctor told me I was probably getting migraines instead....we'll see.
  4. klutzo

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    Do a websearch for Dr. Russell Roby (we are not allowed to give out URL's here) and when you find his website, click on Fibromyalgia and read that page, and when you get to the bottom, click where it says treatment. I am on this treatment ,and it is making a world of difference for me.
  5. ssMarilyn

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    I got them for about 2 weeks, approx. 3 an hour, EVERY hour of the day. Now I haven't had a flash for a few months. What's with that? They don't really bother me unless they keep me awake at night, then I start getting a little perturbed.

    Marilyn :)
  6. tansy

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    but I had an extended time just prior to that when I too was having one after the other. In the space of 5 weeks I could have 3.

    I'd already been using HRT alternatives except the agnus castus (allergic to cactus based products). These included soya isoflavones (you need to research this there have been some warnings on SI), black cohosh, dong quai, and wild yam capsules.

    Then my GP went on a course and was told about a UK double blind trial on red clover and black cohosh. The red clover came out way above the placebo level, black cohosh did not. I starterd red clover and it definitely helped, more than the rest together. I continue to take this cocktail though finding it all too expensive with all my other supps as well.

    I do know how awful all this is, my periods made me so much worse and to have so many meant I never got the chance for better days. Suffered PMS symptoms too which did not subside between periods either.

    Well now I do get period type discomfort on and off all the time but I've only had two periods this year, last one in March Yippeeeeee!

    I did go almost from one extreme to the other so perhaps this will happen to you. As for hot flushes not aware of anything worse now than I've had for last 22 years, and they're less than up to 6 months ago (when I did suspect them for the previous 18 months). Only time will tell if this cocktail holds them at bay.


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  7. Penort

    Penort New Member


    Thanks to everyone for these comments, keep 'em coming.
    As I only joined yesterday I am really impressed with the level of info you guys have picked up.
    I have too but unfortunately none of it has helped me yet.
    Not heard of progesterone drops...tried the cream but no help.
    Had the cocktail of Agnus castus etc.thinking of trying magnesium...Q10....Butterbur??? Anyone tried any of these?
    This is mainly for the myofascial pain but that is exacerbated by my periods.
    Wish I could get rid of them once and for all..
    HRT is sure not the answer, tried that and staying on the pill and made my migraines worse.
    Oh I am a difficult case!!!

    What really bugs me is that people outside of my family just think I am weak and make excuses not to do things...if only they knew what a struggle it is just to get out of bed and get through each day....
    I doesn tmake me mad, it just hurts really that people judge you like that.
  8. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    I just heard somewhere about how they have discovered that hot flashes and mood swings are helped by antidepressants. Are you on any? If not it may be helpful. I'm 55 and was really beginning to wonder if I'd ever stop having periods - they have finally slowed down but then the hot flashes were worse. I started taking Celexa for a few months ago for depression and the flashes and irritability got somewhat better.

    Good luck and welcome to our world.
  9. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I am experiencing perimenopause, now. THere are two books that come highly recommended...getting some hormone supplements may help, also..

    The Wisdom of Menopause..Christiane Northrup

    Dr. Susan Loves's Hormone Book

    Since our experiences can vary widely..hope you will find some help in this way..

  10. Penort

    Penort New Member

    Thanks to you all, I feel at least I have "friends" who unerstand now. Everyone localy seems to be sailing through...but then they dont have FMS to complicate things.

    I loved the quote thanks, I have cut and pasted it to remind me of the wisdom of it.

    Trouble is I have alreadylost a lot of friends who I guess found my problems too much trouble....not good friends you will say..I thought they were....
    Still keen tohear if anyone hastried any of the things I mentioned:

    Butterbur..magnesiuum..Q10 etc.
    Someone else said B2 helped them a lot.

    Have to be drugs for me any more..been on the anti depressants and it was Hell....zombie for 6 weeks and no less pain.

    Xanax gave me a nights sleep but no difference to the pain

    See I figure if I can just get ahold onthe pain, I can put myself back together, but with this fluctuating hormones....

    Thanks again,