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    Dear Elliespad,

    Thank you so much for the info on your body's reaction to the compounded cortisol.

    I would love to hear from others who have tried this -- how deficient they may have been and how much they are taking and what effect they have had.

    My cortisol levels are really borderline so I am confused. Also I am looking for energy most of all . . .have those of you taking it felt energized by it?

    Many thanks to all and best wishes.
  2. LouiseK

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    bump . . . interested in hearing from people with cortisol experience.

    Best to all!
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    I've been taking 20 mg a day of Cortef (hydrocortisone) for the past 7 months for adrenal fatigue. It is a prescription med. I take 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg at lunch.

    It has really helped my energy levels. Especially when I first started taking it. I actually felt great. I have since leveled off and have been having a hard time the past two months. Time to change something.

    I plan to wean off it and start an alternative source for adrenal support such as glandulars. There's been lots posted here on adrenal glandulars. Dr. Wilson's adrenal rebuilder is supposed to be good.

    I've never taken the compounded cortisol. I think if you do a search on cortisol, others have posted on this. Good luck!

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    Louise, I'll cut and paste my comment here, so others can see it.

    Compounded Cortisol and low Adrenal function 05/28/06 08:50 PM

    I have low, low Adrenal Function. As documented by:

    1. 24 hr. urinary cortisol,
    25 years ago and again
    15 +/- years ago.

    2. Salivary cortisol tested about 2 years ago.

    3. AM blood cortisol tested by FFC through Quest in 2005.

    I have High C-RP, eczema, no surprise, right? I have been treated with Thyroid on and off for 20 years, and no doctor would treat my low Adrenal function. I did the Wilson Protocol with no improvement. In fact, it made me feel worse.

    I started on Compounded Cortisol 15 mg prescribed by FFC around January or February of 2006. It has had litte/no effect. Possibly is the cause of some burning in my chest/lungs when I minimally exert myself, not sure. Other than that, I have noticed no improvements or serious side effects. Oh, but I have gained ANOTHER 5 pounds in 5 months. Something I CANNOT affort to do.
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    and take 15mg a day. My cortisol was very low and my symptoms were mistaken for Addison's disease. I feel better on the cortef but it isn't a miracle. You may want to try a search for adrenal or cortisol.